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    no, not atm. but i had the 'slaard' & 'indiana' visiting some time ago. there are a few BG-clones around that are available in clonecircles. but those = i tried already (very good, but "boring" to me now *snob*) whenever i'd want to revisit the bubblegum = i will most likely just pop seeds from bogbubble (originals and repro) and/or sour bubble (originals and different repro's) and select from there ... BOGs gear is really great and very reliable !
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    speaking of things we have going ... i started some more of my own lines SOUR BITE = sour diesel ibl, 2006 RIRI x chewie F1-male (-> chewie = stardawg x sour diesel ... so, this is a sour BX-type) THERMITE = white fire, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010-male (-> kush/og-lady to a sour diesel-male ... curious if they rock or flop) KILLER COOKIES = gsc forum cut x killer queen IBL (-> this is a freebie of mine at seedheaven, an old classic meets a new hype) AFGHAN SUNSET = lavender, clone only x deep chunk IBL-males (-> soma's very own lavi-selection to original tom hill DC-males) and LEMON PIƱATA = tijuana, landrace-lady x lemon thai F1-male (-> the lemon candy male went on the strawberry mexican) TAYBERRY = eskobar's BBI, F5-lady x chocolate thai F4-male (-> let's get the chocothai out of the beebee again, eh?) HOLY LOUIE = holy princess x LUI F1-males (-> one of eskobar's most amazing creations meets a true "legend" from past days) MERCURY = larry lurex, F1-lady x sanfune F2-males = (holy princess x lemon larry) X (holy princess x chocolate cheese) two of my own lines combined for an extra good yielding and more balanced effected "holy princess"-hybrid. if any of those lines is of interest = i can keep you posted enjoy your smokes, everybody and thank you all for sharing your plants with me ! if anyone feels like growing some SANgear = write me ... and if anybody wants to support all the free sharing, can do so by following the link in my signature below.
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    ooey, looking great. fellas @Papalag your shivadawg has a lot of the shiva in the leaf but the plant still speaks 'dawg'. how does she smell, mate? @oldschoolsg wow, big ladies, hehe ... easily dwarfed the rest in the tent. i am very happy you made some F2's of my "lemon bubba" aka. "BLT" curious about how they will come out, what kinda male was it? in case you used a fatleafed lemon-zinger with late colors on his leafs, then you will be transferring my preferred goal for this line into your f2. @Gimme5minutes my gear is made for indoors, really. but i hope they will also perform nicely outside. you are the only one that seems to have the "killer cookies" going (except me, haha)
  4. it's very kind of you to ask, brother ... but ey, you are the guest here, so you will have to reach out just send sannie a pm, he will answer asap. until then please wait with the links and advertising until you are cleared. (it'll save mods the trouble of having to edit "spam" until admins descision.) thank you a lot, george
  5. heya and welcome to OPG !! please make sure that sannie (admin) is okay with you advertising for your seedshop here, mate best vibes, SAN
  6. @Hill-Billy ur right, mate ... the uzbek pink malabar is really tasty and great stock to make seeds with. USC has great luck to have these genetics in their repertoire ... big up !
  7. nope, desperate damage-controll is not "whatever" if you run back and change it = you have a reason *obvious* ey, it just more and more reveals what kind of persons you are. NAW = caveat emptor !!! i don't think anyone wants to support this highly aggressive, unnecessarily competitive and arrogant kind of seedmakers.
  8. wow, and now on top of everything they just edit out all the nasty bits and act like it never happened. they even make themselves look like they are totally friendly and collegial, lol ... what a nice show (!) they just act like ALL OF US here are stupid and won't notice or remember ... screenshots 1 & no.2 i expect NAW to missuse their mod-rights and erase this post ... (let's see if they dare to cross this line) *making another screenshot*
  9. luma, bro rules? ... not really. but i like to leave them resting in the buds for as long as i take to smoke those. then i stick them into the firdge and let them in there for a month (or until i use/ share 'em) = good germination rates for years, as long as they are stored cool.
