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  1. I have the F3 but I'll need to get this one too!!!! Glad you guys are back in buisness.
  2. How is the smoke? I remember in the early twothousands Orange Bud suddenly popped up everywhere. I enjoyed it quite a lot and it was also really potent compared to a lot of weed we had smoked before. Not sure it still is that potent. We were younger and also the tolerance was lower. However I was therefore also sometimes considering buying some OB seeds, but I read that that strain in particular was likely to hermaphrodite. Thus I'm quite curious how you find the smoke Luma
  3. Well done my friend! The bud looks marvellous. KF#6 has a very special smell and aroma indeed. Looking forward to see the other ones in your bigger tent. For the Chocolate Cheese and Killing Fields I recommend you to give them minimum feeding. they really need nearly nothing. Hawaii needs a bit more, but moderately. Chronic Haze, Melon Gum, Orange Candy might need more I don't know. I grow the OC and MG in my next grow for the first time.
  4. lumatekfan

    Overview day 41

    pots are supposedly 20L, but they are not full. they measure 30x30x30, but I'd assume the content is rather 16L
  5. smell is already very promising! I will post a smoke report as soon as I try her... So far the smell is like forest and flowery honey. very special. The cindy smell is not that present anymore, but transformed into this flowery sweetness. Mixed with the GM forest smell it merged to the wild forest honey smell, at least so far. Yield seems to have been better than expected, but not sure. Final results will come later. Thanks @Sunnyvale !
  6. Yea I agree! Would appreciate it a lot. How many females did you have, just one?
  7. Any chance you'll make a SSHBS x BBS cross? Just a tiny amount?
  8. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Could have stayed longer, but I like my sativas racy and find the aroma most of the time best just before all crystal become milky. It's a matter of preference though.
  9. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Super resinous leaves! Smell has still the c99 spin but mixed with an overripe tropical fruit and forest.
  10. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Cross made by Sunnyvale!
  11. lumatekfan

    Zücker Slap

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Harvested after 61 days. Mainbud already taken. All leaves are pretty sticky and resinous!!! Great work Sunnyvale!
  12. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Already beheaded! Cross made by Sunnyvale. G39 x Jalisco Jaze
  13. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Harvest after 61 days. Already beheaded! Cross made by Sunnyvale.
  14. That's good news! Loved the Hammer of Dawn and I am quite curious where NAW will develop it to when working further on it.
  15. @Poldergrower Will the Hammer of Dawn return? I enjoyed her a lot and it sold out pretty quick.
  16. Congratiolations!!! Your cross looks awsome! Wish you a nice harvest and I hope for a smoke report. I'm glad already I got them. Luma
  17. The Green Manalishi F2 Honey hashplant selection which is available as freebees was then crossed with a Polar Bear male right? Sorry, I need to have this fully decrypted in my brain.
  18. Sorry, this might sound like coming from a slow processing brain, but is the Green Manalishi honey hoo hoo hashplant a cross of GM and Strawberry Diesel/Hashplant or just a special GM selection? I thought the GM x Strawberry Diesel/Hashplant was Polar Bear? Can someone help me with my confusion? Luma
  19. Hey Sunny, everything is looking good and the new line up sounds also very promising. By the way I was wondering whether you already posted a smokereport of the Honey Badger Haze somewhere? Could you give a brief description of the smoke? liked your pics of her and consider popping some myself. Miss Universe was a long time on my list but in the end I just had the chance to get Caramel Cough and Honey Badger Haze, but I'm hoping for the best in them. Would be glad about any info. Will you also hit a KF#6 with the BS? Take care Luma
  20. lumatekfan

    Overview day 56

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Left is Zucker Slap in the front, in the back SJ, then JCxJJ, in front SiFi, the purple bud is Selene and more SiFi and SSHxBS, Hawai is barely visible.
  21. lumatekfan

    Right corner

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Purple Selene, little Hawaii, SiFi, hanging SSHxBS
  22. lumatekfan

    left side day 56

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Zucker Slap is up front and in the back corner is Sannie's Jack. Next to it is JCxJJ.
  23. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Zucker Slap is up front and in the back corner is Sannie's Jack
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