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  1. @FoolOnTheHill FYI, i grow much more than i show and am way too paranoid to show it all. i do post at 3 places & help to mod two and i don't post many pics of my grows in any of them. (... and none of this is a secret, btw )
  2. santero


    nah, lol. i wasn't posting the tayberry for advertisement. i just made the cross a few years ago and had a look i have some lavender x blueberry sativa of esko's going. wanted to make a reproduction. (maybe some crosses?) basically i will keep growing buds and make some seeds on the side = no difference to the last eight years ... no changes. i have no real plans for the near future, just some pet projects.
  3. yeah, it seems like there is really no way for normal members in the new layout the old (complicated, but not hidden) way was not implemented in the new layout. sorry for everyone that feels like needing to erase pictures, but mainly what DB said is valid. there is no safe internet, if you posted it then you gave away security back then. that's why many people don't post much (me included). when living in conditions that get you arrested for the grows then it's best to not show much of that, imho.
  4. the "scruffy looking nerfherder" must be one of the best star wars- strains out there, haha ... i love how you make fun of that, mate
  5. these are indeed stains on the chests of the people that posted, but not really necessarily bad for the place, imho. it's good when people can see who they are dealing with. new and more positive frontpages would need to be made. favorably by the ones that learned from their mistakes and convincingly show it too if they stay the same ignorant eejits, then there will be no change of course. stains will keep ap- pearing from time to time and enabling these kinda peepz won't make them stop. it's not this places task to change people to the better. we can only make visible what is there. they need to change themselves if they want "uncomfortable stains" to get unimportant again. all that immense drama before and all the drama after it, will not destroy this place. members come and go, the board always stays ... that's how it was and will be, imo.
  6. santero


    always sounds so negative when people call others a chucker, hehe. in the end one fact stays: "breeding" is not made in a tent. "private seedmaking" is, tho and that's what we are all doing if anyone wants to "breed" his seeds (merely call it that), then do knock yourselves out, fellas ... *freedom, baby* (made a small edit: less talk = less emotions raised) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ anyhoo, here's the last photodrop of this run with living plants smoke reports and dry-pics follow later on ... *lazySAN* thermite, 70 days (= wifi, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010) tayberry #4, 77 days (blueberry indica F5 x chocolate thai f4) tayberry #1, 77 days (BBI F5 x CT F4) a oaxacan plant i had going along (i didn't show that one yet, i think) not esko's selection, this is made by charlie garcia -> red hair lemon she takes 77 days and has been with me since 2015 or so ... amazing mexican, but she herms -> no seeds for open releases. and last but not least: the lemon piƱata (tijuana landrace x lemon thai), day 81 enjoy your smokes, everyone. good vibes , SAN
  7. there was no "backdoor way" of deleting pics on the old layout. it was the OFFICIAL way (but that always was a bit confusing, not "hidden", tho ) you guys try it from the direct pic, but you need to do that from the album menu. please check here: hope this helps ... if not then only sannie can help
  8. that one says it all, baqua ... so funny (and true).
  9. if we'd start banning people that are merely a bit rude (but comletely harmless otherwise) or restrict their posting abilities, then we would be hurting sannie's biz a bit more, i think (?) it's okay when it is "forgive, but not forget" ... otherwise people have no chance to change what they did wrong in the first place ... the only exception is, when members are not responsive to the staffs suggestions. then we can't help it, but put them in the corner or show them the door. deleting rude history on the boards for cosmetical reasons, helps the ones that were rude. imo, history gets made redundant by actions ... after one has changed and makes it seen ! (i mean: people need to have a chance to learn from their mistakes and show it ... right?) as long as something does not further hurt the board-rules as in: security risk, spam ect. posts and threads should stay and speak out for themselves. it's sort of a history of the members too. ___________________________________ the only thing that actually needs to change is people not participating but letting mods know asap when drama breaks out. hopefully it's much easier to just send a short pm, than jump into the battle and only risk to get unnecessarily penaltied too as a result ... hurts a lot sometimes to penalty people you actually like, just cuz they felt like answering the calls of trolls/idiots. thank you for your thoughts, DB, shows how much you also love this place. but you can't get rid of drama, mate. it's just human nature and totally alright.
  10. i agree with the idea to act upon behaviour that is not in accordance for a guest. we'd have to ask sannie what he thinks, cuz changing any of the rules is an admin-thing hopefully @sannie can tell us how he would like this to be handled. i will do as he pleases.
  11. my job as a mod is to help people with exactly these kind of problems the info is not a secret. one can only delete pictures one by one, though, afaik. go to the gallery of question and check the box (right upper corner of the pics). the menu that appears on the lower screen side showes a bin-sign ... and then you proceed from there ... it takes a bit of time, but is the only way that i know.
  12. i had a security scare few years back and erased most of my pics. i have been posting many of those back since then, but some of those empty folders are still left, lol. basically it's your own job to erase whatever you want again, it's just a bit of a PIA, cuz it's not possible to erase whole folders, only single pictures. you can delete pics one by one, but whole albums can't get erased, i fear. hope this helps. let sannie know maybe he can help further (mods can't).
  13. santero


    another quick picdrop / update tayberry pheno #2, 63 days ... TB-phenos smell like roasted duck and berries, some sweet, some less sweet sour bite pheno #3, day 63 ... has a chemmy sour profile, the smaller pheno killer cookies pheno #2, 65 days ... more kq looking but still very noticable gsc terps and visible traits. and the other sour bite phneo #2, more stretch a lil less yield she has same profile as #3 but a tiny bit more diesel-ish in smell. enjoy your smokes everybody
  14. santero


    nope, that come out exactly right, haha. i will never be a "breeder" ... i'm way too happy being this little chucker / hack i weirdly morphed into over the last few years. _______________________________________ here is a bit more of the killer cookies pheno #4 on day 63 of 12/12 for @Mr Goodfellow btw, sam/baked beanz is indeed good people i have a correspondence with him going (again ... thanks to you) and his work is very interesting. i have my eyes on a few of his lines. the PPC i recieved as well, but i did not run any as of yet *shame on me, they look so good* ... the ones you grew sure make me want to include those into my schedule as soon as possible. thank you, btw for giving me/us an impression of what to expect there. the combo is great and sam's taste is always very similar to mine, so i keep drool'n over his creations all the time. ____________________________________ EDIT: people are asking me where they can get this, but this is not a line that i sell or have sold. it was a line i gave away HERE, but there's none left. xmas is near and the next share might come up soon, tho ... maybe SANta gets his fairy to send out some carepacks
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