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  1. Hi, So old timers know me and know through posts/gallery i use to grow under light. Yep stopped due to circumstance and now grow outdoors in the UK 3 plants only per year . When your not on it 24/7 like indoor growing you forget things. Indoors a flowering time is pretty much fixed give or take a week or two. Outdoors theres way too many factors to influence this so an auto with a 75 days completion depending on weather and pheno could take 75 to 90+ days. So..... as i said im in the UK and we are having a heat wave like we havent seen in 25+ yrs.....great, no rot (we love rain in the UK) i remember sativa strains being idea at say 30% amber trics max some liking 50% ....what are are your opinions ? Im not use to outdoor growing being so good given this weather. Im drawn to 30% as hoping to not hit the couch lock too much but im hearing some folk harvest prior to even amber and stick to milky on sativa outdoors .. theres 3 plants... 3 pheno lol so obviously the one thats largest and only just hit milky is far more sativa dom. happy to here all input as like the said....this outdoor ideal weather is new to me being in the UK Regards and happy growing Hillcrest
  2. Thanks but there's no worries this year as these are on different land which is much more private so no prying eyes. lol no 'god'... just lucky that they will not get hit with rot this year. I wouldn't call this a growing journal, I just thought Id share a few photos....and by photos I mean only a few as Ive not been keeping any records...cant even remember when they were planted but its definitely over 75 days ago. the first plant (the smallest) is very earthy and just about done as trics are just starting to turn amber will cut most of it down tomorrow leaving lower buds to mature a little further. Second plant (mid sized plant) smells fruity more bud sites and will probably go another 7-10 days. Third plant (tallest) the one which is always reaching for the stars has wayyyyy more bud sites and the buds are fox tailing this I think is my fav and will take maybe another 14 days or more, seems more sativa dom that the others. PLANT1 PLANT2 PLANT 3 Wild Lettuce Chilli's Happy Growing Hillcrest
  3. Hi folks, well last year I got robbed. Not happening this year. 3 plants , cant say when started but there are 3 pheno. Started much earlier this year and weather is amazing. No rain for past 4 week and non predicted for next 3. I think these ladies will be ready next 4-5 week. You can see 1 plant is small, but buds are more developed than the the others. Second pheno is larger less developed but more bud site developement. Third is larger pointy leaves (always pointing up even if lacking watering) this will take longer but imo the winner. All are in pots 2ft tall (might not look it) and 18” wide. Basic organic compost, mycro and an organic starter. Only watered... no feed at all just yet. Best pheno Weakest pheno Second best pheno Waves to all my friends. All those that think you cant grow cannabis outdoors in UK ..... WANNA BET
  4. Thanks man, it sucks. Thanks mindless, Its no one I know. Only folks that know are close family and really close friends that live between 100- 300 miles away. We live a life style where we only really know our neighbours ( no issue there now) we dont have friends locally so a deer cam (which i have.....to those who dont know its a night vision movement triggered video device) whouldnt really help as photos would mean nothing. The fuck up IMO is mine. The location all be it on private land does have a public border .... I got cocky and my brain wasnt thinking. If I'd stuck to the autos the plants would have remained almost invisable to amyone passing but I planted the Russian doll and due to its size They All got noticed. Lesson learnt. Regards Hillcrest
  5. We are in mourning. A week ago I harvested the tops of the auto mikromachine and a few side branches as they were ready and also the weather has been wet as shit and spotted mold. Left behind was the Fem Russisn doll as not even flowering and standing about 1.5m now and the 2 mikomachines with I'd say 3 times more buds left than i harvested. (So id harvested about a 1/4 of the yield) So today I step outside as its dry to go harvest more, but.......... The ladies have gone some toe rag has pulled up the auto's and nicked em.....leaving behind Rusdian doll as useless to them (no doubt keeping an eye on her for the future) ....creating quite a bit of damage to fencing etc in the process. 'Pauses to shed a tear' Ah well looks like I'll have to find a new location and alarm them up next year, and improve my fencing. I'll keep you posted as to how the Russian doll goes on but I'm tempted to just killl her now as cant see her finishing before weather turns really crap. Also if she goes local toe rag will stop visiting in the night. Regards Hillcrest
