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  1. anyone living in legal conditions can freely do whatever he or she wants i will NEVER stop free sharing my lines either, lol ... (try to make me, haha). anyone can askme and i will do my best to make it happen, always, always. (and i am not even living in a legal place). sannie has not been around and does not seem to care about this place anymore anyhow. this is all of our house now, i say people that freely share their wealth is what we need as there is enough moneyhuggers around, imho.
  2. indeed, there's no one more savvy about this, imo ... pls hit us with a pic too for less guessing games
  3. true sharing spirit is what keeps us all going! good on you both !! we need to share our wealth btw, SPW i'm looking for the bubba cut for you, mate hopefully i find the katsu back for ya, bro.
  4. ooh, yeah ... kakalak is good people i remember him from TSD a while back.
  5. yep, sad ... its been less and less traffic lately. leaving does not help, but its understandable. enjoy your smokes, smile
  6. santero


    they don't need rescuing, lol. but they need a nice home ... your would be more than adequate, webe @neogitus yeah, the blavi will paint over everything quite reliably, lol. the g13/hp will "runt" along (in comparsion!) true ... the blueberry in there is extremely vigorous. bending / topping also results in "explosions in every direction" sometimes, haha. esko's BBS is quite dominant. so far i did find a lot of blavi-treats in their offspring. about two thirds turn out heavily blavi-dom, which is good, if you like blueberries like esko did (i don't, lol). btw, ey i did not forget you, bro. i am almost never home since a few months. i'm gonna take care of you when i return next time, got some specials on the side for you, hehe.
  7. yes, that was mine, haha ... the "chocolate fudge"-freebie it's a chocolate diesel bx (made with the gg#4 as a mother). your beautiful lady shows choco diesel and choco trip traits. the ChocoDiesel f1-male made a lot of males in the offspring. it's really great to see you found a female that you enjoy, mate. also, very cool to see that those perform great outside as well.
  8. woah hempyfan, as always, supergood infos and most efficient suggestions for cutting back roots thank you, mate. whenever i might go for big mothers = i'll ensure to follow your excellent suggestions. fool is right, i cloned plants a million times without any changes in genetics, that's complete myth (!) i personally don't hold mothers in a classical sense ... i never have done that. always just re-cloned them and kept them around as "babies" all the time that way it was possible for me to hold over 150 different plants in a relatively small space at the same time for a while with no effort or problems. i hope you have much success, SPW, may your efforts turn out great for ya, my dear broski !
  9. ah, yes.. chaco's sour aka. dhk cut... i know it well, have grown her since 2014. jah and cristalin (USC) use the same cut as well it's truly a wonderful clone. imo, katsu is a guarantee for good weed. can't go much wrong if he chose the plants. i grew his sour bubba, bubba's breath and bubba's sis and all three were killergood (!) i grew and used katsu's bubba clone, the one called pre98bk and the one that went as 'original 1993' (sometimes also denoted as '92). not much difference to me between all of them. they all were squat indicas with the toffee-coffey taste and superstoney effect, that completely dominate their offspring when used as moms. i loved all the bubbas and kept the '93 one for exclusivitiy, since everyone else tended to use one of the other two. in europe the katsu cut is "easy to come by", when you ask the right people ... hate to see my fellow grower needlessly suffer ... lemme c what i can do, mate.
  10. hehe, lemme guess ... there is someone of the old crew that will bring on seeds to sell soon i was made aware that rez is back too (?) i think it to be interesting how they now all of a sudden remember everything to the dot after 25 years of silence, while people were asking all the time about its origins without anyone having a clue ... it was the same with og kush, imo. and suddenly: knowledge (right in time for the new seedline/s in a few shops. overpriced, of course because its the "original" *yadayada*) i have to admit that the history of her is not so important to me. love the plant, though. i am gonna work on my own "sansara" for a while. it's a personal project (just like the "alchemy"-chemline). looking forward to what they'll bring up, tho ... sours of any kind = i like !
  11. santero


    haze-frame, diesel-leafs ... looking awesome, broski !
  12. pyrethrin & azadiracthtin = the best indeed. that's supergood advice here, thank you GA! nothing helps better than nature herself
  13. santero


    the little support i recieve via seedheaven/glg and hempdepot just helps me with sharing and to cover (a part) of production. which means: if anyone wants some beans from me, just hit me up no need to spend cash, i share as much as i can for free. = please don't be shy & send me your wishes. i'll try to match it.
  14. sannie's "blueberry" was not from the known djshort blueberry. it was just called like that to make things a bit more "easier to explain". the actual line he selected his "blue- berry"-phenos from was 'toxic blue' from motarebels earlier works. you can read about the selection sannie made here. @wisecalyx indeed those were both esko-works, maybe those come back as tribute ... no plans yet, tho.
  15. most people start counting when they change to 12/12 (which i do too), and others count when they see that flowering begins, sometime after the stretch (but that is too unprecise, because this changes from plant to plant and can express differently with the same clone as well, due to different environments/setups ect). there is no rule written in stone, though. i hope this answer helps you a bit, GA. sending you best vibes !! stay safe (and awesome )
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