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  1. Hello my friends, as the year is coming to an end I thought I should at least share my recent new encounters of weed. First of all I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures. I am aware that this might undermine my credibility, yet the pics were so crappy thus I thought they are not worth it. Maybe I'll add some pics later. Method of testing Some months ago I switched to smoking pure without a any tobacco. This gives me generally a more tripy high that comes slower or hits slower but with full effect once it's there. I like it more like that and also noticed that quitting tobacco entirely made it easier to smoke less as the nicotine has such an adictive effect. Therefore please be aware that I might have rated the other strains in this topic different if smoked pure. It's a different way in many regards to smoke your weed. I highly recommend it for those who like trippy stuff. My pure joints are rolled with short thin cigarette papers with a small tip.( just as a reference) Silver Fields # 1&2 I should start with the fact that SiFi was one of the strongest smokes I had from a sativa dominate hybrid. Both phenos plunged me into a heavy trip when consuming them. #1 This one is pure green without any purple sprinkles. It contains more sativa than the #2. It has a SSH/KF lemon haze smell and taste, yet I think I like the shackzilla and KF more tastewise. I smoked it already on many occasions and have to say that you can consume it when you go out and dance or do clubbing. It can create a strong euphoria mixed with sensual distortions. It has a very high cealing so for a while you can smoke several joints and reach a pretty crazy state of mind, yet at some point it is too much and you need to rest. Although it does not put you asleep, the state of mind can cost you a lot of energy. When I smoke it before going shopping, walking in the street, circumventing people or finding the products in the shop can be quite a challenge. People who smoked it in their homeopathic joints (when there is mainly tobacco and some crumps of weed) confirmed to have found it eually challenging!!!I am very impressed with this cross and it's potency, yet I have to say that due to it's severe effects I don often choose another weed that is easier to digest. I might grow it again, but I won't keep a clone. It is a keeper, but for me the weed is too challenging at times. I think everyone with a high tolerance can find in SiFi a true contender. I have crossed it with some other stuff and I think I will grow those beans, because SiFi is for sure a awsome creation. I would definately recommend it!!! #2 This pheno grow less christmas tree like. It had more of a single cola shape, purple sprinkled buds and less foxy - more dense. It seems to be more like KF, yet the effect is more body as I would expect from the SSH. This one leans more to the hybrid side (60/40 approximately). It is nice to chill with this one, although it induces also a quite mindbending experience. Yet it has more body effect and it induces a lot of munchies, thus I would rather consume it at home were the fridge is closer. This one has a lower ceiling than #1. After smoking 1-2 joints it can happen that I have a little nap after the peak effect. The taste is also darker. It has some berry, hashy taste with some slight haze in the background. I generally prefere #1, but this is definately also high quality, yet not what I generally look for in weed. I would recommend it for people who like hybrids. I would recommend SiFi for everyone who likes potent sativa dominate Hybrids or who like Sugar Punch or Shackzilla. Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze I got these seeds years ago! It is one parent in the Kinky Blaze. The taste is SSH-hazyness! Lemon haze but much stronger than the SiFi. I love the cross already because it has a great classic haze taste and reminds me of awsome haze I smoked and it's really high class! Over time the curing process adds a spicy cheese smell that I encountered also in my Queen Mother. Interesting feature is also that the resin is very oily, thus the weed always has a slight degree of moisture or at least it seems to never dry up as some other weeds do. However this also makes the curing process last longer, although it is also a good smoke after just a few weeks. The effect is lovely! It is not as strong as SiFi, but that does not make her less attractive!!! What I love about here is the fact that I can smoke her and also pass her on to people who have a lower tolerance. Yet we do all get messed