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    ow, i remember these being offered as freebies in seedheaven shop. and i remember these being out of stock and away in only DAYS, lol. @BeachBud is there a chance you'd might make another batch later on?
  11. jup ... ok, guys ... poldergrower, the rude. I. of his name. so be it, i can live with that. may this behaviour help you with this venture too again my apologies for offering anything your way. (may it be genetics, knowledge, whatever) ... i really didn't know you are not able to handle this kind of things. i absolutely respect your condition (not your fault at all) and apologize for any stress i may have done to you. my next smoke is in your honor. of course, i see it like you do that "we are one" and nothing changes that. but man ... pls learn some social skills, eh.
  12. "people like me" , please define this. it sure does not sound nice, poldi ... i offered up my original work made with genetics that are not mine. = i do nothing differnet then NAW, lol, but you already said that you 1. don't have a clue (ignorant) and 2. don't even care (arrogant) ... but you're indeed a fast one to judge ("people like you"), good 4 u. be assured: i DON'T want to be a part of NAW *prust* i am already my own entity for long enough ... i was just trying to help out a fellow seedmaker, but i must have again just triggered your "gorrilla-temper" (as you called it ) it's all cool, bro ... i know you just have a short fuse and get things wrong sometimes
  13. about the glue x onycd: the gg#4 is a clone only and can't act as a male in regular seed (EDIT: i see, you edited your mistake = fine by me) and i do like indicas very much, so i anticipated that and am happy to get what i aimed for. about your work: you will without a doubt seek and find your goal as well, bro ... i just (as always) was quite excited about your work/projects and wanted to be of help / assistance. i just assumed that you went for the chem in there only (my bad). pairing it with the headcandy sattiy-traits is also a very nice (and different) idea. yours will rock too ! about your question concerning my work: maybe from where u sit, what i do looks "willy-nilly" ... (don't crank ur neck). i had also doubts about you guys in the beginning, but i took the (needed) time to understand you guys are no joke (and can wait until you notice this in return as well). EDIT: thank you for getting back to your posts and making them more positive, NAW. you came off needlessly aggressive and mean to me for merely offering some help and friendship in form of pure genetics (chocolate thai & topdawg's chem). being angry for sharing your way? ... now i have seen it all ... *shrugg'n it off*
  14. so, it might be similar to the gg#4 x onycd i just made, ha, NYCE ! the glue genetics are really cool (way better then cookies, imo f.e.) you guys have both thai/chem-ends covered enjoy these pups. (and if any pure chem or choco thai helps, then be my guest, guys.) best of luck or better yet: much fun, as you noy need luck
  15. yes, i write the ladies first in genetics formulas, hence (glue x choco deez) (i was too strict about that in the past, lol, but today i don't care ... *freedom*) oi nice, your project sounds very appealing ... i just felt like contributing some genetics that might be of help to find some chocolate thai-phenos. of course you can manage by yourself, lol, nobody doubts that. i wish u much fun with this project too and good vibes to all NAWcrew and satelites
  16. lol, wrong choice of words from me, i am sorry. i meant the line i am offering you, shows a lot of the CTside of things and might be something that is interesting for NAWs project (maybe?) (i don't have enuff pure choco thai left atm, but as soon as i made some more you can also have some of those if that helps ... ?) it's always a big honor to contribute to anything you guys do so, i thought this (gg#4 x choco diesel) could maybe be of interest. ____________________________ EDIT: i just checked and i also have some (choco diesel x choco thai) left. maybe this (?) ... (guys, i'm just trying to help here, lol).
  17. in case the (glue x choco deez) i made helps you ... just let me know, broskis it is a choco deez bx and does exactly that (shows CT-phenos) = yours if you want it.
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    Coming back

    leo is back
  19. looking awesome, builder :) smokey knows his stuff, i love this combo !
  20. santero

    Any Gardeners?

