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  1. ow, that's very cool it's addicting , right, bro?
  2. santero


    there are invite only-sites and open boards .. this one is an open board :) enjoy
  3. ow yeah, it always is out so fast, haha. peoepl tell me it's some of the best tasting stuff they tried so far. Fune F3 is made and is curing right now ... 1 line of pineapple, 1 line of red cherry berries and the "IX" to the F1 keeper, plus the holy p and choco cheese bx's ( ... it took long enuff, lol.) may your BLT-adventures result in strong smoke. what will (or did) you hit with that pollen, mate? i'm fairly sure lemon bubba is great to make seed with.
  4. VERY nice one !! HDdays revived *sigh* ... it's been so long ...
  5. ah, wonderful, i agree about the rhubarb/BB traits visible, really beautiful so far. btw, bro ... i checked my stash , i have some of those blue velvet x NL#5/nevhz. i think "wayne" (over at broski club) send them over some years ago (r.i.p. )
  6. cookies in a box looks lovely rev, enjoy !
  7. santero

    Oaxacan IBL

    misterdirt is right, around four years back ;)
  8. check for samenwahl, mr.g ... this one has been very reliable for years and years. ( @saxo war das der "spanier" der du empfohlen hast, bro?)
  9. i hope this mystery solves soon for you, but i must admit that i never really cared, as long as it was what i payed for and (more importantly) did not raise attention.
  10. santero


    no need for trading, brother i only offered to gift you some of my gear. please hit me up via pm, if i can help and hopefully brighten your day a bit.
  11. that was not my point, toker ... nevermind ... i don't care in the end (i was just saying, lol.) just truck on, brother
  12. santero


    wonderful collection if i can add to it, then feel free to hit me up, brother ... *sharing is caring*
  13. it's nothing really new that some vendors have some "outlets" in all continents to (exactly) be able to send hassle-free to all buyers ... stores like firestax had UK- and US-based operations going and others do too ... no big mysteries at play here , imo. ___________________ btw, great pics of their stealth, toker. now the authorities know what to snatch up (?) lol ...
  14. Hey bro, Do you know if anyone here has Chocolate rain gear that I can buy? Thx man happy growing!

    1. santero


      i might bring CR back someday (i have chocolope and

      cocoa kush here),  but i have other stuff going atm ...


      i heard of some copycat making f2's, re-naming and selling for more dough,

      but can't remember their names (it's not the original anyhow) ... i am sorry.

      hope this helps u a bit, tho.

    2. med man

      med man

      Thanks for a update Santero, I hope you find time to rework this strain she was a work of art!

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