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  1. check for samenwahl, mr.g ... this one has been very reliable for years and years. ( @saxo war das der "spanier" der du empfohlen hast, bro?)
  2. i hope this mystery solves soon for you, but i must admit that i never really cared, as long as it was what i payed for and (more importantly) did not raise attention.
  3. santero


    no need for trading, brother i only offered to gift you some of my gear. please hit me up via pm, if i can help and hopefully brighten your day a bit.
  4. that was not my point, toker ... nevermind ... i don't care in the end (i was just saying, lol.) just truck on, brother
  5. santero


    wonderful collection if i can add to it, then feel free to hit me up, brother ... *sharing is caring*
  6. it's nothing really new that some vendors have some "outlets" in all continents to (exactly) be able to send hassle-free to all buyers ... stores like firestax had UK- and US-based operations going and others do too ... no big mysteries at play here , imo. ___________________ btw, great pics of their stealth, toker. now the authorities know what to snatch up (?) lol ...
  7. ow, it already does, if u ask me, bro
  8. your plants are looking wonderful, MD ... i hope you enjoy the smoke the holy princessesesses look AMAZING !
  9. nah, that's neither rasicst nor hateful, just an observation without a serious judgement. so ... *calm down, FOTH* i am (like everybody else too) aware of that and just made a joke. still sounds like "bad german" to me *lol* ...
  10. i grew some of the starfigher f3-selections around 2013/2014 = NYCE. and these two "new" ones look very promising indeed ... enjoy, mate.
  11. it's so cute that they call "yiddish" a language nowadays it's like calling "ebonics" it's own language in a 100 yrs, lol.
  12. people stealing NAW stuff?? *pfff* BOO, that's so lame !! peepz don't respect nothing anymore just truck on, NAW ... this is just a compliment in the end. __________________________ i do the same when peepz use my gear and don't credit later. it's no problem, imho ... it IS an honor to be inspirational
  13. oh yeah, i grew some "cocoa lemon" from the duns/green team genetics. was really great (no wonder mixing eskobar's and native's lines = excellent choice, imo).
  14. btw, Framboise FOOKIES =
  15. best way to make own nutes, big up, poldergrower !! NAWcrew always know whats best and works great. such a joy to read along all of your adventures making own nutes works like a charm and spares buying unnesessary expensive juices for everyone with a garden. comfrey and nettles (also horsetail for stronger "skin"-sprays against buggs). all of them grow wild and abundant. here is how i do it
  16. santero

    Silly question

    automatics are free of lighting-triggers. they mature over time, not by photo-period. that's the very thing that is special about autos (and imho it is also the only thing, lol ...) so yeah ... it does not matter ;) just truck on, bro !
  17. i must say that i am not very happy with the mother-clone. generic smoke in comparsion to many other clones that are faster and also have the same effects (medicinal and strong body), but they take not 10 weeks flotime as a price and many are less susceptible to mold and also have taste/"more character". the "forrest-earthy"-thingy gets boring to me, i am afraid to say but i am just a total snob, haha ... does not mean much, lol. i hope this is not offensive to anyone. it's not meant as a insult to anyone loving ana !! i am very glad you, @wisecalyx and @mjs1392 will (also) take care of keeping her around. in the name of everybody that loved ana and the involved genetics: thank you !!
  18. please excuse, cristalin, bro ... i don't understand well, i think. do you mean that you crossed the already existing "x18 x PTK F3" (raco's F3, that was kindly shared to you via mustafunk? ... *darf man lügen*) with each other one time, before using lala's "AoF" to close up? or do you mean that you created a new and different (x18 x PTK)-cross? how ?! ... no one was able to share the pure lines your way after you asked, so how did you manage this? *karma ... please help*
  19. yeah, esko never was a real indicafan his indica adventures were not "far-goers". some of his announced indicas (BBI, godbud-work, white rhino/ghash- variants ect) sadly never saw the light of day (at least, not in a big scale). the plant he selected from JotI's release (god bud pheno #2) has a very unique smell and taste that i only found back by coincience in the "m39", which made me 'understand'/learn about the "purple skunk" in the GB.
  20. i am interested about your answers to these questions as well. let's hear it, cristalin ...
  21. i bet the ban will be lifted as soon as pharma-companies come in with their CBDproduct-range for kids, lol.
  22. ow, that looks interesting. this is the lowest consumption i have seen anyone dare to test yet (on this space, i mean). let's hope it is enough power. usually the watts sufficient are about a third of the normal amount of HPS (imo). last time your LEDtest was a bit overpowered, let's hope this time it is not the way around. you guys are brave ! (also, it's new to not see COBs used ... i am very interested on how these lights do for you, dear NAW-crew ) good vibes bladibla. saludos, SAN'ski
  23. let's see what future projects bring in ... we all have time, no? _______________________ "lady cane" can be found at cannabella's ... they made a new gen from esko's F4 = F5 cbsc felt like renaming it & sell it for more money but that's not so dramatic. (it was more disturbung to have them taunt us with their sales via pm, though. but we never had beef with anyone here ... the linking should prove this again).
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