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  1. Hey there Halfroc, did you consider the 12/12 method from No Mercy Supply? I have to say that I don't have any experience yet, but I just started last weekend my first 12/12 from seed grow. After sprouting I planted the seeds in in 2l pots. As soon as they show sex, I will transplant them into bigger (8l) pots. I know this method is doubted a lot, but some who actually tried like it. In a few weeks I can say more. happy weekend everyone!
  2. Wow that sounds promising! Looking forward to this thread
  3. hey, how are the berrydawgs doing? By the way, I just finished two UltraShack F2. I had some troubles due to the heat but the first samples of the first pheno were promising. I will write a bit more about them after sampling them properly.
  4. Well I find the BBS x CT already pretty appealing and what was YB again?
  5. Nice report! I was waiting for a final VN smoke report.
  6. Awsome line up! Although I prefer sativas they all sounds pretty appealing. Lemon Pinata is planned for autumn. Please keep us posted Luma
  7. you seem to have a nice green carpet there
  8. Well, I don't know what happened here, but I doubt that San had any mean intentions. Unfortunately gentlemen became so rare one might have troubles recognising when he crosses one's path.
  9. hey everybody, I was just wandering whether you guys have any recommendations or clues how long the seeds should rest/ripen after the buds' harvest. How long do I have to wait before I can sprout them? Is there a minimum time they need to rest? Luma
  10. Sounds good! I let my 8 former mothers grow in the same tent with 16l pouch bags (the cheap ones). Was a nice grow! Now in summer it would have been too much though I guess. I'm quite curious about the Santa Maria and Romulan S1. The rest I don't know but SSSC Pinetown Durban f3 sounds good. Wish you a nice run! Luma
  11. As far as I got it the NAW guys use terms like Mexican or Hawaiian as descriptive means, meaning those strains or phenos resemble certain landraces without containing any. That's the way I got it, but I could be wrong!
  12. I was always curious about that one. Heard good things about it, but hardly ever saw any reprts of it. Would be nice to see some pics should you ever grow them.
  13. Hey everybody, after a while I thought it was time to update ths report a little. Unfortunately no photos though. I just have a shitty cam thus pics won't show much, but maybe I will make a follow up with a fewblurry pics. So short follow up on the past strains: Silver Fields # 1&2 As much as I was impressed with those, the high is really messing with my head. I find its potency is really impressive, but I don't get to smoke it much. Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze This one I love and regret not keeping because it is such a nice high. It is potent but kind, while SiFi is also very potent but more of a rollercoaster. I'm glad I crossed it with the Mexcian Blachsmit and the Lady Cance by CBSC. Bluehammer I did not smoke it that much lately because I don't have much left and no clone, but it is a really nice weed. I think BH and KF are vey nice combo to have in your lineup as Haze Hybrid with pleanty of own character. I am curious where the NAW guys will work it to. The Lady Cane of Cannabella Seed Club Well, I found it not trippy enough, however, friends ,one of them grew my cuts as well, liked her for her upliftig qualities. They highlighted especially the pleasant uplift with a pronounced sharpness and focus. It has not the usual introspective encounter that Sativa hybrids sometimes bring along. I thought this should be shared as it is also a features CBSC pointed out in the description, thus I have to admit they kept their promise. I'm glad I have her crossed with a Barrie's SSHxBlueShaze male. So, lately I had the joy of growing a few new strains and crosses, which I want to write about now. Zücker Slap (made by @Sunnyvale) Head bud was already cut off. This is a cross made by Sunnyvale using G39 as female and Jalisco Jaze as male. The plant produced many nice buds on the bigger branches. Generally the buds had many fluffy buds with thin leaves. A bitch to harvest but on the other hand she has a very nice resin contend. Usually I trimm of all the leaves before smoking but in this one it is fine because of all the resin. The plant grows with a chrismas tree structure and has a good yield. Considering the sativa features she is quite easy to grow. Regarding the weed I have to say that it is quite special. The smell and flavour is not that strong but very nice in a subtile way. Fresh she has that sweet honey flowerish smell. The aroma develops also in this direction winning also nice hash flavour that blends in nicely. After 6 months cure it has still the flowery sweet flavour mixed with hash, but also with a clear fresh flavour of verbene. It surprised me nicely as I trink that tea a lot. The smoke is quite smouth although sometimes it is also a bit caughy, but not like Sugar Punch. As I said it has that nice hash flavor which made friends ask at times whether it was a hash joint. Generally it is quite appreciated and particular taste. The effect is not a creeper one, yet it comes in wave and can make you quite high. It is quite easy on your body, you feel even slightly elevated. It is nice to smoke it you are doing something. Festivals or place where you can explore or interact are fitting well. It is not too introspective, you can deal with people without too much awkwardness, although it is giggles inducing. My girlfriend and me had a lot of fun when being out with it. Also it was nice when I was cooking with a friend. It is strong but also can induce a good focus when you have a task. I can then be nice to follow up your tasks. Hence it can be nice for cleaning too. When you just smoke by yourself to chill, it can be a bit dreamy and you will nice, but it does not show its full potential. Cealing so far was high although not the highest. Sunnyvale shared the seeds also with some others I assume and I would higlhly recommend to grow it! Sunnyvale also