    beautiful, bro!! keep it up :)
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    woah, supercool to see you here, brother ... let's enjoy the party
  22. please let me clear up what esko's "BBS" is made from, since some eager hunters (you know who you are, hehe) don't even really have a clue what they even are so crazy for it was not just one combination that was repeadetly released. all 3 batches of BBS were different (and in private he kept separately working on the sativa & indica lines). but i believe much of the craze around his BB's is mostly nostalgia / lack of availability. 1st release of "BBS": sativa thai BB-girl from TB, pollinated with a long stretch-red stem blueberry sativa male (from the old BB-indica packs) ... NOT the same male as in blue rocket, cheeseberry ect. 2nd and 3rd release of "BBS": each different ... worked lines, IX's and re-combinations of his own "BBS"-work. he went for shorter flo, while trying to keep the line true to it's name/expression. nobody seems to have noticed this and many are just asking me for "his BBS" today i wonder why no one just goes for DJ's releases ... they are all still available, lol ... most of those desperate BBS-seekers seem to thnik esko didn't start with these genetics (?) or he made some "magic" and changed them somehow (... while he sure did not). _______________________________________ i will keep working his stock, at the moment i am at 9 weeks flo with a more TB-leaning profile, BUT i don't have plans to release that anytime soon, sorry ... my last post should still be very good news to anyone looking for esko's BBS work. if you want a sub, then grab some of KOMA KREATIONS work @ sannie's shop ... their BBS is a reeferman BBS x motarebel BBI-combo ... both also from DJ Short stock (so "the BB of a BB"). and it's basically the same formula: as in BBS x BBI, but in a different selection and staring a bit further down the line (with two already worked lines, that is NOT a bad thing, people !) ... his re- sults will be consistent(, considering what he says he started with). KOMA's actually sounds like a carbon-copy of what esko's BBS did ... knock u-self out fellas
  23. i'm busy reproducing a few of esko's classic lines and also realizing a few of his ideas, he never followed up on, while making sure that some of the rarer stuff does not dissappear ... all in addition to my own projects and repros (for me and others). BBS: koma has its own interpretation of BBS, same name as esko's version, tho ... it's true DJ BB, so it IS a reliable enough variant for sure. i have no plans for any of the named stuff for the near future myself, sorry. but i am working on a way to maybe get someone else's variation of esko's BBS released soon *crossing fingers* (u know hoo u are, bro). mexicans: the "eskobar label survivors" (no, "esko" was never only a "one-man band" ) never felt like following up on his mexican projects ... i and someone else have spend quite a while with a few of the clones esko kept from his mexican adventures, but none of these testlines amounted to anything of significance (so far). his own tests were a bit disapointing but we noy giving up, altho the micho, jalisco and oax (al least 'his' one) are a thing of the past for me, there's other stuff around i care more for, imvho ... maybe in the future a combo with the winner guerrerros turns out worthwhile but so far, no dice and i am not realeasing anything that just sounds nice, no thanks ... it must be good or it spends time in the corner, period. guerrero-keepers might make an apearance in combination with amnesia haze (as "aztec haze") or with elite's lemon larry ("sicario"), but i have to be honest and admit that the "hazel" (amnesia x sour diesel ibl 2010) is WAY better for my taste in tests so far and the real amnesia x old blowfish ("dory") is really KILLER but she had intersexed traits, so this project is on halt for now and therefore turned into my personal stash (*yay*) here are a few of the DORY-impressions. she might never come out in a big way. but i will have a blast exploring them further later on, maybe i will remake it later. "true" haze (haze-hybrids are NOT true haze, but ah well, lol). done in 56 to 63 days. narcotic AND cerebral ... mixed phenos make me want to write a symphony while fighting the urge to nap, LOL amnesia phenos are hazey-fruity headbombs wiht heavy feetz and the blowfish phenos just send me to sleep, lol.
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    @BeachBud 's baby if i am not mistaken (?) phuuu ad's "IPA" (= AK47 / NL x SS) was used and combined to Mota- rebel's G13bx (via Ghash) called "Green Manalish" (from NAW's repro). beach bud is truly killing it with all of his seedlines so far, imo
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