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  1. Hm, very honest! I don't know how she is compared to the SiFi, but I thought the LJS would be a bit more sativa, turning the crazy spin from the SiFi to a more digestable high. Well maybe she proves herself, yet the Sugar Slap and potentially the JAck Candy x JJ bear some real potential! By the way did you already popp some of the Blackberry Haze x LJS? Hope the LJS turns out nice for you, if not you still have pleanty of nice seeds...
  2. Why don't you want to work further with it?
  3. Yea I thought I'll try to do it your way. Pre-Growing in the veg-tent and then putting in flower, after I took a clone. This will hopefully give me more chances to grow a wider variety of plants. Thanks that would be cool! I really need some infos, as I don't have that much experience with soil. Nice to see your Selene F2. Do you already no which other crosses you are going to make next? Luma
  4. you have some beautyfull plats smile
  5. Hey Sunny nice to see your glorious plants! I see sone serious amount of resin. By the way, I was wondering how long you veg your plants when you put them in an 18l pot? As I am doing my next grow in soil ans I wanted to use 18l pots I was wondering how long the veg time usually is.
  6. All looks very tasty, yet also poisenous! By the way did you also hit the Amnesia Haze with some Chocolate Diesel pollen?
  7. You are in for a treat! Enjoy your early christmas presents.
  8. Ahhh I didn't know about that one, but good to know! Thanks for the info and enjoy your straplleberry!!
  9. By ballanced you mean up and relaxed at the same time? Was wondering whether it has a sativa uphigh effect
  10. Is the Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel the same as in NAW's PolarBear (Green Manalishi x HashPlant/DoubleStrawberryDiesel) ? Glad to see you are working on new crosses! Wish you all the best and thanks for your work!!!
  11. Are they very stretchy? Thanks for your pics. I had to order some after seeing those
  12. looks very nice!!! What does she smell like? Did you already taste her?
  13. yea they look retty marvelous!! I hope for some smoke reports. Heard great stuff about her and I have two beans as well...
  14. she looked nice, but if one wants a colored lady there are more candidates in sannie's shop You will have some nice smoke
  15. looks very nice!!! Do I spoted a pheno with some purple hues?
  16. I totally agree!!! I loved to smoke that weed and I think she will be a really nice one for several crosses. I crossed her with Strawberry Blue from NAW Seeds, but they will be harvested just next week. Sounds nice! My two SiFis are so strong. I have one purple and one green. The green is the strongest and trippiest. I think it can hit the hardest pot smoker, however, I reduced my consumption also a bit, smoking only on the weekends. I have one confirmed female Sugar Slap, yea! She looks pretty JJ dom I guess, but lets see. Wanted to make the same cross as you did with a male Sugar Slap with my Selene, yet the male flowered to late, so I trashed him. Yet I did cross my Selene and my Hawaii Maui Waui with you Jack Candy x JJ. I have each one undetermined SS and JCxJJ, let's hope for the best!!! Will you digg further into you SS genepool?
  17. I hope you'll share a nice smoke report with us then. Smoked some nice AH in Vienna was a very nice mix flying high and body sensations. Hope you'll fall in love with yours, otherwise maybe sunny can help out.
  18. Thank you for the nice pictures!!! However, unfortunately they come to late! I would not have missed them....
  19. The last sentence made me laugh... Sounds like a pretty potent cross!!! Who are the parents?
  20. Did you put some sugar on her? Come on, you did... didn't you? Man I envy you for those flowers enjoy!! By the way, how much light do you use for your space? how much watts per sqm?
  21. Same here! Depending on what it is, Tiger Balm can help as well!!! For me it is a good alternative to many pharmaceuticals!! That and some weed plus love can work wonders... Hope for more pics as soon as your done doctor
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