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  1. hay useless. i want to deactivate my account here, that was it. thanks
  2. where are the admin mods, when you need them.? forum with no mods lol, i waiting nearly a week for some responce! i understand some of you busy. if mav here i would have had a responce very quick.
  3. very nice last pictures of the extrema. i also must say i really like the choco fields. nice job guys.
  4. nice to she the krono on the play list. happy, cropping . all the best ink
  5. inkog77


    a gentleman, rip mav. wish you well on your next journey. peace ink
  6. you can buy custome made controlle panel, from number of places. hirdo now ! better to know how to make your own! then when something needs change can do yourself. if not time to build your own ,,,,,,at least you have the knowlwdge. not difficult when well planned. if no time then by custome... made not from local electrical. why show your self. this is underworld.lol good luck,
  7. thanks wonton. & grofasta. last pictures for this thread. big thank you,,, to everybody. esko for the the seed making. etc. big thank you to nome, esko, carp, drip, san,,,,,, lets see what happens. vk8 looked very nice hard to touch, smell honey fuel fruits with lite undertone of haze. amenai g13,,, for free bees you gt to buy just to get lol over and out ink
  8. inkog77

    esko's v.s subcool

    a new mix of top genetics
  9. lovely show,,,, some nice plants there,,, the pictures speak many words. respect
  10. soon this all comes to an end.! could these plant have been grown better, yes. most defiantly. some advise would be,,, dont start the seed,,, unless you know you got space to let them free and grow.....as they love to. one day in the future i do them some more justice. for now of this small selection i did not take cuttings. i am happy with this..... thye had a great start , a long veg, keeping bonsia, a hard winter and still managed to come through. i wait for the amnesia g13,,,, and vanilla sky. the cbh should bee ready,,,, very soon. i post some pics up next weekend. funny if they had the dirt to grow in am sure they would have been monster. perhaps next time a try some of esko fem line.....who knows. wonton,,, not my normal style of growing (shame) chief thanks for the interest. indy,,,,,,these are what they are. peace all the best
  11. solid structure, very nice, got the perfect look lol
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