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  1. santero


    the current fune is = sf f3 crossed to a 'big'-f2 fune male and then hit to each other three times = sanfune "ix1-f3". (the "sf f3" females were made up from 'fat'-f2 females crossed by 'fast'-f2 males = different f2's to keep the line from bottlenecking) ... it's quite confusing for others a this point, haha ... it's hard to name it correctly, tbh. the shop calls them "sanfune f3" which is not really correct, but it helps to understand a little bit what has happened so far. (altho it's a somewhat "reduced way" of describing the current combo). blablabla (look at san babbling again, lol) ... anyhoo, the genetics have been stacked so often and transfer reliably to their kids as well. the fune dominates crosses at this point. i love the pics, mate. you had almost the full range of phenos ________________________ lemon chiesel, hehe ... yeah, i liked that one. the LT had some intersexed issues (like all lines including thai), crossing them to a sour-derivate does not make it easier, lol ... but so far they seemed to play nice. your descriptions are amazing, very detailed. thank you for letting me know how these did for ya. i can't wait to see how the "snow throwers" treated you. the name "snotroer" is an hommage to drip-n-wet (a former member here), that stays a huge inspiration to my strain-names. he was a super funny dude and a great person. i had years of chatting with him and hope he is well/healthy/safe/happy btw, "sanfune" was named by drip directly, he was a "witness" to me creating the line in 2012/2013 ... he named it after me: san and toshiro mifune = the dude in my avatar, i don't know anyone more witty with names and funny expressions like drip. he was one of the coolest persons online at the time !! your fune #2 is the one i would settle with. i love the berries with slight tropical nuances accompaning the experience. but i'll keep the range intact, so that all the phenos pop up regularly. most grows cover all aspects of fune, without being repetitive, took me a while to get that into seed. i still do not consider myself a breeder, tho ... i just play around a bit
  2. @gardenartus i am with you there. screw the shamers. stay safe, GA. you are needed
  3. just wait until enough people catch on to the "nano chips via vaccine"-thingie
  4. santero


    enough of this ... zanzi asked to close this and will keep reporting in a different thread in the future. since we all know know what was renamed and why = this discussion has found its end. @Indicalicious there is not many people here left and the few that stayed are bored with this. why risk penalties for something that is so obviously not in you favor, pls chill. you claimed that your blue chem is pure, which is not, these are facts ... changing the name from berry dawg to blue chem does not make it purer. and that you had to rename it back, after you were busted is also your own fault. since then there is this "diss-cussion" here going on this does not help anyone. please just move on, mate.
  5. ah, no need to start a new one ... i moved this one to the right place. enjoy your grow, mate
  6. santero


    wow, these look really beautiful, thank you a TON for showing them and also thanks to running water for making them visible to people that don't want to leave the site as well. my apologies to everyone, i have been mighty busy in the last few weeks, but it will pay off i have been growing a lot of my own gear and am looking for clone keepers that i want to share out to anyone interested in the future (for free, of course!) enjoy your smokes and the best of vibes to everyone
  7. santero


    'berrydawg' was never a pure blue chem, so the renaming was not necessary. the rea$on for the rename became clear to everyone in the meantime as well. it's getting kinda boring, because this has been resolved in 100% detail already. back to growing and enjoying smokes, everybody. enough unnecessary flaming denn wer im glashaus sitzt ...
  8. bingo depending on genetics nonstop-lighting is better sometimes. you can also cut roots 25% off and repot into the same pot with a bit new soil for new rootgrowth, that also helps ... good luck, brother.
  9. santero


    sadly the clips are not visible in my country from the get-go and i have no account on yt = age-restriction is also a hurdle. sorry, man ... but i can't watch those i bet you made my humble hacks shine in your cabs, brother !! thank you for posting !
  10. hey misterdirt, i made a SLH/LT a while back, hit me up if i can enrich your lemon thai- stash ... there is a TON of other different lines ready for liftoff as well, IF you want them.
  11. oi, toker ... if this is dinafem, then they are being inspected by authorities. let's hope they get rid of this legal stuff and come back to please growers soon. HSO get their seeds made by dinafem, so my guess is they have stopped selling as well for the moment (?) best vibes
  12. santero


    good luck finding that in cannabis (especially nowadays) since cannabis has so little lines that are actually bred stable, a discussion over the nomeclatures is somewhat futile, since it stays only theoretical. in praxis almost all lines are mush-ups. it's important for seedmakers nowadays to speak openly about what they did, so others can see themselves whats up with the seeds they recieve. ________________________________ this whole discussion just started because "berry dawg" (a blue chem bx) was re-named to "blue chem" after the release of the blue chem f2-originals. the reasons are not important, but important is to stay honest. luckily we are all honest, so things could get cleared up and corrected again ... thank you ! so, to bring this back to topic and state the relevant facts: 1. zanzibar's "blue chem f2" is the pure reproduction of esko's original blue chem-freebie (1st release). 2. indicalicious line is a blue chem "bx" (staring with a "blueberry bx" female hit by a blue chem f2-male, and then put to each other a few times) both lines will make growers very happy, i have no doubt about it (!) enjoy your smokes, everybody
  13. santero


    now we are just fighting over names / meanings, haha ... good thing we are all friends because to me a regular "filial generation" is -> "sibling to sibling from the same generation of the same line" ... f.e. theoretical F2 female x theoretical F2 male = theoretical F3-offspring. and i personally use the term "filial incross" as -> "sibling to sibling from different generations of the same line" ... f.e. theoretical F2 female crossed to theoretical F1 male = theoretical 'IX'. (actually, the term "incross" is invented into botanics anyhow, so we can use it, as we see fit.)
  14. santero


    i did, but i'd love to smoke some grown by you (they would blow mine away, haha, you grow so much better than me, brother !!) ... in my testgrows of both lines we found nice things, though ... but i don't feel like i saw enough of them yet. the cheetos was my favorite = it was released to the public (here is one at 56 days of 12/12) and the d-livers was my wifes favorite = those went into her private stash (here is one at 60 days of 12/12, suffering in the 2,5l pot, lol) i can't wait to hear about what you will find in them, broski. either way: enjoy the ride and enjoy your smokes !!!
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