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    From the album: Auto Mikromachine run 2

  2. Jesus this thread started off slow and picked up speed. Well you've all given me a few things to think about. We are not going till maybe October at the earliest and think it'll only be a short visit ...like a Thursday till Sunday. We will take a look at all the recommended places and way up flights etc, might give a heads up if we are travelling near to you. Hmmmmm .... I remember hearing certain places dont sell to tourists any more, does that still stand ? Thanks for all the advice. Regards Hillcrest.
  3. I now have all address and will post the beans over in next 2-3 days. Please let me know they arrive safely. Regards Hillcrest
  4. Huh it has a lower fat content as the process of making ghee REMOVES some fats. Although I suppose the the removal of some fats reduces volume hence increasing by volume the fats left...if that makes sense lol
  5. Id like to add to this.... Only use clarified butter. Its much better.....if you must use butter. If you own bubble bags allow it to cool slightly and use say a 90 micro bag to filter. USE COCONUT OIL NOT BUTTER. ...doesnt really taste of coconut but its purer that butter and can be used pretty much the same as butter/oil in cookiing. For those of you with a nut allergy..... Coconut isnt classified as a nut even though it falls into nut/fruit/seed. I've never heard of anyone who has a nut allergy reacting to a coconut. Regards Hillcrest.
  6. Its not you mate ...those that it concerns.....know.
  7. Just an addition..... The cost of the closed tubes... Vacuum chamber..... Heat mat ....vacuum pump.....etc it not all for shatter (BHO)..... We have an extensive herb garden and mrs wants to get into herb oils ... Not herb infused oil shit that many call essential oils. So the expenditure isnt that bad if the equipement has alternative uses. Regards Hillcrest Edited due to horrendous typing which implied the opposite of what i was saying lol
  8. Tried it. Even had a go on the rosinn bomb press....its shit returns/yeild.... I actualy had better returns using my own manual heat and pressure application. Waxes do still come out using rosin method ..not as much but they are still present. But thx for input. Regards Hillcrest
  9. Anyway its two members who i havent got addresses from. One member i got their email but failed to respond with address so ive messaged on here and on email requesting the address. The other hasnt responded at all. Again I'vemessaged on here requesting an email address. As i am busy im NOT running back and forth to postal services and want to post everyones beans in one go, so both members have been given 10 days to respond (and informed of this) or the beans assigned to them will go to other members whom I already have addresses for. Sorry for the delay Regards Hillcrest.
  10. H folks, So I quit smoking cigs but am using a vap tank. My outdoor grow this year will mainly be turned into shatter as I will buy a vapourizer designed for extracts instead of making e-liquid from the shatter (unless anyone can give me a reason to turn into e-liquid instead of just vaping straight shatter) . Seems extreme due to cost of equipment but this is what I'm considering buying ...or something similar (using closed tubes not open as can winterise easier, NOT CLOSED LOOP) Tubes considering.... 1) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/710Vacs-Pressurised-Closed-Column-Steel-Extractor-Extraction-Blast-Tube-/162134044134 As a 12" tube ...i like this as has valves both end. Or 2) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Essential-Oil-Extractor-Open-Column-Blast-Tube-Kit-includes-Ice-Jacket-/122271721549?var=&hash=item1c77f6684d:i:122271721549 12" again. Top valve looks like the same valve in a refillable lighter... Not so happy about that but it does come in 18" which i may consider as ive heard the stated capacity in grams is extremely exaggerated on many tubes ..... What do users of similar tubes think ? Anyway I'll be freezing dry cured bud and buying dry ice to help with winterizing during the extraction process to help reduce wax extraction. Eg. Freeze bud, packtube with bud, pack tube in dry ice for a time. Extract. I may pack the extracted butane/oil in more dry ice and vacuum filter through lab grade filters to remove more waxes but i dont think this is really required if I prep everything before right. So then after extraction I'll reduce the butane down with heat .... Yeah no flame .....and then transfer to a vacuum chamber for purging whilst applying more heat. I simply want the cleanest product to vape given Ive stopped smoking cigs i dont see the point creating an extract full of shit to fill my lungs. Any input or advice would be appreciated. Im considering these two vape pens.... https://www.namastevaporizers.co.uk/products/puffco-plus-vaporizer Or https://vapefiend.co.uk/dr-dabber-aurora The Dr Dapper seems a winner to me. SO....STABILITY why is shatter considered more stable than just a simple BHO extraction ? Does it keep longer ? What hapoens to say normal BHO EXTRACT over time compared to SHATTER over time ? On a side note.... We make wine... from fruit and other stuff... Like rhubarb and my mrs is sick of using cheese cloth etc to filter so i bought a bubble bag kit. Anyone else make wine and use a bubble bag as a filter as interested to know which micron bag you use for say the first filter out of fruit matter after its been soaked in sugar etc ! Regards Hillcrest.
