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  1. Seriously Sannie get a new website host, over past two weeks the access has been horrendous. I notice your sales site works fine so come on pull your finger out and sort a better forum host as its borderline unuseable at the moment. Don't say ooo it costs... I know what traffic you get and know the costs.... Its bugger all I could even host it for you and provide a better service (or at least a friend that runs a hosting service could.)




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  2. Aa


    As for the autos, I'd conclude that if you want to grow larger plants where the Auto#1 is growing, you're goin to have to reduce, if not remove that hedge.


    DesertGrown...its my humour, theres not a cat in hells chance i'll be cutting or removing the hedge. My land is split in two levels. Its about half an arce (just below) top half is my LAWN... with fruit trees....might call it my private area as it has an 8 ft wall one side and a 9 foot hedge the other side (bitch to look after) the 9ft hedge on the grow side is actually 10-11 ft as the ground drops away but i created a raised area just for this stuff. Prior to the issues i had with a neighbour i had an indoor grow, and would smoke an oz a week +. Now given i only grow outside in UK i only grow 2-3 plants per year and dependant on yeild i smoke, eat 5-8 oz per year so thats a reduction of around 45-48oz per year in persoanal intake. Im hoping to increase the yeild of the outdoor grow each year so im hoping for inexcess of 10 oz this year but the rain plays its part in this due to rot........That is a massive drop... I Smoke to get high not any medical issues. I am proud of myself for this reduction (so is the mrs considering she worked in young persons and adult alcohol and drugs services)......... The bonus is...... My business income has gone up x5 simply due to increased focus.


    Anyway hedge is staying ill just increase the platform area.


    The lower garden is our fun/veg area. We grow many veg, kids have a 10 ft sunken trampolene (ie. Trampoene is level with ground as wind would simply throw the fecker around) climbing frame and plenty of room for our camping parties. :D.




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  3. Your Russian Doll is going to be a fairly big plant... just going by her structure and growth pattern she's shown so far... a big, bushy plant loaded with flowers!


    As for the autos, I'd conclude that if you want to grow larger plants where the Auto#1 is growing, you're goin to have to reduce, if not remove that hedge.


    A quick trick I use for helping boost the immune systems of my outdoor plants (or any plant) is is to give them aspirin water. One or two regular uncoated aspirin dissolved in a gallon of water will raise the salicylic acid within the plant and better enable the plant to protect itself against insects and pathogens. It functions as an endogenous signal mediating local and systemic plant defense responses.


    These responses can toughen up the outer layer of the plants dermis causing sap-sucking insects to be unable to penetrate through the dermis and into the xylem.

    Some defense responses can make plant matter taste horrible to insects and varmints that are apt to eating your plants.


    Aspirin water is one "old school" trick that I don't mind sharing with everyone... it's really hard to screw it up, but it is possible... never add more than 2 aspirin per gallon and you'll be fine... I usually use only one aspirin per gallon and water them with it a couple times each month.

    Remember... just like people, too much aspirin is bad for plants too.


    Pyrethrins are great non-discriminating insect killers and very effective.


    Great tip mate.

  4. What a beautiful Russian girl! She's my favorite of those three :P


    It seems that the first one is also later in flowering than the second one, isn't it? Just have the small phone to read..


    Anyway nice grow so far :)




    Yep she is looking lovely and great pest resistance.

    As forv the autos.... they flowered at exactly the same time. The first one is just in a bad location (even if it is only 5-6 foot away for auto #2) it got a heavier bashing from pests and gets no where near the same amount of light as auto #2. I never showed a seperate grow i did of the auto mikromachine of 24 seeds under lighting in a friends grow room, of 24 seeds every plant appeared to be of the same pheno...except 1 which was branchy, leggy, and very few bud sites even though the buds came out dense.... It wasnt a keeper lol this strain appears to be very stable generally with not much variation. I just wish it had better pest resistance.


    Overall Im praying my climate and weather really does allow the russian doll to finish. Fingers crossed.





    Next update Mindless i'll do better photos with a few macros of developing buds. :D

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  5. They chose to post it in all it's full glory, it is all over FB. I don't know this person. That is the name and address of the Dispensary.


    O ok ... I Assumed it was your invoice so apologies.





    It does have the clients name on it....so he is imbecile for jot removing that.

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  6. I no idea what that address is ... Dispensery ? Etc but not nice posting address no matter wtf it is.


    Way too much info on that invoice to share publically.





    Edit ...even though i think taxes are xtreme etc ..i get the point..... Consider security. There are names on there etc ...... l'd find you, or the purchaser in seconds .....and "they" "might" have your weed.



    They as you put it is your local state government plus federal tax. If its forsale in your state surely a medical licence is available (( thx to you invoice) I could google but really can not be bothered)


    Stop buying and grow it lol


    Sorry many edits

  7. A damn long way.

    For those that wish for stealth..... As in small plants.... Autos imo are a way better alternative to shitty lower ryders (waste of everyones time including the breeders) at worst ..trimming autos can have a positive effect but you need to do it very early if you think they are going to get too large for your circumstances, as in before flowering.....good luck finding that time as its a small window lol.





    PS new grow....





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  8. 7 weeks since they first hit the dirt.


    The 2 Auto Mikromachines have pest damage but I just nuked em with Pyrethrin so hopefully they will be all good. Both are flowering.

    The Fem russian Doll is coming on lovely and obviously has good pest resistance as its planted between the 2 autos and hasnt been touched.


