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  1. santero


    @Mr Goodfellow i am getting a bit sad to repeadetly read about you regretting to support all my free shares (just teasing ) but i hope you are happy about the idea that your VOLUNTARY contribution helps me a lot to gift to others like i have repeadetly gifted your way as well ... i am very grateful to you for helping me out a tiny bit (in return). tho, i am NOT a commercial breeder looking to sell beans or trying to attract a lot of customers. nobody needs to buy anything ... you CAN support, but you don't need to. if there is anything i can do for you, just let me know, brother i am just a pm away. (all this shoptalk is BS, btw ... it creates a wrong idea about me or what i do and want.)
  2. santero


    heya, everyone hope ur well, mates. these are around four and a half weeks in ... (some trips on them ladies, but so far, so good.) taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) tayberry (blueberry x chocolate thai) ... CT-pheno tayberry (blueberry x chocolate thai) ... BB-pheno lemon piñata (tijuana x lemon thai) larry lurex (holy princess x lemon larry) - day 56 since flip, time to chop her killer cookies (gsc forum x killer queen) holy lui (holy princess x lui) afghan sunset (lavender x deep chunk) enjoy your smokes ________________________________________ oops, did not answer to this, mate, my apologies ! my creations are marked by my logo in freebie section. the rest of the lines is not made by me, but by other seedmakers of the SH-collective. the LL x mm/thai78 is made by bob green and was donated as freebie to SH. i feel very honored that bob liked the Lemon Larry F2's i made for derg corra. hitting those with the golden thai = killer good. i'm fairly sure these will rock !! i have some of those too, but i have not enough space to start some right now ... *darn* BUT i started some other aussie feminized gems this round (thank you, bb *OZweedrules*) ecsd dhk, love potion and banana og clone to the reversed "mox"-clone = mullum/oaxacan
  3. very cool, informative and honest sum-up, thank you for that, luma
  4. less is more ... i hope your gals recover again. geniess die hessin best vibes, mate.
  5. santero

    Seedsman seeds

    yeah, seedsman are around since ages, quite reliable enjoy, bro.
  6. santero


    the colored and small one are LB's, i think
  7. santero


    ow yeah ... that's another thing, lol: i personally won't ever accept money for my creations in a private transaction IF you want to support the free shares = please use one of the shops (limited packs only). and if you want some gifts (of my choice, while trying to respect wishes) = write me
  8. santero


    no one needs to use them ... and you know it, brother. if you want to support the free sharing, tho ... then you will have to use one of the shops, i fear. but please support for "supports" sake. try not to fall into "customer mode" when you are actually "just" helping all of the free sharing ___________________________________ i will always send out whatever i still have in numbers for free to anyone asking (like the five lines i send to you so far) ... but i can only help, if you hit me up per- sonally, mate. i have no influence over any shop (as it's not my mission to sell !) in the end you have payed around 20€ for six lines ... and i will always send more for free anytime you ask. (that's not so bad, i hope? ) ______________________________________ any news on the pictures you wanted me to help you with, bro?
  9. @trichohisme LTD i have a few similar lines waiting to get popped and can't wait to enjoy too *woot* :) "do-si-hoe" really sounds very nice, altho i am not sure what 'white fighter' is, haha. (something involving starfigher and the white, maybe?) T sure has some fire beans ! @douglasfurtrapper seed junky genetics are really nice too, imo. i like his taste in genetics (tk = so good). love the way he goes about trying to get some of the clone goodness into beans with- out skipping steps, that's really cool .. i'm in talks with jeffy over a GLG, about maybe contributing too ... *this winter, i think*
  10. nyce you are rocking that t1- and alien-gear, yes !! super nice genetics you have there, my friend, enjoy trichs on the GSC auto also looks really amazing and your photographic skills are super-stunning as always. muchos saludos, hermano !
  11. santero


    ow, baqua is good people. generous and savvy too, has been around for a while ... you are in great luck to be able to hang with him (!) *so cool* and wow, that swami gear will KILL for sure ... brace yourself for some really good genetics i hope i can help with your pics, mate ... let's give it a try (here or in private).
  12. santero


    @baqualin you helping mr.g is really cool, bro. thank you for the kind spirit (it's always a very special pleasure to see legit people just freely sharing.)
  13. santero


    all of those are very tasty smokes, but ... the cd#7-male X's had strong male-ratio. just so you know (if you did not already). did the other pigeon reach you yet, bro? i have packed some shivadawg, BLT (aka. lemon bubba) and zoidfune for you
  14. that's a legit ? to ask, brother ... but it actually is the real katsu from back in the day and his ideas have been tested and are being continuously tested on a few US-based invite only boards. (what u see on IC is just the seedrun for stock ) a few of the combos have been done in the past and proved to be really great and due to the clones being the same it is clear these will be same as great. katsu has payed his dues many times over and has shared some really precious genetics to the community for absolutely nothing but the promise to pass it on and not hoard (deep chunk, chocolate trip and bubba kush come to mind). i am working on getting the CTrip cut back to him, atm ... katsu is as legit as can be, if you ask me. i wish him lots of success with his projects ... no matter where he sells them. (his sour bubba makes me want to pop my own 93bubba x sour d ibl regs i made last year, lol)
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