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  1. Tbuds

    OG Kush,,Heri

    Thank's all for the comments,just sit n here jar 'em up. The OG turned out nice as did the Heri. The smoke on the OG is a Lemony Hash taste,,but i think it needs a good 3wks n jar's b a little smoother. It's not what i'am looking for tho??? I did a flowering clone just in case tho. The plant needs supercroping. Heri no good tastes,but it does knock uout @ night. 4 now the search continues. Next Black Desile,,Kandy Kush,,Rocklock,,Purple pineberry,,Black Widow,,OG(clone),,Herijuna(lookin 4 male) and Veneno. Herijuna Left,,OG on Right. I do c the #18 does get better reviews..I hav always wanted to run Purplewreck and i do c it is released again,,but my frige is full for now.
  2. Tbuds

    Kandy Kush

    OG Kush x Trainwreck by Reserve Privada
  3. Tbuds

    OG Kush

    OG Kush by Reserve Pravada
  4. Tbuds


    Mota's Herijuana
  5. Tbuds

    OG Kush,,Heri

    Those r from seed and the breeder is Reserve Pravada Fem's. Thank You.
  6. Tbuds

    OG Kush,,Heri

    Thank's,,in my haste to no it all,,i did not finish reading
  7. Tbuds

    OG Kush,,Heri

    RP OG Kush and Mota's Herijuana 50day flower under dual spec 1600wt in RDWC
  8. Tbuds

    Mandala #1 (purp seeds)

    This is a rare batch of what we call "purple seeds" from a special purple female pheno of Mandala #1. We believe the chances of getting a larger % of the purple pheno is higher with these seeds (but we haven't tested them yet).
  9. Tbuds

    8 Miles High

    Type: sativa-indica Contains land race genetics from: Africa; North India Cultivation: indoor/outdoor Flowering time: 60-65 days/1st week Oct. (south), mid October (north) Yield: 400-450 gr/m2; 14-16 oz/sq.ft. (dry weight) High: a sativa-dominant high; uplifting; alert & fiery-energetic; thought provoking; trippy visuals; creative. Aroma: a sweet-fruity melange of strawberry and melon; hash-candy; piney; minty. Medical use: good potential against lethargy & depression; stimulates appetite.
  10. Tbuds

    K Train

    GHS K Train Fem's. Long story short they are junk,but kept 1 on table for?
  11. Tbuds

    Bagg Seed Adventures

    Seed stk out. Bagg Seed In
  12. Tbuds


    Flowering clones>>Refrigerated clones>>>RE-vegg
  13. Tbuds

    Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic Re-vegg
  14. Tbuds


    He use to eat my chickens!!
  15. I have read good about all 3,,tell me did you just happen to pick those or did you read same? I'am running one Blue Mystic right now. Same result as AI got 1 good pheno,but wat the hey little cost. Lately tho seems like there r sum good genetics for same $ out there. Hope to get Sannie's gear now,,
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