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  1. there are people that prefer to smile and other people that enjoy to frown. pick your crowd
  2. is it just me? sadly i can't see the last two post's pics. hope you are well, smile. sending vibes
  3. oi, toker. agreed! but u must have skipped the last post. please re-read and understand. thank you, brother !!
  4. santero

    Oaxacan IBL

    woah, that sounds indeed very interesting, sunstone ... throw up some pics and make my eyes wet, please
  5. i made the double posts invisible, its not nice for the eye (and they read a bit too negative as well). imho its best to keep it to stoned ramblings about weed and harmless topics. others might not be able to sit comfortably after reading these kind of opinions. the political (and religious) stuff creates negative vibes that leads to hurt egos ect. i hear you, sunstone, but we need also to keep it together somehow. enjoy your day everyone. let's not get sucked into this spiral of desperation/negativity.
  6. the (rb x lc) are in flower and the (lavender x bbs) are done
  7. i made a giveaway with that here (too) a while ago. but u knew that, papa maybe you just forgot (?) either way ... hit me up if you want some, brother. cuz sharon is karen
  8. remember to stay 5 feet apart from the DANGER and wear your hazmat when entering the growroom
  9. great to know there are still people out there with this in their stash. (this lemon-diesel-haze-type will come back as a tribute in f2-form.) the lineage was reversed tho, esko writes female vs. male. so, it's sour diesel, ibl 2006 (riri cut) vs. lady cane (F2-)male they take around ten weeks and don't need much attention. ask @Builder for a few pointers ... i send him a bunch of seeds that he skipped through a while ago
  10. gsc forum cut x killer queen, trichs look impressive. made that on the sidelines while doing the KQ-repro.
  11. afaik, he never used a different male other than the #10 MsU. i believe this one was just a mere change of names. he matched the name according to what the line does.
  12. wow, man ... you are killing it !! the lilac is a beaut
  13. wow, you have beautiful ladies going, misterdirt ! mine stood a bit longer than nine weeks. i had the taller gsc-leaners. stout phenos might have also inherited the faster flowering time of the kq besides plant-structure/looks and "other funk"-attributes those will take between eight and nine weeks, a bit faster than the tall ones.
  14. yee & there are a few private seemakers out there with their own versions too all of them bring in the same traits that yours have as well, like the creative/sensual effects and this fuely/tangy/limey lemon and really huge yields. motas had some intersexed problems (and useless also mentioned that here and there), but so far nothing of concern. i really love the uniformity of them and their reliable outcome. you have good taste, my man
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