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  1. santero

    What New Breeds are You Running

    hi GA ... hope ur well, sending u good vibes and a bit of info "pacific g13" is made up of g13 (an unknown but most likely an afghan, but hybrid to something other indica) and NL (probably line #2) and the "BW"-part is: 'black widow' (= brazil / india), there is no hawaiian genetics in this one.
  2. santero

    Clone evolution?

    lol, i didn't say the mites make it faster @Toker ... i said they influence the result of the crop. (growing conditions are responsible for a different result, not a genetical change of the clone.)
  3. santero

    Clone evolution?

    yes, more amber means more stone, but did you underrstand what i just explained? (maybe this topic is just too "complicated" for some to fully understand for some?) toker ... the plants show amber earlier because oif the reason i wrote up. please take the time to read and understand also that the circumstances (mites in your cabs and NOT a change in genetics) are the reaason for THIS times little variation of phenotypical expression of ths specific pheno. if esko told you that a clone will get faster EACH time you clone it, everytime ... then he told you bullshit or you much more likely just understood wrong (, cuz you indeed ARE a teeny tiny bit resistant to this info as well so far.) mites can be very easily battled with pyrethrum ... take action fast, stop sleepen on it, bro !!
  4. santero

    Clone evolution?

    clones do not finish earlier, this is a misconsception ... they seem sometimes faster (in comparsion to the mother-plant), because this plant has reached adult age and goes faster into flower, than a forced flowered plant that did not reach full sexing yet (that's usually the case when growing, as not everyone does veg them to full pre-flowering phase before flipping. that's full eight weeks unhindered vegetation from seed and not forced before that). 5-7 days longer at the 1st time, right? (flipped @ 1st tiny pre-flowers) ... that means ... your clone would always have been dun at 7 weeks ... it was just forced the first time, wasn't completely "adult" yet ... the mother does not stop aging, so she is adult now and keeps getting older (also her clones ... you are not "re-starting" her by cloning) ... that's why her clones seem "faster" now. i hope this explanition helps you to understand why this happens. ___________________________________ and i won't stop telling you this, as it is true: genetics do NOT change by just looking at them a different way ... nope ... (this indeed has not been explained well and not been understood well by you, imho.) you already noticed by just a different harvesting time the buzz chances, this (also) contributes to the misconception of a clone "changing", while only the variables of growing/drying/curing did change and NOT the genetics ... just the grower's thumbs and growing conditions. in a nutshell: the genetics of a kid do not change just becuase he visits a different house for a sleepover. his bedhair will be a tiiiny bit different from sleeping in a different bed ... and that's it ... hope u understand this too soon, brother, b-cuz so far you have misunderstood this topic a bit.
  5. santero

    What is the best AK -47?

    indican scored cherry ak-seeds ... let's see what he comes up with (what... does depend on what plants he has going at the time, i guess.) AK47 used to be great as f1 by simon (serious seeds), but after the bust in the mid-2000's the line was changed with new parents and changed tiny bit (and supposedly lost her old charme). nowadays i would also go for joey's f2, they are made with the old line-original release and bear the classic ak-47 expressions.
  6. santero

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    @Tarantoga ow, yeah i got that one too lol ... and like 50 mre or so *crazy* what i mean is that preserving the line as a whole is possible by just open pollinating. it's true, refining/selecting is harder this way from generation to generation of course. but openpollies are not made in all generations, just in the first (f1 to f2) to secure all possible expres- sions the line bears and then select from there (if you don't select from this point on the line indeed can "detoriate", yes, but usually not after just one time ... this can be observed by growing more then a few beans, becuz then the percentual expression is easier to see ;)). you are right, though ... without selections, a line can very fast go to shit ... but preverving the lines is what needs to happen now first. later capable people have a chance to work these lines into some- thing that is true to esko's idea of the mating in question. but until then, a simple back-up goes a long way. better then to loose the whole cake, imo. otherwise you would have not done this yourself with every single line, right? ;) and then you worked from there, at least i would have been the smartest way to go at it. esko himself has taught me this: first generation open polly, next ones select for you goal, that's what the "f2" is basically good/there for ... *treasure chest and route-chooser for the line in general* it's good to read from you, hope you are doing well, bro :)
  7. santero

    I think I have a gem! Not sure!

    @Bootlegger25 again, mate: they're amnesia vs bb, made by eskobar in 2012. also, released in the time frame (santa maria x blueberry ect). the father is the same as in "cheeseberry" and "blue rocket". there actually were freebies made with a different blueberry male (true blueberry). but this male is NOT the father of the BBS, i'm just sayin' ... the BBS is made from mixing trueBB and originalBB, sativa phenos (quasi a f2, but not really). breaking it up ... there are a few different BB's esko used: - male F1 stretch indica (father of cheeseberry, blue rocket, BBI-project line 3, blue santa, SDriri vs. bb- freebie and some birdies tell tales about new blue diesel being one of esko's creations using this male too). - at least 2 other male f1 indica selections (used for the other two lines in eskobar's BBI-project) - true bleberry male (BBS and freebies like lavender vs. TB, F13 vs.TB, lady cane vs. TB/BB-pollenmix, blue cheese vs. TB, bubblegum vs. TB, ect) and a true blueberry female that was used at least one time (for his "blueberry chocolate", which combined her to a f1 cocoa kush-male, then a phenos from that regular cross was selfed and released as fems) be careful to not mix up all these different BB's ... because the results of the lines vary very strong. hope that clears it up a tiny bit ... (if only for us canna-nerds, haha). @Hill-Billy yes, i got them before they were officially released, lol. (am just not growing them atm ... i have lots of time ...) @baqualin it's not really money that drives my game, but as soon as sannie and me do agree: i WILL send in stuff ... until then: freebies it is btw, none of the BB's esko used are in any of sannie's lines. "the one" is simply a pheno from motarebel "blue toxic" = "blue kronic x killian" (read carefully in sannie's thread ;)). sannie just simplified it to "BB sativa" , so people understand what the pheno does that he used ... a very important fact is: sannie used a BB-pheno and esko used pure BB-genetics. @gardenartus yes, dj's bb was used, the real deal f1 from the (old white packs from) releases in the mid-90's. @shiskaberry savior the BBI had three lines. only the 3rd line was made with the bb-male in question. his BBS is another kind of beast (and has nothing to do with BBI or the freebie we are discussiing here.)
  8. santero

