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    I can offer the opinion of a guy who has no idea. Whenever you're ready for that, let me know.


    Lol go for it.


    Barrie offers a nice BBQ and smoke-out and he is not living in a'dam :D


    I was in Amsterdam like 3 times in the last 1,5 years and didn't got better...prices went dramatically up quality lowered except some few places like boerejongens. I'd suggest you to go to different cities (no experience from my side) or countryside. Most people I know say that the weed outside of a'dam is cheaper and better anyways...maybe grab a bicycle and just drive around stoned from restaurant to restaurant..but where to do that the Dutch people can tell you way better than me :)




    Thanks for the info.


    Just to add...my mrs is a veggie (I'M NOT) so any tips on wicked vegges places would be a winner..... Or a meat place that offers a good veggie option would be even better. We do love cooking and food .... More so that weed.


    Regards Hillcrest

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  2. So mrs owes me a trip to the netherlands (smoke holiday)


    I know amsterdam has much to offer smoke wise... But also with culture..... Museums....blah blah.


    Do I tell her book amsterdam ?




    Where else in the netherlands can we visit thats good for smoke choice and other cultural activities, so avoiding the normal tourists and tourist traps ?


    Really like to hear from the dutch folk.

    Anyone wants to meet up and be our guide for a few hours ? Greatly appreciated.


    Shame whazzup isnt around as i remember the days when opengrow meets happened quite often.....can anyone hook me up to him....SANNIE ?




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  3. Forgve my ignorance... BB?


    Given northern lights is my go to strain and has been for 25 yrs ill assume that is NL. Pretty sure most wont agree with me but ive yet to find any breeder that produces northern lights seeds like sensi does. (Ok i have to admit best way is from a cutting from a sensi plant from years ago) the cost of their seeds is silly (i use to buy from them reg though)


    Herer.... Fuck that .... Hands down sensi seeds bought it many many times, ive bought from other breeders (5 to be exact) but never quite cut it. Maybe ive just been lucky on pheno.

  4. Top info :)

    pls let me know if its my addy bro ;) cheers




    Hey Hilcrest, I know it must be hard to let your seeds go, so I, for one, will send you my phone number so you can call them anytime. I also have FaceTime for video calls if that would help. If you would like them to phone home when they've made it here safe and sound,

    I'll make sure they do.


    You're surrogate Nannie, MrG




    Are you insane... Jesus! I pray my kids NEVER phone home or its only means they want something. Lol

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  5. Heres how I think I got respect and received many things for free from seeds to lighting to filters etc.


    1)I never use the same user name on different forums. Sounds odd yes I know. It can work using same username but you can get burnt.


    2) never post the same grow report on different forums. If using same username its ok .....I dont recommend it.


    3) dont buy from seeds banks... Buy direct from breeder.


    4) try buyimg equipement direct........ Most of you have got no chance and have to purchase from a retailer...but make that contact with the manufacturer and ask your questions to the manufacturer...not the retailer.. Before buying...its about them knowing who you are and what your doing.


    5) always give feed back whether it be to seed companies.. Or equipement manufactures... But you must give INDEPTH FEED BACK WITH COMPARISONS TO WHAT YOUVE USED BEFORE. With detailed explanationsbas to why you think their products fails or excel. If you know the fail is on your side ...do NOT try it on.



    6) be generous yourself. Ive donated ..given away many things on forums. DONT go down the I'll TRADE route or allow others to offer trades to get what your giving away.



    Just be aware if you do happen to land on some pre realeased seeds from a major company..... You may have to sign a contract stating you will NOT post the results/photos etc on a public forum unless authorised. Breach can mean youll get screwed legally . Eg. Sensi send you a pre realease seed, all results and photos go to sensi and you are not legally able to share pubically unless able in the contract.


    7) it's amazing what you get from general forums for free. Its about what you put in. Eg. Grow reports ....smoke reports. Equipment reviews etc etc





    Edit. Negativity can destroy you ......even if you hate something.... Give a fair REVIEW. Dont bash it. Your review should be balanced sopleas give some positives even if you feel its all negatives.

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  6. I am keeping some back of the opengrow donations, not many...but enough

    1) who knows when the law will change in my country.

