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  1. OK, update. I unscrewed some screws and found the battery dock and installed 4 AA bats. By sticking a pin into the square hole, I got the light to come on. Now, all Im MISSING is the spongepot to put the seeds in....jesus H christ. J-Zap
  2. Hmmm. Well, I kinda wouldnt mind IF the ad had clearly stated that the goddam important part of the kit was to be ordered separately! But...if you watch the video, it looks like the seed bed IS included. I think my kit just kinda got sent without anybody noticing parts were missing. Also....NO, there is no switch on top. There IS, however, a tiny square hole where it looks like a switch SHOULD be. J-Zap
  3. Thanks. But...am I correct that the spongepot should have been included? If I have to "fake it", any suggestions? Im pretty unhappy, here. Ive had a string of bad luck getting seeds to start since the weather turned cool. In fact, of two packs of five fem'd seeds, THREE sprouted, so that's a lotta money down the tubes. So, I ordered the propegater....Now it looks like I STILL cant start my damn seeds. J-Zap
  4. Does anybody have the SEED PROPEGATOR from the SANNIE SHOP? )see it on the main page of sanniesshop.com) I think they musta left a piece out....Ive got the black plastic top with the batts and the LED light, the black bottom and the clear plastic part with the temp scale. But NO place to hold the seeds? From the video, it looks like theres a white piece with holes in it. I dont have that part. Also, I have NO directions....and man, I cant even figure out how to turn the LED ON? I need to start some seeds immediately, so PLEASE help ASAP. I have already emailed the Sannie Shop. No reply, yet. Thanks J-zap
  5. Im glad to hear this---Ive had a streak of real bad luck getting seeds to sprout since the weather turned cooler. I ordered one of the seed germinators from sannie, has a LED light to keep the temp inside the box at the right germ temp....Im waiting for it to arrive, along with my HERCULES and KOLOSSUS. Im so far behind myself since losing time with seeds that didnt sprout that Im desperate for the seeds to arrive AND TO SPROUT. So.....here's hoping they arrive today! Meantime, my last harvest of NEW BLUE DIESEL and NYCD X KOLOSSUS (a freebie seed) was great., The NBD KILLED! but, to my surprise, the NYCD X K was even better! Im dying to see what the KOLOSSUS will produce.....man, the cross of NY X K was just amazing. BIG hard, dense buds, great smell, great taste....fabulous. J-zap
  6. I might try re-vegging her....Ive only re-vegged a plant once, and it worked....but when I cut clones from the re-vegged plant, they started flowering immediately. If I had had foresight enough to cut clones while she was in veg, Id have a BUNCH of big clones right now....damn....grumble...cuss. I wont make this same mistake again! Next time I will cut clones off every "Freebie" strain I get! You just never know when something you may never have even heard of turns out to be The One. I had a similar experience with some Blue Sattlelight (I had never heard of it) a freebie from the attitude. Turned out to be fantastic. Oh well....live and screw up. J-Zap
  7. When I ordered my New Blue Diesel, a NYCD X KOLOSSUS was the freebie. I just harvested 2 NBD, 2 C-99s and the amazing freebie.....NYCD X KOLOSSUS. In 21/2 years if constant growing, this is my all time fave. Dont get me worng--the NBD is awesome. But I gotta say, the NYC XK blew my mind. She's a dark blue green all thru veg and flower, producin big, fat, HEAVY, sticky, healvenly-smelling buds. I got five dry oz off her. Not even cured yet, but dry enough to smoke, the taste ios fabulous, with a noticable aftertaste of red grapefruit. Potency....oh my gawd. You feel that first hit climb up the back of your neck just as the taste of grapefruit fills your mouth and you know you're in the Bigs. Of the 18 or so strains Ive grown, all were 4's (out of 5, my own personal scale, LOL) This one alone gets a 5. It has it all---baggy appeal, with those nice fat buds big as the end of your thumb, dense and heavy, strong diesel smell, great grapefruit taste and thouroughly kicks your ass. I am ashamed to admit I didnt take her picture. Truly ashamed. If Id known how good she would turn out, I woulda! Anyway, now my question to sannie is, ARE THERE MORE SEEDS of NYCD X KOLOSSUS available?? I really want MORE of her. I wish Id cut clones. Cant believe I didnt....grumble, cuss.... J-ZAP
  8. Two questions: What does "ceiling" mean? and....since the Grimm Bros. have been gone for quite some time, who bred it and who sells seeds? This is confusing. Im a big fan of Cindy and would love to try every breeder's version of that lucky accident. J-Zap
  9. Exce;;ent report! Makes me want to give the strain a go, myself. J-Zap
  10. I dont think Id toss it. Every funny looking pheno MAY end up beoing some kinda super pheno you may never see again. C-99 (the original) was a "weirdo". Looked, smelled and grew differentluy from all it's siblings. But, that ONE weirdo turned out to be THE "Holy Grail" breeders have been trying to replicate ever since. KEEP the Weirdos! J-Zap
  11. 12-13 weeks? Jeeeeeez. for 13 weeks....it better blow something more than my mind. Maybe I just dont get it. What makes a strain worth that extra month of nutes/lights/ and space? J-Zap
  12. J-ZAP

    What to do?

