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  1. santero


    thank you bigun ... GA you need to ask the right people, it seems all of you can always count on me to try my best to help.
  2. santero


    maybe we should not talk about retail stuff here, to keep it respectful to sannie (as it is his place) and to keep people in general from getting the wrong idea about me @shiskaberry savior yes, i had some LTwork done around 2016 (?) i still have a few lines of that left. just hit me up (as always, bro) ... i happily send you some each that i can spare. @Balarama and @Mr Goodfellow thank you so much for both your support, mates ... your generous help makes all these free shares possible (!!!) you guys are the real heroes here, i wouldn't be able to gift out as much as i do for free without this kind of help. @indigenouS i'm not sure how you mean this (sounds a bit biased and maybe a bit uninformed about what i actually do here), but i really hope that you don't feel lied to or forced to do anything by me, mate. you can always ask for whatever u want from me too. (if i can help a friend = i will always do so.)
  3. santero


    (a few mods have the title only for decoration, i believe.) but admin (sannie) is active and helps when he is online. maybe i can help too? please write me a pm and explain the issue. i hope i am able to help you, mate i'd be happy to do so, if i can ...
  4. santero


    what?? gone already, lol ... i just send them in last week ok, i will talk to SH and re-stock.
  5. santero


    i work alone but you are free to do with all your remaining eskogear as you please ... (i even welcome it big time) ... knock yourselves out, fellas _____________________________ the chewie f2's are starting to show sex (chewie = stardawg x sour diesel) ________________________________ and: i finally got the cheetos, sanfune f3, silver diesel haze up at SH ... (+ some of my humble stuff will appear on hemp depot too very soon.)
  6. santero


    bodhi made some f2 a few years ago. maybe those are still around somewhere (?) i got a few seed-sources for Ctrip... and the f1-katsu cut i still have avilable as well (i hope, lol). maybe a combination of that? let' see if i can source back the clone, for a special sideline-cross. i also had the f1-bodhi cut, but i have put away again. she was really good (just not as good as...) i think i made some ctrip x chocoD in 2016 and ctrip x choco thai around 2017. (but only have very few #'s left, so it is not possible to share out again, for now). it's better to "hit many flies at once", whenever i get to it ... i'd rather have an "IX" and a new generation happening *when in rome*
  7. santero


    i recieved CT as F4 (via woodhorse) and made F5 for derg corra. it was avalĂ­lable over at seedheaven but it went out fast, of course. maybe i make another f5/f6, but i "just" played with CT (2017), so it could take a while until i release her again. about the plants: the original dutch flowers description still fits like a glove here are some infos about the CT via DF themselves: https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Chocolate_Thai/Dutch_Flowers/ https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Chocolate_Trip/Dutch_Flowers/
  8. verry beautiful ... what are you going to hang up first? *strainwhoreSAN* :)
  9. uhm, yes ... that's exactly what i have tried to bring across, mates. (... is anyone reading along? *heehee*) i am working on a way to fully tribute eskobar and his classic lines and also release some of his unfinished ideas, while making sure that the rare stuff, like freebies / side-projects / testlines and some of his private pro- jects also (re-)appear. this is not about money for me tho, so ... no "no work"-runs for me (ever). i am busy working non-stop over this already, doing that on top of the derg corra repros AND my very own projects, so ... i'll just say what he also always loved to say, when asked about developments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @PurpleBuz ow yeah, i remember his "cerise d'exo planck"-fems. very tastybut a bit small plants. i actually have one single lady of that going right now to compare it to the clone, lol. here she is: btw, purplebuz ... i think you might find the first thing i am about to "bring back" quite interesting: (cerise x chocolate rain). it is a very rare tester of esko's... released on a tiny scale. she'll get the time on stage she deserves soon. you can also check upon the strawberrry lemons, it has the cerise as a mother. LT is very stable / changes the offspring to a lot of her (very desired) traits , tho.
  10. passionfruit hash sounds amazing, mate. keep up the great work :)
  11. santero


    ow yeah, that's a good one ... "SD", haha. sunshine daydream, sour diesel, stardawg ect ect ect
  12. santero


    @gardenartus do you mean blue magoo or bright moments by BM? (now i am confused, haha ... damn, abbrevations *lol*) you grow lots of indican's gear, right? he used blue magoo bx2 at some point, i think (?) that's why i ask
  13. santero


    it's "bright moments" by gage green sorry for just using the abbrevation, bro. she is a grape stomper bx and compares very nice to the real deal GS, imo. only her trichage is a bit more and coxnox's selection even surpasses the clone with a really strong stingy-tangy-grapefruit smell and taste mixed with the gassy-fuely thingie from the dawg/sour in there. i had to hit her up, lol. this BM won't get used in official projects of mine directly, but i will most likely keep working with the seedlines i made with her to keep it more original/unique.
  14. males can't be reversed again from a certain point on ... i would collect some pollen and dust up the ladies later on. hope this helps, best vibes for your own projects, mate
  15. gaaah, i forgot about our convo, smile. ... but i got good news *pm send*
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