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  1. i bet the ban will be lifted as soon as pharma-companies come in with their CBDproduct-range for kids, lol.
  2. ow, that looks interesting. this is the lowest consumption i have seen anyone dare to test yet (on this space, i mean). let's hope it is enough power. usually the watts sufficient are about a third of the normal amount of HPS (imo). last time your LEDtest was a bit overpowered, let's hope this time it is not the way around. you guys are brave ! (also, it's new to not see COBs used ... i am very interested on how these lights do for you, dear NAW-crew ) good vibes bladibla. saludos, SAN'ski
  3. let's see what future projects bring in ... we all have time, no? _______________________ "lady cane" can be found at cannabella's ... they made a new gen from esko's F4 = F5 cbsc felt like renaming it & sell it for more money but that's not so dramatic. (it was more disturbung to have them taunt us with their sales via pm, though. but we never had beef with anyone here ... the linking should prove this again).
  4. santero


    hit her again with the male @Justcozz this will raise the "bubblegum" in there for sure (cuz it does not come from the BLT). the lemon thai f1-male is very dominant in his offspring, as is the bubba kush. one part of my curiosity to mate those two into the BLT aka. lemon bubba was to see which one would win the battle in this real f1 (not poly) ... and the bubba did, imo. LT does come through in the offspring of the BLT tho (so, she also won in a way, lol.) ___________________ i have popped a few other things: d-livers (livers x sour diesel) dory (amnesia x blowfish) shiva (shishkaberry x 1987 ni/sk) queen deez (reina madre x sour diesel) strawberry shiva (shishkaberry x 1987 ni/sk) sweet spot (line 4.5) -> dead cheese x sanfune 50 beans in a HBxl, starting in 1,5l-pots, 11/13fs, 5x 60wLED gonna reduce those to 36 females and let those flower out.
  5. santero


    ah yes "lemon sage" ... (sage, hennep cut x lemon thai f1 male) we know the sage from esko (search for infos on this board. he wrote about it a few times). it was the hennepdesk cut that i put to a LT-F1 male from dutch flowers' orginal release. this male is lemon candy (i used only this one) and prolongs the flotime of the mothers for a few days / up to a week and adds very delightful creative, social and uplifting high (free of nervous antics) to all he touches. enjoy this special mating, it will never be released in a big way. LS is great, but the winner was "strawberry lemons" (cerise d'exo planck x lemon thai) in my tests
  6. please be kind to them, bro ... their genetic background involves hermies. don't trigger those sluts, haha. if u noy find a male (or one that u like) i can send u more seed, no biggie ;)
  7. santero


    due to the genetics involed, both lines show the extreme end of the spectrum (sloth = broadleaf and g39 = thin leaf). growers of both these lines have to decide and compare themselves which one is closer to the cut that got hyped for 30 years. but basically: these two lines try to do different things, imo. one wants to be a g13-hybrid with all the traits one looks for in modern hybrid and NAW are kings in this regard. the other (my humble hack) is a try to get the most g13-traits into seed as possible (also the ones not desirable like the bland taste f.e.) = with no respect for other traits ... i hope u understand what to excpect from both these lines with these infos in the back of ur heads ;)
  8. esko's lines and genetic pool, plus enough time and space to (re-)create all of them. ( ow no, wait ... i just imagined my actual future, lol. )
  9. ow, he had great rep before them already too LBH is around for ages and a beacon of very nice outdoor stuff and autos that have very nice satty phenos. scandinavian oudoor-growers have also used the GG#'s a lot in many private matings. broski club is still up there when it comes to these kind of genetics. in case i go and grow outdoors someday i will have a blast skipping through all these 'golden' gems.
  10. yeah, looks can decieve, hehe ... but will they not smell and give it away in a 10 meter radius (like all the rest)? maybe she is stealth enough in that regard, but how fun is (potentially) flat/bland bud in the end? i have not heard about the ducksfoot being something that tastes or smells exceptional. i think i have some "ducksfoot auto" regs, toker, i won't need them ... hit me up, bro
  11. #'s 7 and 11 = looking fantastc, bro ... keep it up !
  12. don't worry ... there will be lots of things coming in the future that will be same as good or comparable. i did not keep the shiva around that esko used (not my taste) but i have some other ideas for the mother. esko promised us damnesia just before he stoppped and i will try and release something close to this (amnesia x sour diesel) soon.
  13. @Mr Goodfellow just some quick info: bodhi did not use the chem91SkVA for the "skunk91" . he used one called chem91 JB and also not the "rks" as males (as it does not excist!). it was something that was re-labelled as "sterling skunk" ... i had a selected skunk91-male (from silas in UK after the testruns on TSD) around 2013/2014 but after the hermie-alarm i tossed him without ever using him. BUT that does not mean that the smoke won't be nice, bodhi creates verry good stuff, so it will rock nonetheless (especially if it was kept and shared on) ... i bet it is really great *sigh* ... congrats, broski ! @Sacred Plant Warrior yes, i agree with frank about what to expect from the line and how he describes the different chem-cuts that are still around onycd = chem91 x chem4/chemd bx2 = indeed a complete chem (well, it's still "lacking" the chem sister-cut but ... eh ... lol) this will rock totally ... especially since i have the chance to make bx's to all involved parents *yay* (as in chem91, chemd, chem #4, ecsd (dhk and sd riri) = are all here *wooooot*), so i can sense some different hound-variations on the horizon @Smokey Pockets woah, this lemon goji looks really nicee. is she one of the berry phenos? i only had a cut of acab's goji og going but no seeds yet (have a pack or two waiting). bodhi's gear really impresses the hell out of me and his basic approach is very inspiring for me *big up* (landraces, sharing clones ect.)
  14. the manny's leafs (and buds also a tiny bit) purple up. it is supposedly the same cut as the "purple cut" from monkey/dankonomics, i am not sure as i had the dankonomics cut going under HPS and the manny only under LEDs and i have to admit that the plants in general behave different under these types of light. i have let go both manny and purple in favor of the illu and now lost the chance to really compare them. ... so, i did notice differences, but am not sure if they are just coming from the different light-setups (?) anyhoo the manny has nice potency and is somewhat stouter in stature - in comparsion to the illuminati one, that has a bit more stink, more stretch, "more chem" to her allover ... i do prefer the illu over the manny, but both are verrrry good smoke in my book. both very nice chem-representations. i did not have the pleasure of sampling the "guava" but afaik the "corey haim" is in reach, so i will maybe try to sample this one too sometime in the future to have an idea about in which direction this ones does point to in the chem-spectrum. i do prefer the chemd region, but i love all the chems, haha). _______________________________________ btw, i will use the illu in the repro of the onycd for a(nother) 'stardawg bx' of some sorts and hope for good things ... oyncd is = chem91 x (chem4/chemd bx2) by topdawg. _______________________________________ it could very well be that sometime along 2019 the "manchu dawg"-line (f3) of one of my "chewie"-variants find it's way to heaven ... let me see what the f2-selection brings in chewie = stardawg x sour diesel
  15. the slower one is dead-on a sour d-pheno, while the other one is mixed but favors the stardawg in looks. thank you for checking on those, brother. i will remake the line soon for bigger seed #'s ... just finished the seedrun (f2's) of the manny cut (of star- dawg) to the same sour diesel ibl 2010 male
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