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  1. I really wonder how the Ouzbeki will be... there are a couple of crosses that might be nice with her, but first let's see what she's like. In my dreams however she's mating with Strawberry Blues, Sour Kush and Selene. I'm hoping Hill-Billy will jump in at some point to share his encounter with Ouzbeki with us. regards and thanks @Cristalin
  2. Wow how could I miss this one? Really nice update, I love the Blackberry Haze! How does BLR OG and Ouzbeki smell? Like the bud formations on both. Sorry, but from whom is BLR OG and BLR Durganchitral?
  3. sounds super nice as I said I would be in to get it if offered in sanniesshop. Who is with me?
  4. I would be, but maybe someone else jumps in as I don't think santero will do a cross just for me.
  5. Glad you found a keeper! I'm quite curious about the Ouzbeki. Plus crossing it with LJS should produce some strong offspring. Wooouuu what about crossing it with Sour Kush?
  6. lumatekfan

    Overview day 48

    From the album: Mapito Garden

    On the left are SSHxBlueHammer except for a SiFi in the corner, on the right are SiFis but in the front the BlueHammers
  7. From the album: Mapito Garden

    Mostly Silver Fields and a SSHxBluexShaze on the very left side
  8. From the album: Mapito Garden

    SSHxBlueshaze in focus , BlueHammer behind
  9. From the album: Mapito Garden

    SSHxBlueSHaze on the left, BlueHammer on the right, in the corner SiFi
  10. Why do you water more often? I usually water every 3 days. There is usually enough moisture in the mapito, but to keep the ph stable. According to which parameters do you decide to water? Regarding the ec I use usually much less, around 1.2-1.4, because the mapito is retaining a lot of nutrient solution and I am afraid of salt build up. Is 1.6 your maximum?
  11. I have a beautiful SSH x BlueShaze female in my tent and she's my favorite so far compared to the Silver Fields and BlueHamer. The SiFis are pretty close, but the SSH x BlueShaze so far seems like the cherry on the to of the cake. Will post a smoke report when she's done and some pictures that do her justice. Thanks for the great genetics!! I vot for Barrie's Seeds in Sannies Shop.
  12. I generally have too many 14-18. I guess 8-10 is reasonable. I will try to make it 8 next time. As I grow for myself Idon't check the yield, but I have easily enough until the next run, plus I can store some for bad times
  13. I grow from clones. I veg them just for 4 days. From seeds I would veg them until the first 5 fingered leaves.
  14. I don't have a report at the moment, but I handle it like esko in his tutorial. however because of my greed for many strains I pack my tent usually too full
  15. Hey there, the setup is not so different from mine. Yet why do you use autoflowers indoors?
  16. Out of likes, but the karma should be all yours considering your generousities!!!
  17. As far as I know Barrie crossed the Tielse Haze with a BlueShaze male. From the Tielse Haze x BlueShaze he selected a male which was crossed to a kinky cheese pheno. I think the kinky Blaze got her sativa qualities from the fathers side. I got from Barrie some Tielse Haze x BlueShaze and I love the power and shape of the plant. Yet I still have to wait for the harvest, but she's a potential keeper for sure. When I tasted a small sample of Tielse Haze it tasted like citric pineapple all the way. Everything crossed with her should have real potential!!!
  18. Unfortunately out of likes you made my day sunny! I'll write you tomorrow. Have a nice sunday!!
  19. Sounds really delicious and she looks like the potency is in there too!!! I hope you will post some smoke reports of all your strains.
  20. Very nice! Seems like it is a busy weekend
  21. Hey Sunny great SiFi you got there! I can't control my saliva when I see this. Good to read you have some help harvesting, otherwise it might be a hell of a job. By the way how do you convince your woman to do that? I wish mine would help me too. By the way, the more pictures the better No stress I love this topic anyways
  22. I have that too in my grow. Could be also due to the hot spot, then the plants facing the hot spot consume more water to cool themselves. However I see you have all under control
  23. Looks nice, but one seem to have a little nute burn.
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