crossed it with Selene which seems promissing to me. I crossed my Zücker Slap with A Kerala Krush male. I have not grown KK except for the male, but I think the Zücker Slap has many nice features and could add some frostyness. Further, NAW's Airborne Jack is also a cross with G39 and I think she might be a good strain to cross with Sativas. Just sharing my thoughts. Mexican Blacksmith (made by Sunnyvale) My assessment of this cross is somewhat flawd as I didn't really grow this one well. It grew big and lanky and unfortunately I gave it a N overdose. Due to that she grew quite weird and the structure was a bit ruptured. She also grew some balls due to the stress and polinised itself, but no other plants. So the weed also contains some seeds, although just at certain spots. So after all not the best conditions to judge, but maybe there are some folks out there who got those too. The weed smell hazy with a landrace fruityness. The smell reminds me a bit of the better weed in Laos, but with the extra of a solid haze aroma from the Jack Hammer. My flatmate from South America also noted this landrace feature when we smoked it together. As we both noted the flavor reminds strong until the end of the joint. The smell is already like landrace haze I think the still a lot of improovement when grown properly. The effect is strong yet subtile at times. It is really light on the body and you don't feel heavy at all. However, there is quite a trippy feature to this weed. In can be a bit introspective and confuse your optic sennses. I came thereby up with the name Mexican Blachsmith. My association was that it was a mexican blue hammer forging your thoughts and senses after inhalation. This association of a Black Smith I had already shared about Blue Hammer. Dancing can be very nice on it though as long as you dance more for yourself, you can have quite a entertaining ride. I really like smoking this weed, also because in potency the limit is not reached yet. As it was a big plant having also seeds here and there, the flowers differ in their quality. As a daytime smoke I smkoe the smaller flowers and it is still a good buzz but when grown I would probably not consider it a daytime weed. If there is someone who received them I recommend to give them a try. I used a Mexican Blachsmith male to cross it with my beloved Barrie SSHxBlueShaze and hope to find an an awsome Barrie x Sunnyvale mix. Selene This time I got a really dark pheno. When it is dried it is dark purpel. The smell is not that particular, but when smoked it gives a nice sweet, skunky, slightly hazey smell. Some friends said it reminded them of their youth, kind of oldschool. For me the smell is not bad, but also not outstanding. Its quality lays in its effect. Selene is also a kind weed. She is not weak but easy to handle. I can also smoke it with people with a lower tolerance and we all have a nice effect. She is a bit of a daytime weed although is also strong. Generally she is very much appreciated for her effect. A friend of mine also grew her and although he grows mainly for his girlfriend, the Sleene was a weed he liked to smoke as well, it became one of their favorites the other was Lady Cane. I did not keep her, but I crossed her with the Mexican Blacksmith, but also with Strawberry Blue from NAW. One Selene x SB is flowering right now, so Selene will still be with me in a way. Selene is easy to grow. Only dissappointment the buds shrinked a lot. It looked like a beast, but ended up decent. Sannie's Jack So Sannie's Jack was on my list for a long time and now I finally grew it. I had it already once, howerver due to spider mites I had to harvest at day 48. On the picture this one is at day 45 and I chopped it at day 69 I guess. Sannie's Jack has a nice lemony pepper herb hazy smell. It is definately a nice oldschool Jack Herrer smell with a bit of extra haze. This pheno is more herb like and is not as lemony as I read from others. My KF#7 is more lemony, while I always considered it to come from the Sannie's Jack. This is maybe pheno dependend. My flatmate likes it a lot. I find it also quite nice and I will see what the next months bring. Generally I think I like my KF#7 more, but the SJ has many good qualities and is definately a strong sativa weed. It's good for going out and parties, potentially also cooking, but better you have your stuff well organised. The effect is long not heavy yet a bit blurry I find. Buds have a good shape and I would definately recommend this strain. Sannies Jack is a great strain to work with I guess. I have not seen the offspring yet but like the general shape and structure of the SJ. The flavor and high are good, but could have a little extra. I therefore crossed it with Kerala Krush and C99 (in the making). I will see what time will bring. I would also like to cross it with G39 or the Zücker Slap. Well I guess this is it for now. Maybe I forgot some strain or the other, but soon I will update about the Orange Candy which is from Philosoper Seeds I assume. https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Naranchup/Philosopher_Seeds/ Really promising smoke, although mainly for flavor, buzz is also nice though. Have a nice sundy eve! The report was by the way written on Blue Hammer, thanks to NAW @RhinoCBD and @Poldergrower
  14. Very nice pics @smilestyle ! Are they from the current grow or older? I'm asking because I'm curious how the NH grows... is it easy to handle?
  15. Hey there! nice to read from you again. I have two Ultrshacks at the beginning of flowering, looking good so far. How did your Cobras turn out? Were they very poisonous? Regards
  16. the 70% rule is generally proven or a result from your work?
  17. I guess he used the same SSHZ female as for Shackzilla and Sugar Punch and crossed it with a KF male. For me SiFi is one of the strongest Sativa doms strains I smoked so far...Quite an experience to try her!
  18. awsome breeding, I love to see these NAW features in the different crosses!
  19. Nice grow and awsome lineup! Looking forward to the smoke reports. Enjoy your harvest!
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