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  1. fool is an auto? (*bu-bum tsk* )
  2. heya gimme the gsc i used is the forum cut. clone only, not blimburn seed. the sage is the hennep cut that eskobar also used(, but was not allowed to tell). gonna stick around and have an eye on these seraph f2's. woodhorse sure knows his stuff. these will be great, i bet !
  3. santero


    i had very few ladies in my grows. the one i kept has a dark-sweet choco/og/cookies- kinda smell and taste and takes around 9we (i call her 'zartbitter'). hopefully you can enjoy a lady same as nice from these, brother. sam is a true gem for sharing with you. choco kush f2's will be tamed, because the trait is not dominant. next generation will have a balanced ratio of expressing genders. this one i will use to find a male for my little tk bx-onthesideproject.
  4. santero


    maphial's aka. santasmoke chocolate diesel is good smoke the line i used descends from the one that made the glue (hence my cross to gg#4 = choco d bx). the CD-crosses i made turned out great too, but with too many males. i made a triangle kush x choco diesel (50% of what made the glue and 50% of what made the cookies). this one i have just f2'd using a tk-dom male and the 'zartbitter' clone that i have been growing for two years now. gonna test them soon and use males from that to the tk (and others too). this is gonna be fun! gg#4 bx is also almost done, BUT next up for me is more eskobar-repros. i need to check what i have ... maybe i can do a little list and you guys pick the next line? anyone up for that?
  5. the lineage reads like a wet dream, gonne hang around and dribble some drool here and there
  6. kind of his way of letting you know that everythign you post is not yours anymore. fool is a fool when it comes to being sympathetic or just plain kind to people, LOL. but that's ok, i like his projects and his knowledge. all good stuff comes at a price. *one love up the hill*
  7. aw wonderful, THANK YOU for keeping your own version of it alive !
  8. everybody emptying the stores (and filling their pants, lol). mission accomplished
  9. santero

    mixed picas

    some mixed pics that not exclusively have much to do with cannabis or growing ...
  10. i have eskobars ck and i have the dna-selected chocolope available. the tools are here, but no f1's from me ... it's just not my place, nope. all i'll do for now is reproduce some of the old/rare lines esko made. EDIT: if anything, i would take on the f4's eskobar passed to me (it's the line he selected the pheno from for his fems) ... to me it would make not much sense to start again at anything earlier or use lines from other peo- ple (b-cuz he had already selected the CR for what he wants her to do). it's true .. CBSC made a reproduction (renamed and raised the price, of course). it seems like this is the only source for -at least- f2's, although silas&jamal said that they "changed the line and it has nothing to do anymore with esko's work". ... but they still called it "strawberry cream pie" ? LOL
  11. i find the topic very interesting and had a few tries with banana peels too. so far hard to say. i have experienced runs where i am convinced they influenced the ratio with many females showing, but in other runs i found many males still. i made a bunch of crosses with a choco diesel male that dramatically raised the ratio of males in those lines ... with those i tried a few times and still can't say if this really works or not. from the biochemical side it totally should. maybe keeping them in a closed container (aired out, of course) would help? i will definetly keep trying this out (too) and will eagerly read your future experiences with that as well
  12. that's truly amazing, doobius/fla :) *woot* thank you a LOT for keeping the jalisco alive and around.
  13. ow, i understand that so well, haha (and a very nice choice of words, btw !) from my seat it looks like the ethylene did not really influence the ratio too much (?)
  14. oi hill billy, you two CAN be of different opinions please don't loose your cool (as in: control over your feelings) just because of the different opinion of someone else online. i KNOW you to be much better that this, brother ! i am sure this was only a misunderstanding, no problemo.
  15. attention, please: this thread was asked to be deleted by hill-billy due to hamme hydro having a different opinion as him about re-using soil (in mrD's thread). altho i can't see any logic in this i will (of course) do as hill-billy has asked of me and erase this (completely unrelated) thread. i will close it for now and erase it in a few days, when i do my weekly clean up here.
  16. that's the problem with getting involved instead of letting mods deal with trolls/eejits. then they CAN't help it but have to deal with ALL the people that actively participated. it's very sad and especially hard when it hits good people like f.e. jetdro one can only hope they (also) learn from their mistakes and don't get involved altogether. __________________________________________ anyhoo, the plants look really great, papa i am falling more and more in love with octopots. the more i see them perform, the more i am convinced about those being pretty much the best you can put your plants in.
  17. yep, i agree ... this is a fake. FTL decieved you, mate. this one has too big buds and a different leafshape as the one i did send over
  18. santero

    how long to get access?

    you are not a bother, bro it's the same clone eskobar used, cerise d'exo planck = the lines are not interesting for fixed minds only chasing after big names. (sadly) not many will compare the seeds to each other, so i won't try to convince anyone with a set opinion about which clone is better ... nms will have to keep taking care of the people attracted by names only. the lines over at SH are mainly for people that already know and appreciate eskobar's former work (hence the limited release). but most importantly: my operation is not based on profits ... so if you'd like to grow the lines i made for free, then get an account here & hit me up via pm. imho it's best to compare plants, not names
  19. that looks REALLY nice. kudos to that gem, mr.g (and baqua!) swami's stuff totally rocks and impresses again and again.
  20. actually you said nothing, you ignored the pm and did not respond to it. but that's alright, you were angry. at least you know now, that you were NOT banned, brother you were only penaltied (and yes, it happened for a reason). "fair" means that everyone that behaves not ok, gets a warning ... no favoritism. the ones that participated were warned and the one guy that started the drama was banned. that ended the episode. yes, that indeed IS fair ... maybe not from all angles, but it is not easy for you to look at it objectively, so i understand that a 100%, brother ... no harm done. anyhoo, i am happy to see you posting plants and being a part of this community still. you are welcome here anytime. as long as you don't online-fight and just ask a mod to help you with any kind of problems here in the future. (i enjoy your posts here and over at overgrow too, same thing to me in the end.) less drama, more dhamma, people ... please
  21. yep, if you fight here (and only then), then i have to become active ... it's not personal, btw, lol. and nope, no one banned you here, jet ... (you would not be able to log on or post if that was the case.) EVERYONE that participated in the open board-drama in question was warned. three people were penatlied (14 days of posting restrictions *no big deal at all*) AND ONLY WILBUR WAS ACTUALLY BANNED, because he was the one that star- ted it and provoked everyone else to loose their cool. also ... i DID write you a pm and explained to you that i reluctantly had to penalty you as well, although i was aware you were the one being attacked. but if oyu participate, then i had no other chance to include you otherwise i would be having people claiming favoritism ... you don't remember my pm? ... i can post a screenshot of the convo, if you want. strange, i just checked and saw that you looked at it the last time on jan 10th (?) fact is: you are still here (and welcomed), and wilbur was banned and won't be allowed back in. (... if there are any further inclarities, then i gladly help to clear them up too.)
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