up but in a funny way! It is not as challenging as the SiFi and she has a high ceiling too. She leave you relaxed yet also euphoric and stimulated. I would not recommend her for chilling but you can go clubbing/dancing with her or smoke her after a nice dinner with friends or in a bar. She will nicely add up to the situation! For instance not so long ago we were at a dinner of a friend. His family from Turkey were visiting and he had invited his friends thus we could all have a nice Raki drinking night with lots of food. At some point I wanted to smoke a joint and after getting permission I rolled one. I passed it to everyone, including my friends father and we all got a nice warm euphoric boost that the alcohol could not have provided by any means! We were laughing a lot, yet remained stimulated and did not got any heavyness. Actually my friends father said he would stop drinking for tonight but rather smoke weed instead. I have to thank Barrie again for creating this cross and emphasise that strains cannot be rated solely on potency!!! Don't get me wrong, it is potent, but also a very kind one! Thanks again Barrie!! I would recommend this one and consider it a keeper! I won't keep it though because I crossed it with other strains and know that I won't go through the seeds while I have it as a mother. Bluehammer I must have done something wrong in the growing process! Bluehammer was the underdog during the grow and also smellwise it did not stand out. I think this was due to a mistake by me during the curing process though. When smoking it I taste some Berries and some bitterness, could be dark chocolate or soil. I think there is room for improvement, but rather on my side not in regard to breeding. Bluehammer is already after 2-3 months a legend among me and my friends. It might have took a bit because I was somewhat intrigued by the smell, yet when smoking it, it became one of our favorites! The high is very strong! Yet it does not take over like the SiFi! It is less challenging, but rather it takes you on a ride. The day after the dinner, I described above, we met with our friends in a bar for a birthday. There was live-music and joy, yet BH did take it further! Although hangovered it gave me some nice euphoria and inducing a more dancitive state of mind. Also others with less tolerance,who had just took one two tokes, were dancing and full of joy, yet also surprised a bit what had gooten into them. It was a funny evening. With another friend we smoked a joint together while listening to a nice downtempo set and the high took as through nice layers of highness that were somewhat corresponding to the evolving set we listened to. It was triggering us to have nice talks, which were explorative and full of little word plays. As my friend was asking which weed it was, I told him it was Bluehammer and in consideration of the name we concluded that consuming it, is a bit like a blacksmith forging your thoughts, but in a very sofisticated way! Later we went out to go dancing! At another party just before christmas I passed BH also to another friend while dancing and it put him in a state of mind which he considered acid like. Some hours later he came to me and asked to have some to roll a homeopathic joint. ' I need to check whether it was the fact of smoking pure, or whether it was Bluehammer' he said. It turned out it was Bluehammer!!! I would definately recommend Bluehammer for people who like mostly sativas. It might become a longtime favorite of mine with KF. I will explore my Jack Candy seeds though to check whether Bluehammer might be beaten by Jack Candy. Still Bluehammer is top notch. Okay friends, this is it. I hope you all have a nice new year and some can appreciate my report. Sorry again that there are now pictures! Maybe I'll get some later. Thanks go to Sannie who made it all possible and to the NAW crew and Barrie!!! Luma
  2. Hey there! I was wondering whether anyone does know the genetic composition of this cross?
  3. lumatekfan

    8 ladies on soil

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Jack Candy x Jalisco Jaze, Sugar Slap, Hawaii Maui Waui, Selene, SSHxBlueShaze, SiFi #1,2, Sannie's Jack
  4. Very true! You seem to have it already figured out.... Good Luck
  5. Sounds cool! Why not Underground's ColJam? Well I think there are many nice sativas which would be worth it. I'm sure Sannie's Jack would enhance them nicely
  6. They are indeed! Sannie's Jack is not seen often around here but if so she always impresses. Hope you'll let us know about the smoke Have a good time, well sure you will with such a harvest...
