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  1. SANgear

    @toker ... thank you
  2. Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    buds on the stalk = bk topbudshape = also bk leafs around the main bud = lemon thai so she also does lean to the bubba kush in smell (little to no smell in flo, imho). i hope the LT will kick in, in the last few weeks and bring in stanky lemon--candy for ya. plants look all very healthy and happy, congrats, bro !
  3. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    that does not mean that the beans won't pop seed can be 100% ripe and have lost its sensitive coating without taking any effect on their germination-capabilities. somtimes (most times, actually) the beautiful tigermelon-patterns just slip off the beans while handling them (de-seeding ect) ... they usually need a few weeks of rest before handling, but not everybody does take the time do leave them rest as it is mostly/debateably a cosmetic feature.
  4. Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    beautiful bubba pheno on the LB, mate, congrats! i was shooting for a lemony kush-type of smoke. how does she smell like for ya?
  5. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    some shops are able to do that because the seedmakers pay for the replacement HD is a much bigger (so far very solid and legit) place, but i doubt that every single seedmaker can be made to do this. the shop is quite reliable, tho ... i am very sorry that your seeds/money were lost, tho no one deserves this. hit me up, brother snooky. maybe i have some of the stuff you were expecting (?)
  6. NAW Test Center

    amnesia f2 , ooh-hoo if these are made by esko, then there is a good chance to find the original in there *woot* (humble tip: don't make the mistake everybody does and go for the longest flowering ones, she's a hybrid)
  7. SANgear

    smoking some "birthday cake" atm ... it's a gsc forum cut x cherry pie-cross. smokes like sweet bakery with a fruity background. a creative high with a body-dom effect if overtoked. very glad to be able to sample it, thank you !! not my creation, just a shared clone.
  8. some budpics

  9. SANgear

    noth'n much happened so far i potted up the few plants i have going. first some proper labelling ... so i don't confuse them, lol. roots on top roots inside a bit of divide and conquer, haha the cheetos, too ... and then back into the tent, 250w MH here is the overwatered mess, lol ... the 'cheetos' are with the (bit older) cheesy princesses ... same wattage, different place. cheesy princess are already sexed ... kept one male and will flower the two females that have shown. i am waiting for sex to show on all of them smaller ones now waiting game begins ...
  10. SANgear

    just a few of my humble lines. i hope you enjoy them too :)
  11. New kid on the block

  12. Hashish we love

    this makes my mouth water ... *slrrrp* looking fantastic, señor gato negro
  13. Ghetto grow 2018

    ooh, yeah, that's the stuff ... that looks amazing, bro !
  14. seeds *smartassSAN*