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  1. hello, sorry, It is not intended for the moment best vibes
  2. hello all Nepalma CBD Here's the Nepalma in version CBD most of the plants a ratio THC/CBD close to 1: 1 the panama used for the crossing of the nepalma fate more dominant that gives plants to smell oldschool, catpiss, Lemony the flowering time is located in the 9/10 weeks best vibes
  3. hello, The CBC is well represented in some individual, which results in an effect up, motivating In other individuals the CBC is also accompanied by CBG for a more relaxing effect best vibes
  4. Yes it is the same lineage that I first developed for tropical seeds before the separation between USC and TSC
  5. hello, A new African strain, the Senegalese, is part of the African project In order to offer you this strain they have collected thousands of seeds in Senegal then they have selected the best individuals to achieve a new generation with good diversity in order to offer you fresh seeds. This strain is rather fast for a landrace sativa, 2 expression are most represented the first is fast, about 12 weeks, the stretch is important but largely controllable with rather compact heads, its flavors are hashy / peppery / spicy, flavors typically African countries The second is longer, about 14 weeks, a larger stretch and more airy heads, its flavors are more fruity The high is hovering, very nice best vibes
  6. hello, Underground Seeds present here Zamal CBD, a cannabis Sativa variety with a THC:CBD ratio close to 1:1. Zamal CBD is a vigorous Sativa strain with a considerable stretch during the first weeks of bloom, although its height can be managed in indoor growing spaces . During the 12 weeks of flowering it develops long and compact buds with the typical intense and fruity scent of Reunion's Zamal. The effect of this variety is very interesting regarding medicinal purposes, since it is body relaxing and provides a strong wellness feeling. Most Zamal CBD phenotypes show similar THC-CBD contents, while a small proportion may show higher contents of one of these cannabinoids. also must individu as CBC best vibes
  7. hello, In this strain there is an important diversity, one finds in majority individuals close to the ratio 1/1 but also some individual dominating THC or CBD Giving the% THC or CBD is difficult and variable hy bro, Landrace is very important and I hope the growers it will take care of it, this is the first reason sharing these varieties best vibes
  8. hello, many thx for this smoke report smilestyle, normally colombian gold 1972 will soon return to the catalog, the new generation is being produced This strain is a typical Colombian product of the 70s, before the skunk / indica invasion best vibes
  9. plants stretch much, it's 100% sativa but the buds are more compact in the new version of Coljam, the flavors are also many more pronounced compared to the first release, the first release was extremely dominant Lambsbread individual with extremely bushy, herby and oldschool weed best vibes
  10. hello, Zamalmystik and Doublezamal is availlable in Tropical seeds company also Senegal best vibes all
  11. hello, many thx for this smoke report Mostlyme the DoubleJam is really different from conventional commercial strains, the high is unusual !! I am happy it please Randude, the version of Coljam you've grown was the first, the new version is a backcross on Colombian 80', it is faster, more compact heads and fruity flavors lychee / fishing and spicy! best vibes
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