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  1. cool to see you back, bro ... best vibes from SANtown
  2. santero


    i don't mind this discussion here. (i was asked via pm). sunnyvale is a fellow grower, we know him for years he does not deserve to endure this. they took everything from him. it's not very pretty to read for others, but it's part of cannbis-reality: we are still getting shit for nothing but gardening in our own homes. it's ridicolous. stay strong, bro( ... and lay low for now, imho.)
  3. nah, that's not the reason why he left ... the other venture was more lucrative/had more future. that's all @Crimson Fart exactly, bro ... he gave away more than he ever sold. it's a fact. he's the main inspiration for everything i do today *my beacon*
  4. usually growers say: "a cube is a cube is a cube ... " psilocybe cubensis are basically all the same. especially when it comes to growing them, = same conditions allover, no matter the fancy names people give them, just a regional dif- ference, not in terms of grow or effect. the only slight nuance between cubensis-varieties is in growth and appearance, but effects stay fairly the same, potency varies a bit but that also has to do with the way it has been cultivated/"kept around" on your petri-dishes, as in: rhizomorph or not). the differences of PC are almost not noticable to beginners and their propagation is very easy (rye-grain or a rice/vermiculite-mix works well). you just have to work fast and in a clean environment. the PC effects are happy and introspective, basically everything everyone always expects from shrooms (its the fruits everyone means when tal- king about it). the PC-effects connect the person with his surroundings very easy (to handle) and is "friendly" allover. the panaeolus (cyanescens f.e.) on the other hand is a bit trickier to grow. this one is the real "hawaiian"-variety (there is a PC called hawaii too, but that's "just" a PC). the real panaeolus needs a bit more attention and a bit more experience with shrooms in general. the effect is way stronger and more visual with this one, although the effect of course still includes the "inner ex- periences" as well. this one is not so friendly anymore and requires lower doses/more experience. the outdoor varieties, like f.e. psilocybe azurescens ect. is also very easy to grow (in european latitues at least). these are also very strong, like the panaeolus, about htree times stronger than the psilocybe cubensis. these are similar in effect to the real hawaiians = handle them the same. and then there are "truffles" or "philosopher stones" (psilocybe tampanensis f.e.) these are varieties that form mycelium-clusters in the subtrate, so, not the fruits of the shroom are used as in the other varieties (you can still grow these out, but they are very weak in comparsion and this only makes sense for collecting spores, not much else). the sclerotia form in the substrate and after a few months you can harvest them, these are the most easy to grow, imo. (it's best to use grass-seeds. those are very small and the mycelium can grow through it very easy without the danger of other funghi taking hold too fast). these are also the most friendly, very little visual and the most intrpospective effect from all of them. anyhoo, yes, haha ... shrooms, i love them too ... i have tripped a LOT, maybe too much, hahaha. ( but i'll spare you guys the UFOtalk, eh? LOL )
  5. santero


    it is exactly as silver surfer writes ! i guess, eskobar did never understand (or could not admit?) that the clone that he recieved from france was not "SM planck" ... but the "Cerise d'Exo Planck". everything that has SM in esko's work is actually the cheese/riri somatic cross made by a person called EXO PLANCK ... the confusion was in the clone-name. terps of the SMplanck to the cerise is so similar tho, that a confusion is not really surprising. both are strawberry/cherry type plants with a skunky profile/structure, so a mix-up happened. no bad intentions as far as i can see, just confusion while exchanging clones between esko and his french source. i recieved the clone from the very same circle of traders and had the whole story explained to me again in detail. i don't have any horse in this race, so i can accept the mixup and freely tell you about it
  6. as annoying as that may be, it is absolutely not the reason why eskobar stopped his cannabis-projects. he merely started a different venture and had to leave the illegal grounds (we are europeans) that he did not need endangering this new operation. although his passion for cannabis never stopped, he DID stop smoking allltogether around 2014 ... who knows if he really ever even started up again (?) *shrugg* anyhoo, as long as he does not answer the call of some of his real- life friends (not just internet-stuff), then it's not him ... it's that easy.
  7. IF it's him then he will say hello to his old friends and we can tell him appart. and if he does not answer the call of old friends, then it's not him *easy* i was fairly positive about this being him at first but i wrote to him with no avail so far ... it just does not feel like him to not respond immedtately, so i am losing my confidence about this one even being real. (altho all the genetics and projects he talks about are actually on par with what he is doing atm *just sayin*) maybe we should wait with the big definite dedicated thread anouncements before we even know it really him? (lol)
  8. some SANbabble (smartass-talk ) the "added" NL comes from the "g13"-clone mother mota and hazeman used. it's not the pure g13 nevil used. it's a selection of the g13/NL-seedline that nev sold via TSB (that's "pacific" clone lineage = G13/NL#2, same as "airborne" cut). Green Manalishi = (G13 Clone only / Northern Lights #2) female crossed to (G13 Clone only / Hashplant Bx) male even the HP-male that made the ghash had some NL in him, because nevil made this hashplant (bx) with a NL#1-male = yes, there is NL#1 & NL#2 in the GM, which expresses a lot in the derivates (and gets confused as G13-traits all the time).
  9. santero


