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  1. i am for free speech and people that can handle it ... *boy, wouldn't that be nice?!* but moderation was asked to make sure that this place stays free of political posts. i did not even erase anything, or nothing. i merely asked that people don't forget what they asked of me themselves just a short while ago. (& that's enough 4 ur majesty )
  2. please let's get back to that i understand the situation is relevant, but ... it's not an opengrow-topic. i hope you are all safe, healthy, secure and free of trouble
  3. yeah, thats what i meant, both have LBL as daddy *yesh* i traded LBL f2's 'lemon tree pheno' via canada few yrs ago. have to pack those out, i think ... oh no ... i did not know mota stopped (?) that would be a real loss! he created a few of my favs like green manalishi, redneck koosh or lung candy. thank you for keeping a few of his lines alive by mixing them up
  4. the oax bx x chewie looks nice, bro ... rebel yell is killer, btw. mota created a superduper-good tasting strain there !! i wonder how it compares to the long botton leaf-variation.
  5. "land of the free" ... and such
  6. @joebob none of this lands in his pockets, all returns were used by me for free shares here and in other places. everybody can write to me and get seeds for free, always !! and this will never stop the esko-tribute is about preserving the genetics, no more, no less ... it will continue in private. when i sold one pack = i send out three for free, that's about the ratio so far. this is 100% profit- less operation and only has the goal to preserve some of the best genetics i know and cherish. in case someone wants to join in = be my guest. hit me up via pm and become a part of the collective ... everybody can partake, as long as he can contribute a line that is still missing. the only important part for me personally is that we do this 100% free of profits and only out of love and respect for esko's former work. @agreenpassion ohmy, katsu's work doesn't stop to amaze me. his sour bubba, bubba's breath and bubba's sister were kilergood and yieled a TON. i still keep one of the bubba's breaths around, because it beats the bubba by herself.
  7. @agreenpassion one of the best esko has ever made, in my book. yours look beautiful, more on the c99-side. tastes/flavors are insanely good and HP's high was nicely strong, but a tiny bit too heady for me personally (hence the -yet unreleased- crosses to a few of the narcotic elite clone onlys). hopefully many people are happy about zanzi's and my preservations of a few of esko's former work. but now that esko is back, we won't need that anymore, i think preservations will be private only. maybe some of them reach SH as freebies, we'll see ... thank you for the kind words, joebob and agp!
  8. hey yeah ... i saw that it was put on "hidden", but not by me ... i have erased the last few dramatic posts and opened it up again many greetings
  9. yep, thats them, fast, frosty, sweet and with an exceptionally nice heady effect. one of esko's best releases in my book. this one should stay around forever (!)
  10. santero


    looks amazing, man ... hope you enjoyed the smoke. next pigeon is on the way i have added the "mac daddy" and "alchemy"-lines. let's hope they play nice for you. best vibes, SAN
  11. and so it shall be again. there have been a ton of valued members complaining = the "meek" win. in case anyone is bothered by f.e. the covid-talk, then please let ... me ... know.
  12. ha, nice!! i just harvest some golden teacher enjoy, baqua!
  13. santero

    New u '22

    fuck yeah, its really good to finally see you posting again, indican !!
  14. not a question if someone moderated or not. i sure hope that you understood that I DID (!) jet merely didn't like me doing it without favoritism towards him. so again: if there is trouble, JUST REPORT IT !!
  15. @drip-n-wet you're alive ?!?! (LOL) good to see you, bro.
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