  11. Lol go for it. Thanks for the info. Just to add...my mrs is a veggie (I'M NOT) so any tips on wicked vegges places would be a winner..... Or a meat place that offers a good veggie option would be even better. We do love cooking and food .... More so that weed. Regards Hillcrest
  12. So mrs owes me a trip to the netherlands (smoke holiday) I know amsterdam has much to offer smoke wise... But also with culture..... Museums....blah blah. Do I tell her book amsterdam ? Or Where else in the netherlands can we visit thats good for smoke choice and other cultural activities, so avoiding the normal tourists and tourist traps ? Really like to hear from the dutch folk. Anyone wants to meet up and be our guide for a few hours ? Greatly appreciated. Shame whazzup isnt around as i remember the days when opengrow meets happened quite often.....can anyone hook me up to him....SANNIE ? Regards Hillcrest
  13. Forgve my ignorance... BB? Given northern lights is my go to strain and has been for 25 yrs ill assume that is NL. Pretty sure most wont agree with me but ive yet to find any breeder that produces northern lights seeds like sensi does. (Ok i have to admit best way is from a cutting from a sensi plant from years ago) the cost of their seeds is silly (i use to buy from them reg though) Herer.... Fuck that .... Hands down sensi seeds bought it many many times, ive bought from other breeders (5 to be exact) but never quite cut it. Maybe ive just been lucky on pheno.
  14. Nope Are you insane... Jesus! I pray my kids NEVER phone home or its only means they want something. Lol
  15. Heres how I think I got respect and received many things for free from seeds to lighting to filters etc. 1)I never use the same user name on different forums. Sounds odd yes I know. It can work using same username but you can get burnt. 2) never post the same grow report on different forums. If using same username its ok .....I dont recommend it. 3) dont buy from seeds banks... Buy direct from breeder. 4) try buyimg equipement direct........ Most of you have got no chance and have to purchase from a retailer...but make that contact with the manufacturer and ask your questions to the manufacturer...not the retailer.. Before buying...its about them knowing who you are and what your doing. 5) always give feed back whether it be to seed companies.. Or equipement manufactures... But you must give INDEPTH FEED BACK WITH COMPARISONS TO WHAT YOUVE USED BEFORE. With detailed explanationsbas to why you think their products fails or excel. If you know the fail is on your side ...do NOT try it on. 6) be generous yourself. Ive donated ..given away many things on forums. DONT go down the I'll TRADE route or allow others to offer trades to get what your giving away. Just be aware if you do happen to land on some pre realeased seeds from a major company..... You may have to sign a contract stating you will NOT post the results/photos etc on a public forum unless authorised. Breach can mean youll get screwed legally . Eg. Sensi send you a pre realease seed, all results and photos go to sensi and you are not legally able to share pubically unless able in the contract. 7) it's amazing what you get from general forums for free. Its about what you put in. Eg. Grow reports ....smoke reports. Equipment reviews etc etc Regards Hillcrest Edit. Negativity can destroy you ......even if you hate something.... Give a fair REVIEW. Dont bash it. Your review should be balanced sopleas give some positives even if you feel its all negatives.
  16. I am keeping some back of the opengrow donations, not many...but enough 1) who knows when the law will change in my country. 2) who knows when I dont give a fuck if the laws changed in my country and work, family are not a major factor involved to any legal issues that may arrise in the future. 3) if im retired and that old and laws havent changed... I may think fuck the man .....im growing everything and if i succeed safely .........well..... Thats a different story as im no cash croper .... Purely personal.....not a story id disscuss here as opengrow isnt for those cash croppers imho. Regards Hillcrest
  17. Just waiting on 1 more address before I bust you all "cough" ....... Sorry meant to say before I post everyones beans. Ok not so funny but I like my humour Regards Hillcrest. Edit.... Really dont wanna say goodbye to some of these but its not like im giving away my seed collection.....just the ones i received for free on opengrow.
  18. Hold up dude i wasnt being aggressive it was just a jibe
  19. Yeah tou obviously didnt really read it did you ?
  20. You sure "your mate" is telling truth ? An size pot with skill can produce wft you want....just takes more effort.
  21. Unfortunately there is not enough info to make a remarks You do not state what strain. You do not state what medium grown in You do not state how long vegged before switching to 12/12 Etc etc Regards Hillcrest
  22. Just to say i appreciate folks may only access site now and then .... And ive been slack on what i stated... My choice lol. If i dont receive an email within 2 weeks frrom today the seeds offered to you go elsewhere given every stain had 3+ requests.
  23. Leo empty your fucking inbox Purely did this to tell you to empty your inbox dude...do you not a understand security ?
  24. Fuck it ..... Leo.Z deserves something for his offer but he didnt get offered anything As Imo he had enough seeds to do an open polleniantion imo ...ok cant have enough lol. Anyway Leo you clocked the BlimBurn seeds "Girl scout Cookie" single fem seeds (which was a freebie from a seed bank) its yours if you want it ? Regards Hillcrest
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