    bottlenecking is not always good, btw. "selectoral dead-end" of a line is just one of many breeding-techniques and is not used as a standard to breed by people in the know, should only be used when necessary ... same as bx'ing ect. every method has its place and time. the less beans available, the more a preservation/open pollination makes sense (imho) to get all expressions into the next generation and safe those up before sorting them out ... with more beans in hands (f.e. after that ... in the f2 with many beans/lines) a selection makes more sense, imho. but with very little seed (like now ... 5 is not much in a line like CR with so many expressions in the f1 already) it's vital to make more and then start the discarding after that otherwise it could be that one ends up loosing valuable ex- pressions "on the way" before you even saw them. and (trust me), you want to see as much of the CR as possible, hehe.
  10. santero


    yes, santa maria clone (actually: she's called "cerise d'exo planck"). this was hit by eskobar's chocolate rain male ... it was a rather rare freebie from eskobar, maybe around 2014(?). SM is really great smoke. unique terp profile, reminds a bit of the cheese (that is not officially in- volved but very obvious when "SM" is grown). she has a very red berry, kinda cherry-like, taste and smell, really special. the only thing coming near is the shishkaberry clone via spain (= strawberry bubblegum-like). dunno, i don't believe so. otherwise he would not bother registering at another place. (... so far, he is just reporting about his grows on a different board. no more, no less.) it was organized and is happening for at least two of his lines. (one from me and one from zanzibar). in case more lines happen then they will pop up there ... let's see if there will be more. it is vital and very important for this that esko does not feel like anyone is taking from him ... IF he feels that way, then the project will IMMEDIATELY stop ... this is meant as a tribute, not a "milking"-operation there is much other things we can do without possibly offending the very person we admire limitlessly. @Sacred Plant Warrior you know, you can always hit me up anytime ! i love to share and i am just a pm away, broski.
  11. santero


    yo guys, looks like esko is back (?) not here but he is posting at another place ... this is truly fantastic news, if it's him !!! that means the SM x CR f2's is the only thing coming up ... ANY other original eskobar-line will not be released by me. it's not my place, IF he is back. but let's see if it's him first ...
  12. i see all that similar, but ... i am not sure if i am alone with this, but i really do not come here to read 'political stuff'. hope it's not an affront to you, toker, but i would kindly ask to keep it cannabis *please*
  13. @Papalag that was the f2's i made for derg corra this year i wanted to make some F3 but someone else beat me to it and already brought his LUI-line to F4 (based on the same F2's i made *LUI-trivia, lol*). i still have these F1-pics from the reproduction in 2014. LUI is very nice smoke ... grapey leaner ... she had very strong sweet/sour grapefruit smell and was headier, but still comfy smoke ortega leaner was more on the sweet hashy side, no fruits ... she had a more body-dom effect, made me stare a lot, lol. LUI was fast ... only 8 weeks and they were done.
  14. @FoolOnTheHill FYI, i grow much more than i show and am way too paranoid to show it all. i do post at 3 places & help to mod two and i don't post many pics of my grows in any of them. (... and none of this is a secret, btw )
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