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  1. I think so too! The Sugar Slap looks much more sativalike or let's say much more landrace like. By the way the clone rooted! They already do, but yea I'm also looking forward to smoke them.
  2. Have a pack of these seeds as well. I'll be watching this report! Nice you want to do a cross with this one! I have at the moment two crosses with Jalisco Jaze going, but Jalisco Ibl is probably very different than my crosses. Do you already have an idea what you want to cross it with? Or will you "just make a F2"? RSC’s Highland Thai would be a nice partner I assume! I have not grown her though. I think if you managed to control RSC’s Highland Thai then you will succeed as well with the Jalisco. Wish you all the best Luma
  3. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    Bred by Nirvana
  4. From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    bred by Sunnyvale
  5. lumatekfan

    Sugar Slap

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    G39xJalisco Jaze bred by Sunnyvale
  6. lumatekfan

    Sugar Slap

    From the album: Kolosus x NYCD, Kronocaine

    G39xJalisco Jaze bred by Sunnyvale
  7. @RhinoCBD and @Poldergrower I think your work speaks for itself! The transparency in your breeding is what I miss in many other breeders. @santero Ithink there is no doubt here that you are writing here only with the best intentions. I think it's good to point out terms that can be easily misinterpreted and by doing so others can avoid such misinterpretations when they read the existing discussion here. After all this is something I miss in other breeders where one can hardly verify what they write in their product description. So I think everybody wins when making clear what he or she is exactly talking about! Generally I think it would be worth to have maybe in the Genetics section a topic where the abiguity of Sativa Indica differentiation can be discussed in detail. I thought before that this distinction is not always clear. I remember also that a friend of mine who was attending the 420 cup years ago on a regular basis, told me once that they discussed other features as means of differentiation (like leaf shape or such things) however without coming to a final result. Maybe this does not make sense maxbe it does I just hope we steer the surprisingly upcoming sativa traits in indicas into a fruitfull discussion because with so much knowledge as combined here I at least can learn a lot more... sorry for the long text.... Good week for everyone! Luma
  8. Very nice update!!! You will have pleanty of nice of nice buds. I'm quite curious how the SiFi x Selene will be in comparison with SiFi. And of corse also how you'll find the smoke of KF#6. By the way, did you already put the Hawaiian into flowering? Don't train her too much. She gows really stout and might take quite some space while remaining short or low. What's behind the Purple Heart from Collie? I mean what is its genetic background? Have a nice sunday everybody...
  9. Yea she's very special! From which seedpack did you grow yours, fem, F5 or F6? What kind of pheno is yours? I love the spectrum in her... I would love to make a cross between a Jack Hammer hybrid and Killing Fields, maybe Jack Candy and KF.
  10. Here are some pics of different KF phenos I found. The first two pics are KF#6 the rest is from the fem pack.
  11. In general KF is among my favorite weeds. In 2017 I grew ten KF fem just to have a little KF variation. You can find them in this topic on page two I guess. In KF you can find very dark hazey plants lemon peel haze and diesel fuel like hybrids. It's a strain with a great variety of phenos each being particular by its own composition of traits that's one of the reasons I love it that much. This is also why I got the F6. I think a selection of KF is always fun. Regarding #6&7, I prefer the #7 but that's because she's more sativa than the #6. The weed from the #6 is more hybrid like but still sativa dominant it has nice diesel fuel flavors (not like Sour Diesel though) and grows more like a hybrid. The buds are denser and she needs 8-8.5 weeks. #7 stretches a lot more. She has a lemony haze taste. I harvest her around 9-10 weeks and her flowers have more of a sativa shape. The high is very up, but also can be also quite trippy. In regard to yield they both are equal although the #7 often becomes bigger, yet the dense buds of the #6 are heavier. I love both phenos though. I'm curious how you'll like the #6 and #7. As I lately made some seeds myself and still have pleanty of seeds I bought, I'll rather cross #6&7 with some nice males I might find in my selections. My friend who also has the CC#1&3 is also keeping the #7 and thinking of keeping #6 too, after I told him I might not do so. As much as I love these cuts, it also makes it harder to grow new ones as space is so limited. I hope this somehow answers your question. It's always hard for me to give a short answer as you might know by now happy sunday my friend!
  12. I used a thin brush for painting. Like the ones for aquarel painting. Q-tips were not that easily releasing the pollen at times...but I'm no expert on this!
  13. Nice, thank you guys! This is truely a happy new year for me!! I feel sooo honoured to test your gems! After smoking the Bluehammer I felt so foolish to never have bought the Jack Hammer. Now I have it with extra NAW power Thank you guys!!!
  14. Was that also the one used in the TPR? And is it also this g-male which brings in the sativa features?
  15. @Indican Will you still be underground in 2019, or is there any chance you'll make it to Sannie's Shop? Would be happy to test your gear!!! regards
  16. Did you find them in the first GM F2 released here as freebees? Will you combine them with each other or each with the gmF2 lemon male? Nice I was collecting up to 10 seeds of them, because I thought be must be special for sure... I know you are quite busy with all the selections you are doing, but I would highly appreciate an updated topic on the GM as it is a rare cross and you seem to have a lot of knowlledge of traits in there... Thanks for your time and effort..
  17. Thanks for clearing this up San! Too often confusions of genetic traits arise from mislabeling of genetic background or clones.... Hey RhinoCBD could you elaborate what you mean by that? I thought the gm hhp was pure indica! How can you then give a strain more sativa expressions by crossing it with an (almost) pure indica? I'm neither an expert in genetics nor in breeding canabis strains, can therefore save me from my confusions? thanks luma
  18. Nice! Thank you for your transparency, that combined with good selections is the way to go...
  19. What's behind the cartel haze?
  20. people complaining about the hate on the internet, sure don't know opengrow!!! Thank you for the happy new year!!!
  21. To you too! Did you make the cross?
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