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  1. looks like indi went for the thin leafed phenos, any grapefruit on them ?
  2. santero


    yep, that looks the part, zanzi. density looks like styrofoam another (!) esko-tastebomb. i'm never getting tired of his work. @FotH thanks, but my pics are not copyrighted, nor do i feel "intellectually violated". others may and its their good right to follow up if the feel like, but i'm not really bothered by some guy, needing to fill his empty life with my boring adventures. (it's sad actually, i feel bad for the dude, tbh). ah well, just knowing that the people that i actually care for, really know what's up, that's already good enough for me
  3. santero


    there we go, nothing is secret online nowadays poor dude ...
  4. toker is right ! ... and like dequilo already said: sannie immediately made it all better by himself (there was just red day were sannie didn't respond.) we all can agree: to assume sannie would throw away his good rep for a meesly 100 bucks is just not realistic at all ... no matter how many people post on the board or not: the shops superior service is unbroken since its start. i don't see that changing anytime soon.
  5. santero


    oi, guys, i just bumped into this here, lol ... https://www.instagram.com/p/_-MqPOHcy_/ and https://www.instagram.com/p/_-Q0AnHcwB/ why would anyone steal pictures from my grow-adventures? (they are 2 of the phenos from the lines i tested for bodhi at the time) here is the link to my picture (posted august 2015!!): __________________________________ here is another one (this one at least says "san") https://www.instagram.com/p/-AVhcTnc8b/ (this one is a picture of one of the the wifi x pestilence-phenos that i tested for ink @ illuminati seeds, around the same time.) _____________________________________ this one was grown over at seedheaven (from my seeds) by southern sun in australia https://www.instagram.com/p/8UtJsTnc0I/ __________________________________ here is one from sativani that grew some of my "lazy larry" (around 2016 or so). https://www.instagram.com/p/9zWQ7sHcym/ this here is the original post form oct2015, lol. __________________________________ agreenpassion grew choco cheese from my seeds a few years ago and here is the guy claiming one of his pictures: https://www.instagram.com/p/6xyVSRnczE/ ___________________________________ this one was actually grown and posted by corsaire from dynasty genetics first release: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAIJ8M5nc_C/ ___________________________________ wow, haha ... WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY, LOL ?!? this "esco highlife seeds"-guy seems to have a complete profile made up of stolen pictures. amusing, to say the least ... *sachen gibt's*
  6. santero


    happy new year to everyone !! enjoy your plants/smokes/meds. this is the last week for the free share. i'll wait until the 7th. hit me up asap, if you also want a carepack flyen your way.
  7. yeah, haha ... you are welcome, brother. i noticed way to late that all of these were in the wrong section. (my apologies for not being more of a control freak, LOL!) the plant looks very beautiful, toker, enjoy !!
  8. yeah, what a bummer he made a few verrrry good lines in his time. RIP, mate !! his sour bubble is the bomb. (quasi a bubba from seed)
  9. thank you for taking everyone else into consideration. no one comes to a cannabis-board to read anyones unfounded and unnecessary ignorant bigot remarks. just keep it cannabis, man ... it can't be that difficult.
  10. @Toker OI, please tone down the racial slurs and name-calling !! it reads VERY ignorant and does only create bad vibes. please don't make me take out the modhammer for such trivial bs. @FoolOnTheHill the less people you fight with online, the less people talk bad about you ... try to ignore the posts that agitate you. it's not worth anyones time and emotions.
  11. yeah, its overkill atm. thank you for telling me. EDIT: oki, i cleared some space. please fire away, people
  12. santero


    salutes to you, my dear broski (dang i have to answer the pm, had not enough time yet, hehe) the one i am working on for derg corra is not the mendo purps/grape ape/purple erkel. it is a backcross made by ken via afg/sk. i'm growing F2's and will make F3's from that. (maybe this "todd" dude you mentioned used this line too? i don't know this seedmaker.) people greatly enjoyed stuff that was fathered by this GDP, like f.e. the "phantom cookies". so, it's about time to bring it back in "pure" form. i am sure people will enjoy to play/grow one of the elements that brought forth very enjoyable and therefore very desired smoke. but i need to check on them foist ... maybe they are not even true to the (expected) type.
  13. yes, same male it is not smiles f3 and not fusions f2. it's a male coming form a pack i recieved for repro (derg corra collective). it was a dutch flowers f1 pack with eight seeds and only four popped, all male. i used a tall satty one that reeked of lemon candy (even in veg without touch). i used him on a LOT of clones to have many LT-variants to play with and share out. (still enough there. anyone wanting to grow some of my LTstuff can just ask via pm.)
  14. yeah, i did send a few things to SH, GLG and HD b-cuz of the xmas-share in my thread hit me up if i may send you some gifts too, duderino, i'd be happy to add you to SANtas list. EDIT. that counts for every one, btw ... no one is excluded and there are no strings attatched.
  15. santero


    the ones i grow are: (oax/mullum) x NLhz (aka. "MOx") and crosses made with that whatever OJD uses = i don't know ... must be something else, bcuz in the ones i grow / know the nevil's haze in not involved. ______________________________ i got other (more pure) mullum-stuff too, like f.e. wifi x mullum, mullum x thai85, mullum x thai78, nevhaze #21 x mullum, nevhaze #36 x mullum and a few more fem-lines with mullum too, but i have no time to check on all of them *later, later*
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