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  1. santero


    bubba = never fast, not in veg, not in flo ... that's why (real) pure kushes have not many fans in growing world and get crossed with satties to boost they developments a bit. still, bubba is so stable/strong in genetics that it transaltes to its kids very reliable and influences the growth always. takes at least 4-6 weeks to grow into a plant that is big enough for flip and it takes 9-10 (ten is better) for it to mature. crossing it to the lemon thai took away a bit of the couchlock and added some anti-anxiety head with some up- lifting/creative boost. the flo will be best around ten weeks, imo. potency is high, but the mixed smoke makes you float. coffee = the bubba, lemons = thai
  2. santero

    Any Russian friends here?

    yes, i can haha ... *smartSAN*
  3. santero

    NAW Test Center

    CAKED in resin !! NAW strikes again !!
  4. santero

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    wow, all looks so tasty *njomnjom* thanks for making me drool over here, folks ! @Sunnyvale your fune looks very nice and happy ... proud papa over here !! thank you for showing her so nice, bro !
  5. santero


    all bubba effects are the same = couchlock with a coffee/choco/kush taste. all of them take 9-10 weeks (i let them go for ten, more sleepy *snooore*). i love bubba, but she is much better in the crosses then by herself (my very personal opinion here, no judgement over the really great smoke, it's just me). i had a bubba bx program going (started this around six years ago, now it's at stage bx4 f5) but this is on hold, since about a year or so. i have to be honest: i got a teeny tiny bit bored with the superslow cabbage-like growth (real bubba takes ages to get big enough for flo, haha). i had the lemon thai to the bubba mother in the past and have shared this to many people (here too). let's see what i come up with *no rush* she gets hit regularly when i have her in flo. the most current cross i made (not ready yet) is = bk93mom x (stardawg, manny cut/sour diesel ibl 2010) male. maybe this is good and gets to be a limited offer or so, let's see. they are no serious project and i'd have to test a few of them first. if there are people with original seeds then i'd prefer their work over mine ... (i am not a "breeder") ... i did this bubba project just for myself, tbh. low seed #'s and only to have a "pure" bubba male at some point .. ah, well ... *shrug*
  6. santero


    i had three different nycd clones ... one was called "red grapefruit", selected by soma himself (the one esko used), mandarina cut also soma (came via france) and one called 'alchemia' from spain around 2004 (or 2006? *not sure*) tbh, i did not like them so much. i prefer the original sour diesel without the soma influence of afghan/hawaiian in there. but tastes differ and the clones were selected professionally, so i have secured them for myself by hitting the clones with a few different males (sour diesel, lemon thai ect.) i have no plans for the nycd-crosses ... _________________________________________________ btw, i recieved some new stuff: - durbanghani, usc's own cut - bubba katsu (this one i had in the past and only called her back for @sannie) - phantom cookies, SiTo from spain - alien tech / sour alien dawg, bohempian cut (also already had that, very nice smoke) - warlock, trunk cut let's see which of those i do like and keep around BKK won't stay, tho ... i have the original bubba from 93. (p98 is the s1 from that and katsu is again a fem of this = s2)
  7. santero

    NAW Test Center

    yep, i read some people talking about their plants as "wide leaf drug" (WLD) and "narrow leafed drug" (NLD), since a few years now ... there is something to it, imo. hopefully we can learn all from people that have been more into this. this is a very valuable entry, @spacemanspiff, thank you !
  8. santero

    High from the other side!

    @Sacred Plant Warrior i think he meant, that he makes graphic design / logos for NAW, broski @Smellygreenshit welcome to opengrow ... nice to have you here !
  9. santero

    NAW Test Center

    ahhh, that looks amazing, rhino BIG UP !! "no smell" (low smell) means = NL-trait *woot*
  10. santero

    NAW Test Center

    ow, i am way too paranoid, haha ... many ask but noy many get to meet. but yes, i would also very, very much enjoy hanging out in the future (but no "bowls" for me, i am a joint smoker only.) this is what i love about opengrow, we are all equal and share the passion ! gm by herself makes no satty kids, so the g39- satty traits come (clearly) from headcandy. @baqualin yes, indonesian, not hawaii ... mixed that up with the LT *uah* (usually i read back what i write, lol) "green clay", haha... how "fitting", LOL
  11. santero

    NAW Test Center

    interesting convo we have here ... this is opengrow at it's very best *woot* nevil stated: NL#1 (Sunlight supply Afghan X Sacred Seeds Afghani #1) was used to bridge the male part in the BX of HP in Ghash, which was used as male in GM. and the mother "pacific g13"is com- prised of g13 (a pure indica hybrid) and NL#2, also a pure kushtype. there isn't sativa in the GM, (no matter if there are other NL lines that have sat-genetics in them, as they were not used for the genetics in question). GM is made up of pure indica/kush varieties. btw, NL-lines were #1-9 (some say even more, up to 11 lines) and nevil had #1 and #2 as seed and #5 as clone = only NL#5 was the one crossed to a satty (hawaiian), but the clone-selection did not show that. my take is that some gryphon made its way into the programme. maybe undetected, which is no shame. that would explain the lemon thai terps in there, and also only then coming up = not in the f1 (cuz lemon thai indeed makes lemon candy-types, my f1-male had lemon candy on stemrub) ... so yes, it is very likely that "gryphon" made its way to the gm repro at NAWcenter (?). this would at this point only be a matter of admitting or realizing and then truck on ... i am convinced that NAW has NO bad intentions and we are all just human ... mistakes can happen and are no problem at all. (at least as long as there is room for this kind of reflexion.) a G13 BX X (G13/LT), made by NAW would be amazing. so, realising this now is a *win-win* (!)
  12. santero


    @Sunnyvale yes, bro ... it's the same father as in the "nyc sour" (= nycd x sd ibl) oldhaze crosses might come up later on ... i don't want to just hit her up with anything. it needs to be a good match or there will be no babies by all means, use the fune for anything you want. i am eager to see what you come up with, broski!
  13. santero

    I apologize

    maybe it is cuz they have a more libertine view on sex then the puritan-based english-speakers, lol ... anyhoo, freedom fries for everybody !!!!