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  1. thanks for the report! I have two in veg waiting to flower. Would you say AJ stretches a lot?
  2. This year Santa and the Easter bunny came together to deliver some presents...and that on 4.20. Thanks for your work and generousity guys!
  3. really did you try her already? Can you say something regarding phenos?
  4. cool move! Could be also interesting to make a bx
  5. It seems to be a trichome-monster. I want it!!!
  6. looks good to me! In case they are flowering slowly then consider maybe whether they are a bit too wet. I guess in a few days they will pump more flowers...
  7. uhuh can't wait to grow her!!!
  8. sounds like a cool cross...
  9. Hey oldschoolsg, I was wondering what's your tent size 4x4? 600W? Did you post a smoke report of the BlueShaze anywhere? Would be curious about her...
  10. looks good!! Harvest will be a hell of a job....
  11. they couldn't do better! Well done! Don't want to be a pain in the ass, but it would be cool to see you grow Shackzilla. It would become a monster. By the way I grow with 2x 250W on 120x60 (only during peak flowering otherwise it is 1x 360W), your space is 80x80?
  12. Shackzilla is a really nice yet really potent hazey hybrid. It will be a joy to grow her. I'm also quite curious about the Nepalmas. I have some seeds, yet I haven't grown her so far. The competition is just too tough. Maybe a smoke report could change my mind. Regarding the WN I must admit I envy you for your patience. Regards
  13. The Ciskey was grown by a friend and the plants (2) were more or less as they wrote. It seems to me that they are reliable. I have no direct experience though. Ciskey was very stable with only minimal differences. As I said it were just two plants.
  14. Yes, this looks very promising! We are all in for a treat, but especially you smoky HH.
  15. awsome line up! I will follow this one.
  16. I had some fruity chronic juice too. Was good and super easy to grow and had a good yield. Just the high I found a bit boring.
  17. For me Killing Fields is really special! It's a long standing favorite in my mother cabin. Yet I'll still looking forward to look into the new version. I think KF and BlueHammer are both really nice and I would like to have a cross of both of them.
  18. A friend of mine also grew a few strains from them and they were not bad, yet he did not find anything he kept. I gave him three fem Chocolate Cheese freebees from Eskobar and he found two keepers which he kept until now. I guess RQS have average quality and with a few exceptional ones maybe. I was also bored about German forums. I often found people a bit dogmatic and not keen to give new things a try. When I was asking for advice on Sannie's everyone warned me about the potentially diversity of phenos.... That was many years ago! First of all, at time Sannie had not worked his stuff as far as now, yet when I gave his gems a try I also learned to appreciate the diversity. Nearly all phenos were above average. I'm a customer ever since. I don't know what you are looking for, but...I would recommend...grown myself: Killing Fields - is it a haze is it a hybrid? It has a few phenos, but it is very special and you can find for sure something unique. BlueHammer - it has a hazy trippyness, but the taste is more berry cremy. I highly recommend it! Silver Fields - more body then the previous two, but still trippy hazey and sooo strong. Awsome KF/SSH mix. I call it SiFi in reference to Space travels as in Science Fiction. Shackzilla - very potent hazey hybrid. There is SSH and a heazey Jack. Taste is awsome and you won't be outshined by any Core cut or alikes. Sannie's Jack - not dry yet. Strong plants and nice yield. Probably awsome high too, as I have an awsome hazey KF SJ dominant pheno. KF has the better flavour though, if you ask me. Hammer of Dawn - was released by NAW, but not available at the moment. I loved this cross. Tasty and very exceptional effect or maybe I'm just unfamiliar with their stuff. Selene - Some phenos have a slight earthy flavour, yet the taste is usually dominated by berry cream and slight lemon, plus some earth. The high is very kind and less of a rollercoaster than the ones mentioned above. My female friends liked this one a lot. Sugar Punch - Also a strong sativa dominant hybrid, exceptional taste and potency. It has sweet and hazey aromas. It is not my favorite, but only because I find it hard surf on the wave. Not grown yet: Strawberry Blue - heard some good stuff and from what I tasted from the NAW guys I have some high expectations. Used the SB in a cross, because she's so promising. Ouzbekistan - from USC I find a special offer and pretty good offer for an IBL. Also reports and pics convinced me to buy some. Sour Kush - I got as well, because I had the chance to try the ECSD cut that was used and the PCK seems solid. Esko's stuff was very good, unfortunately it's not available anymore. Generally I have a lot of crosses from the shop here and I always found the descriptions held their promises. Can't say anything about the new breeders here though. I don't want to talk you into buying Sannie's stuff, but share my experiences as I was glad you shared yours. If you are interested, in the link below I rated a few strains. Not just from the shop, also from other breeders. Maybe it helps you to get an idea of my tastes. Have a nice weekend Luma
  19. Sounds very promising... Thanks for the report and the nice eyecandy.
  20. When will the house warming be? I have crisps and weed
  21. I have the F3 but I'll need to get this one too!!!! Glad you guys are back in buisness.
  22. How is the smoke? I remember in the early twothousands Orange Bud suddenly popped up everywhere. I enjoyed it quite a lot and it was also really potent compared to a lot of weed we had smoked before. Not sure it still is that potent. We were younger and also the tolerance was lower. However I was therefore also sometimes considering buying some OB seeds, but I read that that strain in particular was likely to hermaphrodite. Thus I'm quite curious how you find the smoke Luma
  23. Well done my friend! The bud looks marvellous. KF#6 has a very special smell and aroma indeed. Looking forward to see the other ones in your bigger tent. For the Chocolate Cheese and Killing Fields I recommend you to give them minimum feeding. they really need nearly nothing. Hawaii needs a bit more, but moderately. Chronic Haze, Melon Gum, Orange Candy might need more I don't know. I grow the OC and MG in my next grow for the first time.
  24. lumatekfan

    Overview day 41

    pots are supposedly 20L, but they are not full. they measure 30x30x30, but I'd assume the content is rather 16L
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