  6. Takes a seat. Sits back and waits. Happy growing and enjoy Pedro. Regards Hillcrest
  7. Missed this and taking a seat. I'm an Auto's fan too but the lowryders ...not a fan. Very interesting thread. Will be following closely to see how the seeds you produce from the auto's turn out and flowering times (happy to test em outdoors for ya...... Wouldnt be till next year now though ) Good luck and happy breeding Hillcrest
  8. I've quit smoking tobacco and dont fancy burning anything anymore. Last time I had a grow was 3 yrs back and with the same auto mikromachine strain and smoked alittle of it and used rest for butter....which i still have some leftover in freezer from then. I was going to turn this lot into bho/shatter and then add to e-cig liquid...... but then I recently purchased the MIGHTY vape which i'm seriously liking alot so will probably just vape most of it. If by any miracle the Russian doll does produce some mature buds before our climate kills it and i like the smoke, I'll create some bho from one of the strains and vape that too. Shame the Russian doll wasnt an Auto . I hated on Auto's for years (mainly lowryders) and never saw the point of them until I had to stop growing indoors, now I can see what sizes of plant and yields can be acheived from auto's i'm a convert, if I didnt live in a place that has crap weather like here, it might be a different story. Still think lowryders are the produce of satan. Greetz Hillcrest
  9. update: All three: Runt: Strong one : Russian Doll: General auto buds: Auto are stinking it up fruity but earthy. Not long till finish.....maybe 2-3 weeks at most but we will see. Russian doll is storming on showing pre flowers but I'll be suprised if shes allowed to finish here due to climate. Shame but i will let her do what she can and pray for good weather but as she'll still be flowering into november probably I'll not hold out too much luck. Regards Hillcrest
  10. HillCrest


    From the album: Auto Mikromachine run 2

  11. Well at least some of you got some beans, just ashame not ALL received in good health. Best wishes to all that grow em out. Hillcrest
  12. Apologies to all recipients of seeds I should have placed em in a cd/dvd case ....appears several of you have had smashed seeds Sorry Hillcrest.
  13. Agreed, it doesnt look like anything that has variacs in it at all... Not possible at that price. Sudden....... your correct in your statement that using a variac as a controller extends the fans life.....this is why the are used in commercial/industrial applications as the initial cost of the variac out ways the cost of replacing fans Edit I have several friends that own growshops and depending on which fan a client purchases dictates which controller they recommend. 99% of the time they recommend variac controllers due to added stealth and prolonged fan life...especially if they have purchased a more expensive fan such as https://www.sunlightsupply.com/shop/product/can-fan-q-max-fans?categoryId=fans-ventilation-ducting Which was similar to mine. Now the new digital fans...thats a whole different ball game as thry are brushless and the fan motor works in a different way intead of relying on the alternating current to to trigger rotation via the magnets each coil gets current independantly the the others so only firing up when exactly needed ...saving energy and wear. Regards Hillcrest
  14. Sorry but a number of your statments are incorrect. Most old fans like rvk DEFINATELY DO HUM/BUZ. Building a controller is not a waste of time as you state at all, the one in my thread especially it was digitally controlled (controller £25) , enclosure £15, variacs ..cant remmber exactly but around £80 for both... It also controlled a heater. No where can you buy a controller like the one i built for anywhere near the amount it cost to build. The only fans that dont hum/buzz imo are the new digital motor fans. Now they ARE quiet but you pay a premium. Regards Hillcrest
  15. Mine was a twin fan controller with digital stat and extra port to plug a heater in. There are quite a few guides on the net on how to build simply ones the hard bit is getting a variac cheap, second hand but they are about and plenty on ebay. The one you linked to isnt a fully variable controller and has a number of settings.... In the thread i linked to Whazzup has a wiring diagram on how to build one of those.
  16. Build one. Heres the one i built. https://www.opengrow.com/topic/44597-digital-variac-temperature-control/page__hl__variac__fromsearch__1 Got the variacs off ebay second hand.
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