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  1. How are the trichs lookin the blond one? maybe a macro shot hehe.
  2. if i only lived about 12 hours to the NW im a arizona cousin haha great garden i mean when i see somthing like that... i wonder if the indoor thing is even worth it, that is if i wanna drive really far every week. HOT DAMN please fill us in on the yeild and harvest pics please. ~ryno
  3. ryno


    Yay count me in! Any drizzing details to add? looking forward to it.
  4. ryno

    looks good

    I see some furniture got rearranged very nice look. Im sure any tweeks that need to be done will be taken care of.
  5. Very nice i will be getting a pack of these.
  6. how many kollosus are we seeing in the front?
  7. ryno


    Will we see this at sannies shop? I want this ive had c99xrom and it was some of the best smoke ive had. This mix looks tasty!! Proper name btw
  8. nice set up, girls look happy, and gratz on the new place. Also can you keep up the good side pics even thru flowering it helps me in choosing strains.
  9. ryno

    Snake oil?

    wow not too many bites on this one
  10. ryno

    Snake oil?

    OK weve all seen a 100 differnent fertilizers, substrates, lights, pots and grow styles. Whats your favorite setup and what do you think about some of the crap out there? Edit: basically what would and wouldnt you use again. i dont want to start a war just give your opinions not ideals hehe
  11. ryno

    flood and drain

    Good luck.. 200 plants in a sog, I'm going to be keen to see how this pans out. @hill thanks for the good responses maybe you read that before i edited but the total will be 48 per 48x48in space or 64 per 48x48in pace not sure yet as im following a grower that used this style from another forum its just this is the way he used to grow and had lots of bud with the right strains. my space is 4x8ft so yea its gonna be crowded but itll be main cola style, and probably a 2 week veg. At the most there will be 128 plants. @drip thanks for that i was thinking 50 gal is good too other ppl say they use less but like you said it can suck air.
  12. ryno

    flood and drain

    Ok when your building a flood and drain system 4x8 in my case the pump hose is connected to the fitting thats level with the base of the tray right? and the other fitting is about 2in from the bottom of the flow to prevent overflow right? Then when the pump shuts off the nute soup drains back thru the pump hose into the rez? Also what size rez should i make in order to accomidate a 4x8 table that i only want to put 2-3 inches of water in? And lastly Im gonna plant on this sog style single cola plants and have very little veg time... there will be a lot of plants on the table about 48 per 4x4 and im using 4in rockwool cubes its gonna be fun... With that many rockwook cubes taking up space would it be a good idea to fill in the cracks with Hydroton? I ask because im sure roots will come out into the light and be all over the place... I cant wait to get this underway and show you guys, but one of a lesser magnitude will be my first as i have to pick mothers and get them veggin for lots of clones.
  13. ryno


    Thanks a lot for that lead skoman very informative!
  14. aw that sucks i hope you get rid of them for good
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