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  1. hey timetrimmer i love the structure of your buds!!!they sure look awsome hope i get 2 as well with my sannies jack seeds.
  2. I am intrested. I am growing them as well, but still veggin them.
  3. I just germinated my batch of kolssos x nycd. Let see whats gonna grow. I hope they won't stretch to much. I still hope someone can post a smokereport. bye lumahttps://www.opengrow.com/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
  4. hey bluesummers very nice to see your plants they really seem to build a nice main cola. Could u please give us a short summary of the flavour and high from the NYCD x Kolossos? And how big was the stretch? could u name the stretch by %? keep on growing!!! luma
  5. Thanks for the quick reply eskobar!!! I love this forum
  6. Hi there eskobar, I hope u can give me an advice how often I should water my ebb&flow system. Could u give me a schedule how often u flood during the grow? Would appreciate the info luma
  7. Hey there Bluesummers, do you have some news for us? I wonder how your nycd x kollosus grew. They look pretty nice and helathy by the way. I guess they should be ready now!?! If there are some other people who have grown these freebes please let me know!! I am really exited about them. I wonder if I can put them next to haze crosses, bc I guess they won't stretch that much or will they? greetings luma
  8. hey eskobar very nice info thank u for the schedule!!! And of corse thanks to Hennepdesk!!! I have just one more questions even though u already convinced me!!! I wanted to use 2 boxes to flood the plants. These boxes are 16 cm high and carry 43l. They are 75cm long and 55 broad. How many plants would u put on one box? My room is 2sqm. thanks for sharing your knowledge! Ps. I am still wating for the NLA to come out!! luma
  9. Hi eskobar thank you for your reply. That was very good info!!! I thought it would be way more complicated getting the mapito ready for the next round. Could u say something about your feeding schedule, just regarding ec? I read in sannies shop that your plants do not need much fertilizer, thus how much ec would u advice? thanks greetz luma
  10. Hi u guys I am considering growing on mapito, but I think it might be quite anoying to pull of all the mapito from the roots. Is there a certain way to get rid off all the roots? Please let me know how u deal with that!!! My second question is: Is topfeed also possible when using mapito, or is it just for ebb/flow growing? Is there someone who might give me some info on his mapito-system? thanks and greetings luma
  11. why don't u tell us why u would give her 5 stars? Or have u already and i missed your post ? luma
  12. hey eskobar I wondered if u could tell us something about the way u remove the roots from the mapito. I am very intrested in that kind of substrate, but I thought it might be a real mess cleaning it. Do you use any additives beside enzymes? If so, can u give me a tip where to buy those? I am living in nl as well thus shipping wouldn't be that complicated. I wanted to use it for feeding from top via an irrigationsystem, does that work, or is it just for ebb&flow? I thought of 11l mapito/plant with topfeeding for 15 plants/2 sqm. I would also like to know how high your ec is in mapito when u grow your strains. Could u give me a short feeding schedule for the vanilla sky, just regarding ec? Greetings luma
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