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  1. Nice set up Coxnox ! Your pots are 3,6 liters ones if I see right ! I presume You don't use just this box for your 64 babies ?
  2. you make me salivate Real !!! I've got seven in grow stage but they are just sprouted ! I hope for a tasty and decent harvest like yours. I'm not a female seeds' lover too but I know that Esko make always the things right , so I decide to buy these seeds 'cause I've heard a lot of good things about the Candy kush clone thanx for your reply cheers
  3. Thanx for your reply GrenAngel,I"m going to watch your thread now ! good luck for your grow man,I hope you will have a lot of hard tasty nuggets ! cheers
  4. hello all I started a candykush grow,,the seeds were buy in sannie's shop made by esko. Is anyone tested them ? Can she response well to nutes , Is she a good yelder,a good tasting strain .....? any advices are welcome ... thanx for advance and kind regards
  5. hello Sharkota I've had the same problem in my mothers' plants 'room',the humidity is too low in your place. I resolve it with a cheap system named 'mist maker' 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GS8PhxstKk' I coupled the system in the video with a Pc fan,a timer and a cap on my 30 liters bucket. My system is a 5 'heads' one , in the video you just have a 1 head mist maker in a 10 liters bucket and there's no fan to proppel the mist. The pc fan drives the mist in a pvc tube placed in your room or box. The result is a continual mist on your plants and the end of heat stress and pest ( good bye spider mites !!!...) Can post some pictures if anyone is interested by ... Edit: my mothers' plants place isin a one square meter place...
  6. Nikoashe

    Am I crazy?

    Why drinking lemon rhum instead of smocking lemon skunk,when you can consume both in the same time !!! This is my way for moderation
  7. My vote goes to Silver Surfer,I love the work of Subcool especially Jilly Bean , and Silver made a really good job too ! Nice bushy plant with frosty buds! I love it !
  8. yo ! I ordered another pack of seeds and I ask for the "extrema x heribei" freebees and this time they were labeled "extrema x heribei". So I presume that is the correct name of the strain,the last time a mistake was made when the name of the strain was written ...
  9. I followed your advice Indican,I just Pm Sannie,if he can help me,I will give his answer on this topic for those who want to know it ...
  10. @Indican Yes you're right,when well realized a cross between two females is stable but with 3 females pollen I don't know. Personally I'm really not a fan of female seeds but here this is not the question. The question is who is the father of this damned cross !!! I hope knutsel will answer to my PM but it seems like he's not really active on forum,too busy in creating seeds I think ...
  11. thanx Nuggs Maybe a mistake when they labelled my bag of seeds ...
  12. like Santero I think that Knutsel has a Extrema reg male,for me it cannot be a (fem/fem) X fem ) breeding, too much instability... Also if it was like that,(fem/fem) X fem ), the seeds were in the fem section not in the reg section,I really don't understand at all
  13. really ,nobody has this information ?
  14. I tried to contact Knustel by PM for having more informations but he didn't answer to me yet.
  15. Heribei is a great outdoor plant and extrema a potent medecine. I think the cross is Heribei X extrema , for me the goal is to create a most powerful and tasty outdoor plant than Heribei is...
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