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  1. ok, nails with heads ... coming right up @FoolOnTheHill the main thing is that you started your BS after SPW already said he is done. what your point? (other then make yourself look like a real 'fool' right now?) i don't think that sannie ever even NEEDED to post any board rules, because adults without bias or agendas usually can behave by themselves just fine. the only rule you'd need to learn at this moment in u life is: a little "nettiquette" doesn't harm anyone, not even you @Sacred Plant Warrior bro, i'll close this one here. thank you for lett'n us know about ur experience. sad you had a bad one, good that you let others know, so they don't have to endure the same *big up*
  2. @FoolOnTheHill pls read a different thread if this one is not to your liking. so far no board rules were broken ... try to enjoy your day and calm down. thank you for trying to help, but this reads just aggresive and is much closer to what we don't want to see here, than anything else posted in this thread so far. ironic: SPW just ended the thread and now you prolong it? *a bit foolish, if you ask me*
  3. high   santero,    i been looking through your photo albums @ some  nice photos & plants,  what is the'pollen' colector self explanatory???   is it to collect pollen from a newly flowerd male cut? or how? plz expain as it has me curious & did it( or does it):) work? i love ingenious diy:verrygood

    1. santero


      when i had much less room to grow a few years ago, i used to collect pollen in this box
      from males i cared for. this box could stand in the flowering cab and not pollinate all the
      females, that was very practical as i still wanted pollen but not seeds in my buds all the
      time ... but since a few years i just use the live males and my pollen-collector box has cat-
      ched a lot of dust since then, haha.

      it was just a fluke-idea, copied from someone else i saw it doing online (not my original
      idea). it worked nice tho, for as long as i used it i had no problems with that method ;)

  4. after understanding the actual reasons for people sometimes not getting their seeds from canadian vendors it makes clear that ordering from outside canada is a risk and not necessarily the shops fault if it doesn't work out. i feel bad for people that take a risk and get disappointed
  5. looking amazing, mate. enjoy your smokes !!
  6. it's great to read you (also) want to use/enjoy the "sanfune". the SF usually brings in very lovely strawberry smells/tastes and reliably shortens the flowering times quite dramatically. (other seedsmakers also use SF to boost their strawberries.)
  7. it's a profit-free endeavour ... i usually i share them out to friends and also do list a small percentage of the seeds at seedheaven (to cover my costs of production and also for people that don't know me & still want to enjoy).
  8. it's good thing i did not vote yet, hehe ... *drumroll* ... the haze one it is 'chocolate boulder' might be next (or i just make another poll for that later).
  9. santero

    no reply

    no one on the board here is involved with the shop, except sannie himself. please hit him up with a message or contact him via the usual possibilities that the shop offers. i hope ur issue gets resolved fast. many greetings
  10. could be derg corra collective ... but i don't know who made them. ask ken at seedheaven. i bet he still knows
  11. pfff, even better that means you got pures cannagold right there, broski ... "the aussies" are my personal cannabis heroes since years. the mox in the wox is kanga genetics and the wifi was made by raskal and selected in oz ... they all hang out together (timmy made the wox together with bucket.) _____________________________ kanga's very satty expressions and esko's purplers are both good, but different.
  12. kanga, wally and the other aussies are all really great people. a few are over at the other place. all of the aussie stuff is hands down some of the best you can find when looking for really great and (most of all) unique smokes. you got some of kanga's genetics in the 'wox' and 'lemon gwidow' that i send over a while ago @saxo how did you like the smoke of the LG and did you maybe try some 'WOx' yet? hit that, bro, they are worth it. bucket and timmy fused the wifi and kanga's mullum/oax together for that one. it's really amazing ... best weed from seed since years for me ... ("obwohl" es eine fem ist, lol)
  13. hell yeah, to each his own grail :) i remember you raving about this one. BIG up, grobling !
  14. i use this just as a short way to say "backcross"
  15. ha, m39 were made by me for woodhorse (and derg corra) the chocolate diesel F2 were also made by me for derg corra. (the original cd f1-seeds came in via neongreen in UK). the (triangle kush x chocolate diesel) is a SANoriginal (chocolate kush v1) it is my first step into the "tk bx"-project, that i have going atm ... those and the CD were not supposed to be sold by him, but ah ... nevermind. chris is a friend of mine and if he needs the funds, then so be it (!) his herijuana is an alltime KILLER (and the original), plus his "chemo"- and "trainwreck"-worked lines are also verrry good. i highly enjoy interacting with him and if he might need my help again someday then i am ready to do that, anytime
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