    Auto 1 is planted in a corner close to a hedge so doesnt get the sun till late on. This was intentional, as a test for that spot and to whether I NEED TO CUT THE FECKING HEDGE DOWN :D

    Shes looking a bit rough round the edges this one and will have to kerp my eyes on her incase she grows balls.





    Auto 2 is way more out in the open and as you can see has grown larger than Auto 1




    The Russian doll is looking lovely and seems like its going to grow into a monster, I just hope our weather allows it to finish.





    Need to do a bit of weeding round the bases of all plants.





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  9. Jesus this thread started off slow and picked up speed. Well you've all given me a few things to think about. We are not going till maybe October at the earliest and think it'll only be a short visit ...like a Thursday till Sunday. We will take a look at all the recommended places and way up flights etc, might give a heads up if we are travelling near to you.



    Hmmmmm .... I remember hearing certain places dont sell to tourists any more, does that still stand ?


    Thanks for all the advice.





  10. Id like to add to this....


    Only use clarified butter. Its much better.....if you must use butter.


    If you own bubble bags allow it to cool slightly and use say a 90 micro bag to filter.



    USE COCONUT OIL NOT BUTTER. ...doesnt really taste of coconut but its purer that butter and can be used pretty much the same as butter/oil in cookiing.

    For those of you with a nut allergy..... Coconut isnt classified as a nut even though it falls into nut/fruit/seed. I've never heard of anyone who has a nut allergy reacting to a coconut.






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  11. Just an addition.....


    The cost of the closed tubes... Vacuum chamber..... Heat mat ....vacuum pump.....etc it not all for shatter (BHO)..... We have an extensive herb garden and mrs wants to get into herb oils ... Not herb infused oil shit that many call essential oils. So the expenditure isnt that bad if the equipement has alternative uses.






    Edited due to horrendous typing which implied the opposite of what i was saying lol

  12. Hi HC

    ? Why not buy a resin press it's cleaner then BHO

    In my opinion and should give a great finish product


    No chemical , no flame


    Just my 2 cents


    I also want to stop smoking so vapor and wax is awesome


    Tried it. Even had a go on the rosinn bomb press....its shit returns/yeild.... I actualy had better returns using my own manual heat and pressure application. Waxes do still come out using rosin method ..not as much but they are still present. But thx for input.




  13. Anyway its two members who i havent got addresses from. One member i got their email but failed to respond with address so ive messaged on here and on email requesting the address.


    The other hasnt responded at all. Again I'vemessaged on here requesting an email address.


    As i am busy im NOT running back and forth to postal services and want to post everyones beans in one go, so both members have been given 10 days to respond (and informed of this) or the beans assigned to them will go to other members whom I already have addresses for.


    Sorry for the delay




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  14. Go to Maastricht and region ! You`ve got some nice food and pretty good cannabis, also allot of beers wines etc.....The landscape is very pretty you`ve got nice bike and walking routes,and allot of good Hotels, or bed and breakfast :)


    The most restaurants in Holland provide`s Vegetable options!


    Thanks Barrie :D

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  15. H folks,


    So I quit smoking cigs but am using a vap tank.

    My outdoor grow this year will mainly be turned into shatter as I will buy a vapourizer designed for extracts instead of making e-liquid from the shatter (unless anyone can give me a reason to turn into e-liquid instead of just vaping straight shatter) .

    Seems extreme due to cost of equipment but this is what I'm considering buying ...or something similar (using closed tubes not open as can winterise easier, NOT CLOSED LOOP)


    Tubes considering....


    1) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/710Vacs-Pressurised-Closed-Column-Steel-Extractor-Extraction-Blast-Tube-/162134044134

    As a 12" tube ...i like this as has valves both end.




    2) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Essential-Oil-Extractor-Open-Column-Blast-Tube-Kit-includes-Ice-Jacket-/122271721549?var=&hash=item1c77f6684d:i:122271721549

    12" again. Top valve looks like the same valve in a refillable lighter... Not so happy about that but it does come in 18" which i may consider as ive heard the stated capacity in grams is extremely exaggerated on many tubes ..... What do users of similar tubes think ?


    Anyway I'll be freezing dry cured bud and buying dry ice to help with winterizing during the extraction process to help reduce wax extraction. Eg. Freeze bud, packtube with bud, pack tube in dry ice for a time. Extract. I may pack the extracted butane/oil in more dry ice and vacuum filter through lab grade filters to remove more waxes but i dont think this is really required if I prep everything before right.


    So then after extraction I'll reduce the butane down with heat .... Yeah no flame .....and then transfer to a vacuum chamber for purging whilst applying more heat.


    I simply want the cleanest product to vape given Ive stopped smoking cigs i dont see the point creating an extract full of shit to fill my lungs.


    Any input or advice would be appreciated.


    Im considering these two vape pens....








    The Dr Dapper seems a winner to me.


    SO....STABILITY why is shatter considered more stable than just a simple BHO extraction ? Does it keep longer ? What hapoens to say normal BHO EXTRACT over time compared to SHATTER over time ?



    On a side note.... We make wine... from fruit and other stuff... Like rhubarb and my mrs is sick of using cheese cloth etc to filter so i bought a bubble bag kit. Anyone else make wine and use a bubble bag as a filter as interested to know which micron bag you use for say the first filter out of fruit matter after its been soaked in sugar etc !




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