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  1. Hey bigun, thanks man. Nice to see you still around. All is harvested, I'll post up lots of pics of the grow since the first post but I'll say 2 things. 1) HSO Black D.O.G. is top tier smoke, bullshit yield. Nugs just never swole. Finished in 45 days from flipping to 12's...super fast but doesn't yield enough to condone the time/resources. Tastes exactly like Grape Crush soda. I won't re-run this one unless I'm desperate. I won't be, 2) Dinafem's Sweet Deep Grapefruit is worth running on all points, really impressed. Tastes like fruit punch with a hint of Fromunda cheese. Definitely will re-run this one. Neither hermied.
  2. Thanks Shoeless, it's been a while since running DWC but it's been going pretty well.
  3. After years of silence, I am back. Kind of. These lovely ladies started life out in DWC and are now in their 4th week of flower. Sorry for the HPS yellow but that's how I do it until harvest Using GH Flora Series, 5.8 pH and 1.7EC, mixed in 8 gallons of tap water, not dechlorinated. 400w Eye Hortilux 60ml - Micro 0ml - Gro 120ml - Bloom 40ml - Hygrozyme Healthy splash of 32% H2O2 Buckets washed and reflilled every 7 days with fresh nutes. The HSO Black D.O.G. has all signs of being a AAAA plant, really nice structure, lovely grape/diesel smells. The SDG started slow but she smells like pink grapefruit and should fill some jars. Peace RM
  4. Hey baq, I’ve been super busy but my love for dank is unchanged. Hope all is well mate. I just got some HSO Black DOG and Dinafems Sweet Deep Grapefruit from HD (sorry sannie they do EMT’s for Canadian customers...super convenient) and freshened up the carbon filter, new bulb, DWC gear...now I’m a free agent and legalization ran Canada out of nugs I’m going to show that 4 plant limit is not a bad thing Peace Rev
  5. So...esko left the game...who's bringing this beauty back to life? Real shame I couldn't save any seeds or cuts but that's how she goes Nice to see this on one of the highest view counts, even if the forum is dying a slow death this was one of the most fun periods in growing that I have...all thanks to Sannie, esko and some really cool members. Peace! Rev
  6. Anything with the berry sannie, for arthritis it's the one. Outside of sannie's Ive had great medical benefits from sour d, it's great for using in the morning before work and doesn't bog me down.
  7. Just in time for my return Great news sannie, glad things are on the up and up
  8. This is good news, Joey's gear has always been highly toted as easy selecting, consistent and true to breed.
  9. Agreed but I did ask the person an honest question. It they answer, chalk that up as a win against the ever-growing population of tool-bags. Peace RM
  10. Two things that top 10 list proves. 1) Cali are stuck in the 90's. 2) Cannabis breeding advancement is limited by a puddle sized gene-pool. Some of those "strains" are pheno's from the same parents ffs. When you have millions of strains out there and most of those have been around for at least a decade and that's what the "current" top ten looks like....we should be worried.
  11. Welcome Beaned! That "legal state" thing has a nice ring to it. Already saw you necro-ing threads to say hi...you're not going to last long lol.
  12. One question. Why did you necro this thread when you knew there is an intro page? For real kid.
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