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  1. lol thanks alot!will b adding selene as it says it is a good sog plant.killing feilds was/is already on the ''round 2'' list.thanks it is awsome to be talking to the man him self!!!peace danm fems kill me,as i like f2'ing a hunting from a wider/more un"stable" pheno selection.andmaking my own cross's.so fems are last on my list.all regs on short list.shiiiiiiit looks like all sannie on my short list!lol got some deep chunk on there though.
  2. thanks to all for the replys and sticking up for me.el shark probly wus haveing a bad day or sumthing aint no hate over here bro . btw i though shiping wus 25$/35$insured.that wus for nutes.it really 7$ shipping to the land of duh-bree.lol.coo!ima be picking up some of sannie's gear(thanks for stoping by).how long does it take to ship out???and wuts the best time to order (newyork time).thanx yall make me feel welcome
  3. really???lol had me going for a sec.i think ima go else where.that you sir have a nice day. p.s. is this how inquirys are meet?a simple yes or no would have suffice.shit was goiing good here y u wanna go and fuk it up.depresion is hard enough with real life assholes. well just say said ''person'' above is right.i order the 3 paks pay check out.order the jackberry with the added points from my first order and have them shiped in the first order pak????thanks alot please no waisteful posts.
  4. from wut i understand you get 10% of wut you spend in points!awsome dude sannie.but i wus woundering if there is a gift code that would just put my points on the first go round.all advice is greatly apreciated
  5. i completly agree sativas on round 2.need fast turn round for some meds,simpson oil.looking forward torward the heri's results.! ??????
  6. awsome.releasing dem ladybug on GP. @eskobar .beautiful post man got me thinking about how much land and stock(animals/bugs/plants) i would need for say 23-99 people @ any giving time?lol can b had on the cheap but all the people wanna live off my land is going to have to work it!
  7. good to hear on the heri as i will "abuse" cuts to see true hermi hardyness.had a room(tent) called the hell hole would test out my fem/reg chucklings.weeded out alot of winners but gender stability is the most important factor in breeding imvho in the VERY long run. is sugar punch and extrema.main cola type plants as after this round of scoopin up some beans,im focusing on sog getting the fat pak of the sativa mix,jackberry,and vanilla sky!and i should be good thill the end of the year jackberry is just screaming im the sog queen idk why but thats just wut im feel/seen online single cola growth.thanks angain to all should have the bean by the end of the mouth thinkin about next friday but if i should order a few days befor so i can acomplish(high spellin) my goal of starting the mounth with sannies gear!thanks thanks for the heri input mr.cameleon,and thank to all for input havent even drop my first order and got my second lined up,sannies gear is like cr*&k.planing the next hit befor the first!LMAO peace
  8. i will elaberate on my op on a later date when i have ALL materials for the build.build will b done by the end of the mnth.!
  9. thank u very much for the stone setting info my freind;) see i have hard time picking strains for my run when shopping @walmrt of seeds.heri defo needs scrog to be beast!chocolate rain!im in this for the taste and high and thank for the vital and well recived advice to grow it natural of old school!lol i might mom it out during veg for sog testers and wut not.blue diesel 2 but ima train them in screenduring veg.awsome feels good knowing wut ill be getting soon! thanks man peace. thanks brother for the cofidence i know they killing it!lol and from the awsome reveiw sannie might just b the best FOR THE PEOPLE!lol and thanks for the welcome brutha
  10. seed cap is between 110 us to 140.wus goign to pick up some pick and mix paks but found sannies awsome gear for the cheap.i wanna do scrogs and sogs all vert. i veg till preflowers.major hair cut that = clones flower the scrog trees and sog clone to flower.so strain come into play im thinkin about picking up 1!.heri 2!.n.b.diesel 3!chocolate rain plus 5 freebies im really eyeballing the killing feilds x jackhammer!i wus woundering if there is a way i could pay a lil more to make it a ten pac so it will b an even 40 which is perfect for the 40 pak of sponge pots! all input and strain specs is much apreciated.thanks
  11. well im new round the parts but im no rookie.ive eating crumbs from square whales.but life always have a turn of events that change ur perseption of your perspective.and change the way you live for a moment.sooo with that said,im looking for a to build a "shed"i.e. free standing buildin sepreate from the house.(actually hidden from sight above,below(think about it) and from around the '"shed'".think using trees not dirt.sooo with my unique set of trails and task.i plan on doing a purely inovative diy build from the ground up.and i useing this tread for input about the constrution ideas and my "inventions" on the CHEAP.or inexspensive is the theam as im scraping change in conparison to how "HOW IT WAS"now i kind know wut being old and going through difrent erras! so on the cheap note heres my conserns 1!diy ballest and flip boxes???there sooo cheap and easy 2 do. 2.i want a kiss organic dtw tea nute program. but dont know nothing beeen on lucas maxi bloom silica cal mag humic fulvic kool bloom.all soilless.now i want to try coco w/ house of guanos,cow,earth worm casting tea,sea weed and maby chicken and mushroom compost.kiss for me as im a earthworker in the veggie gardens.but i feel this is semi organic hydro just dtw.i was thinking char and coco call it the volcano mix!lol since char and bio go hand and hand.i think im onto somthing check the dates might b the world exclusive right here.lol;)any ideas on that??? 3.is the ringer....i want to desing and build a "Insulated outdoor growroom material" to construct a semi fexibal well insulated heavyduty outdoor grow tent aka the ''shed".any ideas to you think its doable???my only seeable problem would b air tight seals and creating them. specs.. 10feet by 4-6 feet wide flower tent.split.flip 2k gonna try 5gal vertical scrog buckets(1 foot wide 4 foot tall pvc fame with plastic netting mounted on each bucket)on 1 side of the tent and mother trees and sog testers and them long ass sativas. veg tent 5 feet by 5-6 feet.1k 9 hour flip i the same room(for light distrubution) with flouro side lighting and early veg lighting. all vertical lighting.well thats it for now till my sketch ups and more specs. thank you very much for reading this very long post ansorry for the long read:p and would love all/any input and advice
  12. hi to all my brothern across the map!ive found sannies gear and feel in love researched on other fourms (as breeder forums tend to b all hype from "elite" mebers.)but ive never in my 2 weeks of looking up shop reveiws and grow reports,finding nuthing but good reveiws.(even from fourms of which theres hard feelings and bashing)that said u have a convert!lol i like the private breeder aspect in the seedbiz.ima huge fan of dutchbreed and sum dude named dr.grthumb;)funny toook me this long to strike a heavy instrest in sannies gear.well have a blessed and peaceful day
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