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  1. @Automan as long as you are able to show consideration after being asked for it = all fine. enjoy
  2. and so it shall be again. there have been a ton of valued members complaining = the "meek" win. in case anyone is bothered by f.e. the covid-talk, then please let ... me ... know.
  3. ha, nice!! i just harvest some golden teacher enjoy, baqua!
  4. santero

    New u '22

    fuck yeah, its really good to finally see you posting again, indican !!
  5. not a question if someone moderated or not. i sure hope that you understood that I DID (!) jet merely didn't like me doing it without favoritism towards him. so again: if there is trouble, JUST REPORT IT !!
  6. @drip-n-wet you're alive ?!?! (LOL) good to see you, bro.
  7. no, jet was not angry about no moderation. he was angry about impartial moderation. here's the story: he was attacked by someone and instead of just telling me, he PARTICIPATED for many posts. then everybody got a warning (the initial creator of trouble aka. "wilbur" was banned!) and jetdro was warned along with everyone involved. his account stayed untouched, but he felt like leaving. i guess he was angry that i did warn him too (for participating) and sadly never let that grudge go. esko is back tho = he will show again... along with a lot of the others give it some time. if not, his loss. my suggestion is: never let ones and zeros influence your real life day
  8. santero

    Pic test

    the tk x chem pic looks like a nice balanced mix of the parents. nspecta surely creates great varieties. enjoy these beautiful plants, mate! the tk x sour i made had also the same budshape but sour leafs. it seems like the triangle kush inherits her budshape to her kids often (f.e. cookies also has the same shape of buds, without the skunky crowns)
  9. santero


    you've put some real thought to it. congrats! very sneaky, haha ... looks great i'm quite eager to see a grow in that. big up!
  10. ey, an impressive spaceship over your plants you got there. and people never believed in ufos, now there is proof, lol terphogz x archive = fyah ! ... enjoy, broski !
  11. you see, bro? it's easy as pie. may they show favored results for you
  12. ow indeed, strawberries and rhaspberries are my fav. combine it with a punch = winner ! blackberry too, but less sweet stuff like the classic, stuffy/dusty blueberry is not so my thing. good job on the combo esko, and good to see you back *woot* it's been too long, my friend.
  13. ah, very nice, mang ... enjoy
  14. ah, good to see you, esko strawberry rain looks amazing. whats the lineage? *weednerdalarm*
  15. yes, bro! tsui shon tin also bumped into it, called it nim lik, inner strenght ... in the end we all find the same truths, only so many ways to handle force, right? good vibes to you, and agp ... brother, sorry for messing around in your thread
  16. aiding indeed helps (and reading is never wrong ) very beautiful peppers, masterly bred together by one of the best !! good vibes your way, toker !
  17. @Sacred Plant Warrior yes, standing meditation i do that too (altho it's not a part of wing chun). i combine it with qi gong and iron palm-techniques ... meditation in general, as well as breathing and other pranayama-exercises, i like doing very much. i love the internal ways of tsui shon ting and his exploration of the siu nim tao. moy yat has a great third form, samuel kwok was teached by ip man's son's (although i am not really a fan of some of their interpretations when it comes to the mook yan jong) and william cheung payed great attention to the first form and filled in blanks for the rest of the system (some like it and some don't). "obscure" lineages in wing chun i like too, yuen kay shan and the vietnamese lineage (via his brother yuen chai wan) are of high interest to me, as well as yiu choi's snake style which came also via yuen chai wan and was preserved by the yui-clan or pan nam's interpretations and the gu lao san sik (seperate techniques, with no choreographed forms but all concepts still intact). ip man was indeed not the alpha, nor the omega ... the people training at dai duk lan had huge influence on him. the "eternal spring"-lineage in general is mainly the main- source for the whole "reciting spring"-lineage, we got to know outside of inner circles. but don't get me started, brother. it's indeed an endless topic, haha ... supercool to know that you also train. canna-brothers crossing arms russian systema (and indonesian silat to an extend) is also an integral part of my training. i don't copy any other culture, tho, soy latino & i do my training vato-sytle, LOL.
  18. it's ip man -> wong shun leung -> philipp bayer
  19. ha, you have a sixth sense, bro. i am learning to fight from the dude that learned from the one that teached BL. so it's not far off, lol ...
  20. yeah, duh. that's why i said "lets hope" (i don't believe it either.) they will especially persecute the ones trying to grow their own. its not a legalisation, its a 'marketisation', like everywhere else. (as if it would change anything for us who never needed anyones permission )
  21. your "myste-riri" may be one of the ones that i hit with gwidow. the leafshape gives it away and the double serration on holy princess & rhaspberry truffle indicate santa maria-influence. it's good to see you up and about, brother. i asked meself how you are. best vibes to your wife ... hopefully she recovers fast and completely !! in case i can help you out with some of my humble hacks, then just hit me up. nothing changed, i am the same = free beans for everyone who 'dares' to ask
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