    I think you should let them get married. or st lleast enjoy a one-night stand. BOTH strains are great, so any mix will be, too. Plus, you will get some pheno's like the mom and some like the dad....so you will end up wityh some heri, anyway. Ive never tried to collect pollen and brush it on my ladies. Ive just put the two plants side by side FAR away from my other plants and let Nature do the work. (When I say, "far away", I mean I put my breeding pair outside and the rest of my girls are INSIDE, in the grow room). J-Zap
  13. VERY helpful, guys! Thanks. I'll be looking into those nutes, too. Seems like the growing part is getting easier, but the curing....that still hangs me up some. I did discover a trick maybe somebody hasnt thought of---if you live somewhere real humid, like me, sometimes it can take a LONG time for buds to dry. My last grow those buds hung in the closet 8 days and were still damp. I took them and put them on a big flat plate and stuck them in the fridge over night! Next day, they were perfect for jarring. The humidity inside the fridge must be pretty low...plus, it's dark and cool, too. So---when all else fails, stick em in the fridge, LOL. I guess folks who live in the desert have the opposite problem? Buds dry TOO fast? Man...there's just so much to learn I did have a piece of good news this morning. All parents think their own kid is the best looking kid in the world and growing MJ us kinda the same. Im never certain I can be totally objective....maybe I think this or that strain is GREAT, but maybe Im just too close to it, you know? I mean....after four months of blood sweat and tears, you finally get to smoke what you grew and to YOU it seems amazing, right? So, I like to give a bud to this one friend of mine for a "second opinion". This morning she called and said, "Man....this shit aint for daily use.". LOL! That's the objective smoke report on the C-99! I thought it was super special....but having somebody else think so, too is the icing on the cake. J-Zap
  14. WahT are you saying? Im not sure Im getting it! I remove all fan leaves first, THEN hang individual branches on hanger in the closet for 4-6 days, THEN remove the little leaves....is this what you're saying? THEN into the jars? Also, I live in the southern USA and except in winter, it's never 68 degrees! My druing closet in the summer is more like 76 degrees. Is that too hot? I have no idea how I can cool the drying closet....in the suummer, it's hot and humid where I live. But in the winter, I keep my room tempot about 68, which sounds perfect, right? Great info--thanks. J-Zap
  15. Now that you mention it...I remember usign the paper bag...and YES, it does seem to make a diff between the DRY stage and the CURE stage for getting OIUT that last little bit of koisture. I kinda forgot about nthe paper bag....but now that you've reminded me......Im going back to it. I had some very nice Black Widow that SEEMED dried turn kinda amonia-y on me in the jars. I took it out and put it on a shallow trya and let it sit in the sun light for an hour and the amonia smell went away. But I bet if Id have put it in the paper bag for a day or two BEFORE the jar, I could have avoi8ded the amonia problem. Excellent...thanks. J-Zap
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