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  1. Nice garden! Whre can I get a Golock?
  2. Wherever he's at,I'm guessing he's smoking something nice.
  3. Beautiful plants! Are the 1972 gold columbian seeds available somewhere? I spent a good part of 1972 smoking gold columbian(and throwing away the seeds) Such nice smoke.
  4. Ummm... I can only see blank boxes with a little red X in the corner..
  5. Thanks Padawan I will have to try that
  6. I pulled 7 plants and have them hanging completly away from the room. I cut off most of the leaves and burned them. There are 10 left,and they really need a couple more weeks to mature. I took them out in the garden and hosed off thier leaves thouroughly concentrating on under neath the leaves. I also removed alot of leaves first. I hosed down the walls in the room and mopped it out. The room is getting removed in 3 weeks,so I'm hoping to slow them down enough to beat them to the harvest. Tomorrow I will vacuum and spray some neem on walls floor pots,etc. I don't want to spray anything on the plants. An intersting thing I noticed,The K.O.Kush got annhialated by mites,while the Killing Kush Lady Cane XBlueberry,NL5XHaze were almost overlooked. Since the Killing Kush is KO X Killing fields,I seems that in this case,the plants with Sativa in them fared much better. The KO has really dense foliage too,which I'm sure helped the little monsters.
  7. I have some buds that got seeded from a hermie, and I want to make bho with it.(6 ounces or so) Can you just run the buds wthout removing the seeds,or is it better to remove them first. Removing them seems like it would be an agonizingly tedious process.
  8. Sigh....... So the mites are coming on strong. Will mites keep eating the buds after you chop them? Is there anything I should do differently during the drying process to enable me to get the buds instead of them? If I make hash with some of it,will they go through the screen and end up in the hash?Yuck! Will they evacuate the buds as they dry? Also....... The plants left in the room need 14 more days to allow seed to mature.Just a few buds on each plant. I was planning to: remove half the leaves spray the undersides of the leaves really good with a hose bomb the room with the plants out of it. I'm hoping that will buy me enough time. I anyone has any other tips please let me know. My main priority is trying to give the seed a chance. Pride comes before a fall I was just in the room smoking one and congratulating myself on a nice clean grow. Inspecting the plants,I discovered that I'm growing mites,not pot. Shit!
  9. Thank you both for the reply. i will do that Deguelo.At least 10 days under 24 hour light. It's still pretty early to put them outside anyway. When would be the best time to change soil and re-pot? I would rather wait to see if they make it back to veg before investing in much soil. Unless re-potting right away has some tangible benefits. I guess there isn't any benefit to pruning the roots? i just want to re-veg/and then flower them out
  10. I've got some indoor plants that are about done that i would like to try and re-veg. They will be done in 2 weeks,which corresponds with spring here in Pacific northwest. I need to shut down my indoor setup for a few months,and the thought occured to me that I could just harvest the plants,leaving some foliage to help them reveg.And just put them outside in the garden. Would that work? They would be next to invisible in with the tomatoe starts Another option would be to leave them under lights until they turn,then put them outside. This is less desirable for me because I'm doing major construction and tearing out the growroom this summer How much foliage should I leave on ? My plan is to put them outside to grow this season. The plants are:Lady caneXblueberry,NL5XHaze(mns),Killing Kush,and KO Kush
  11. That looks nice Deguelo. Thanks for the link
  12. What type of pipe etc. is good to smoke hash on it's own with? I usually just sprinkle on a bit of bud,but. that's OK,but ihash is really nice all on it's own. I'm looking for a smallish hash smoking rig that can go where I go,and deliver a very nice hash smoking experience
  13. name='soopy' timestamp='1331780962' post='524847'] Wazzup has a sweet thread on here, translated from Weitforum, that will explain it and bug your eyes out! Easy to do just VERY dangerousif not done with great care. Great stuff, killer potency and flav ] Does anyone have a link to that thread??
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