    I think I have a gem! Not sure!

    esko-freebie: amnesia (pure clone) x blueberry strech indica male (real dj short f1, old white packs). it's nothing like dinafems version, though, as they did not have the real deal amnesia clone around i have some of those too *woot* (but also can re-create the cross via the amnees-clone only, no problemo)
  9. santero

    Diary of a breeder part two

    very nice, sannie ... let's get this party back on track *woot*
  10. santero

    DSC03000 red poison auto (day 61).jpg

    i was really surpsised and want more form them :) very pck-ish with the red cherry scent and great potency ... yep, there will be a few sweet seeds autos i will try fromnow on, but not seeds in that direction from me (i am just not an auto-guy *not enough experience with them, imho*).
  11. santero


    you are on the right path. its always best to look for yourself ... have much fun exploring like i said: lots has happened and the yields and potency are up there now. they're just not super-duper practical for me personally, other then a few here and there in my mothercabs to take advantage of extra space sometimes). but i also have elites here, so my situation is really not the same ... choosing between stuff like ecsd and glue to any auto is like looking at vespas while sitting in a corvette.
  12. santero

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    ooh yeah i remember this one, buddah very nice one. the fem retail release was from from his regular freebie version of cocoa kush female to a true bb male, amazing. i have fems and regs in my stash.
  13. santero

    Saving E$cobars Strains

    ha, that's cuz these are the cindy phenos ... the classic cindy has floppy arms and esko used the real deal. same as the cheese, the one esko passed up is the uk exodus. (he also used the big buddha cheese a few times, but not in CBr.) this phenothingie is exaggreated, imo ... i have not seen much difference from growing the same clones right side by side. the branching is not the same , of course (duh, lol), but the rest like smells, flotimes, eating habits, yields ... is all the same. also, what they pass up is the same, no matter the conditions ... genetics can't be changed just by looking wrong at them. you go in the sun = you get a suntan ... not actually change skintones. what i did experience is: that the same clone grown from two differnt people CAN bring in some different nuances (like in taste or effect). but that just depends on the methods of drying and curing and also what kind of nutes were used ect ... but these differences are SUBTLE (!). the plants/phenos are unmistakingly still the same, especially easy to see when growing known elites like bubba, cheese and other very known cultivars. and again, toker: ... all of this phenothingie has ZERO influence while creating seeds. if you use the same father to the same mother, the results will always stay the same ... one only needs to keep them alive by cloning (which has happened in esko's case ). as long as re-made f1s are not around, it is the best thing to preserve what you have. hopefully everybody to not just let them go to waste, make f2's of these gems. they are some of the best seeds in cannaworld. he had very nice clones available and the right mindset to combine those with the fitting lines he grew from seed. he had good taste ! he still is and will always be my main drive for any canna-related thngs i do... *bowing*
  14. santero

    mixed picas

    some mixed pics that not exclusively have much to do with cannabis or growing ...
  15. santero


    @buddah_fingah i had a few growers telling me that the lines made with the cd-male have a high ratio of males. females go the cd-route but have some fuely undertones, that leave a unique taste in the mouth. i'm a couchpotato and look for the stout plants, but the lankier ones provide more heady fx. i have to dig and look if i find a pic of the moms for you, buddah ... one was diesl-ish and one leaned to the appy side of things, expressing some nice cracky af/sk-traits. @Toker nah, i don't make autos, but i run a few from time to time (regs and fems). i had a very nice experience with the red poison autos from sweet seeds. those i liked a lot, good effect, since iam used to autos having are rather mellow, low effect and somewhat bring in headaches when overtoked. ruderalis is not known to bring big yields, so i believe it must be a trait that was added to the automatic lines in question. i have made a few autos in my very first grows, lol ... automatic santa maria, blue streak, diesel ryder, lowies, but nah ... i'm not gonna go back to that. imho, it's less expensive to run 12 weeks of 12/12 photoperiod plants, then the necessary minimum of 18-24 hrs for ten weeks, that are necessary to bring out the best of automatic platns, but that is very dependend of the way you use autos. there are very useful "applications" for them, outdoors and also indoors ... my mother tent sometimes has tiny spaces, so i do have some autos in there for extra bud, sometimes and results have been improving in the last few years, no doubt. @Sunnyvale ooh, that looks very nice. what smells are coming up? (tropical berries?) i love the ones that stay smaller and reek of holy princess red cherry-like. try the zoidfune, bro ... you will love the effects, very high class. the rare papua new guinea landrace-touch in there is very special ____________________________ the fune is out atm, but comes back early 2019. new F3 ... going for more red cherry-phenos ...