  7. Hope you're going to like her, otherwise there is also the #7 which is more sativa. curious about that one... Love her too, at least from the looks... what's her bloom day? Sounds definately like a keeper! happy christmas luma
  8. But help is on the way...opengrow is working on the restock
  9. Well if NAW will be back, 2019 will be killer with the new shop and breeders and new crosses from Sannie..
  10. lovely!!! I guess you are blessed with a white christmas
  11. Puuhhh 100g in one month from NAW? I'd be tripping 24/7. Glad you do the testing and breeding for me. I tried the Hammer of Dawn and the Blue Hammer. Indeed not much of a G13 cross, yet I am super impressed with NAW-Seeds and I think you don't need any labels like G13. I trust your tastes and if it's real G13 that you are after okay, but first of all I like your work no matter what label is attached. NAW-Seeds became a reference by itself for me. I have to write some smoke reports soon. What I can say about my Blue Hammer f3 is that among me and my friends it became a legend within 2 months. Keep up the great work!!! I would like to attend as well!!! Just kidding, but seriously Blue Hammer is awsome and Hammer of Dawn was too. I think you guys should simply breed for the traits you like no matter whether it's G13. I believe you that you know what you are doing, as you do some serious testing, but I rather have nice potent GM than potent G13 with a lame taste. I don't know G13 though. Yet a generous member here gave me GSC sample and I was not impressed. I'm into sativas and maybe therefore can not appreciate indicas, but labels can also distract from true gems, but that are just my five cents... Yea in the sloth description the taste is another one.... yet I'd rather go with mint. Find it pretty nice and honest to write plain simple that's not a tasty one. I think I can draw good conclusions for myself from that. Thanks for such honest descriptions... I always find san's advice helpfull, yet I guess the NAW guys know where they're heading... nevertheless san's posts are always based on the best intentions... so no need to take it in any wrong way happy christmas everybody My wish for the next year is to grow more NAW stuff Luma
  12. I'm glad NAW is not out of the game and Dynasty will be back. Thank you Sannie for your nice crosses like Killing Fields, Selene and BlueHammer (actually made by you in the first place), thank you too for all the effort. I think the seed buisness is more competative nowadays. This is my favorite place for years now...
  13. Would love to have some killer christmas cookies...
  14. Sounds reasonable to me too!!! Enjoy those ladies! They look delicious and thanks for sharing...
  15. Hey Sunnyvale how are you? And when will you post some nice pictures again? Would be curious about the progress of the Mango Haze.... See you
  16. thanks for the report! Enjoy the nice berry tones...
  17. Wow, nice to see that you guys are doing good!!! I was worried for you guys after we had not heard from you for such a while. Nice to have you back, if you were ever gone.... I would choose: Jack Hammer F2 x Airborne jack Shaze x Airborne jack Mexican Haze x Airborne jack The pics of your Airborne Jack were very promising! Regards to all luma
  18. nice thak you!although I will probably regret even more I didn't order it.
  19. Hey what happened to the Strappleberries?
  20. I know this post is somewhat old, yet after growing on mapito I wanted to try soil again after a long time. I found this topic quite astonishing, reading all the insights that sannie shared with us. However, departing from an amateur knowledge I have a few more questions. As Sannie writes that the roots should not be stired up because it damages the mycorrhiza colonies, I was wondering whether you just cut them stem out from the pot while leaving all the rest as it is? After you just put the new plant in the pot on to the hole and cover it with some new soil, plus watering with some bacto right? It would be great if someone could help me out with some info on that because I'm a bit lost... Especially Sannie himself (I would highly appreciate it) happy sunday everyone luma
  21. or Vannila Haze aka Vanilla Sky? I would have loved to grow that one...
  22. Was the purple Atomic Jam among them?
  23. Lovely pictures in this update! I bet the SanFune is killer! She looks so tasty. SiFi x Selene and DoubleJam both look awsome too. I think the DJ x CD will be awsome. Let us know what you test and how it is
  24. Nice one! Just grew three Selene's so far, but always ended up with a super long headbud. Usually going almost until the lower branches. I guess she's a good partner to centralise the bud mass in a cross. Plus she has a very genuine high. Quite curious how she turns out for you. Looks pretty frosty!!! I also noticed that Selene is extremly nutrient efficient. She is always green while everything else is yellowing already. Always nice to come back from work and see a nice update... luma
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