    2) who knows when I dont give a fuck if the laws changed in my country and work, family are not a major factor involved to any legal issues that may arrise in the future.

    3) if im retired and that old and laws havent changed... I may think fuck the man .....im growing everything and if i succeed safely .........well..... Thats a different story as im no cash croper .... Purely personal.....not a story id disscuss here as opengrow isnt for those cash croppers imho.




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  7. Just waiting on 1 more address before I bust you all "cough" .......

    Sorry meant to say before I post everyones beans.




    Ok not so funny but I like my humour





    Edit.... Really dont wanna say goodbye to some of these but its not like im giving away my seed collection.....just the ones i received for free on opengrow.

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  8. Hey hillcrest,

    Sorry i've been also busy. I have cleared my inbox, but she was also nut full before that don't know why you can't send me messages.

    I'm ok then i get nothing, you are right that i have enough vanilla haze. Thank you for the opportunity, don't need the gsc, just found it funny that it's so tiny labeled. Please stop beeing aggressive with me, don't have good nerves.

    Cobgratulations to the winners.




    Hold up dude i wasnt being aggressive it was just a jibe

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  9. You sure "your mate" is telling truth ?


    Unfortunately there is not enough info to make a remarks


    You do not state what strain.


    You do not state what medium grown in


    You do not state how long vegged before switching to 12/12


    Etc etc





    An size pot with skill can produce wft you want....just takes more effort.

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  10. Leo empty your fucking inbox


    Vanilla Sky was in the shop as freebie 1 year ago, i got 5 of them at this time, i would make an f2 of vanilla sky as i have 17 seeds if i would get them. But i think it's also good if others get the chance to grow it, and select for their own.



    Purely did this to tell you to empty your inbox dude...do you not a understand security ?

  11. Fuck it .....

    Leo.Z deserves something for his offer but he didnt get offered anything As Imo he had enough seeds to do an open polleniantion imo ...ok cant have enough lol.


    Anyway Leo you clocked the BlimBurn seeds "Girl scout Cookie" single fem seeds (which was a freebie from a seed bank) its yours if you want it ?




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  12. Many thanks, appreciate the chance to score one of eskobar's jewels. :verrygood


    Not a problem ...your welcome.


    Regards hillcrest


    cheers bro these sound awesome ;) thank you


    Just hope your ready for the time needed to be put in for neville. Very easy to screw this bitch up due to flowering period. It needs more than your standard strains




  13. Hol-e-shit! WOOT! Thank you bro. I just happen to be taking a smoke break at work and you posted. Nice timing. I'll touch base when I get home. No problem giving a grow/smoke report and hopefully I could make some seed. I'll post again this evening. Phones suck.


    Congrats everyone!






    Your welcone


    Thanks sannie

    I appreciate this hillcrest : )

    Respect to all the unknowns out there

    CHEERS opengrow : )


    Haven't won anything in ages : )

    Gotta do the lottery to-nite !


    ;) respect and thanks

  14. Just to clarity ...


    Blu chocolate..... Came directly from fusion as a gift.


    Vanilla sky .....came from Directly from eskobar as a gift.


    Kronocaine came directly from whazzup as a gift.


    Non of the above are a collection iof shop freebies or purchased seeds.



    All other seeds were produced by opengrow members I respect as growers and breeders....amd ive been about abit ...not just on this site...... Even if they are no longer active members.





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  15. Right.

    Here goes.

    Those I didnt select.... Not sorry but who knows...I get sent seeds all the time and you may get selected next time.

    I will not ask for mailing addreses on the messages system but I woukd like all selected members to message me an email address.... Ill message you and can send me your chosen postal address that way.


    Happy growing....


    Blu chocolate .....DreamOfGreen.


    Vanilla Sky ...... (Hard choice) beachbud.


    Kronocaine ...... Pedro Bann.


    Vanilla x Neville Haze ...... V.


    Chocolate rain x Neville haze ....... (I have way more than I said each of these get 10 beans) Scone Or Ark and Haze Cloud.


    Kronocaine x Neville haze...... elchupacabra.


    Kronocaine x chocolate rain ...... Mr goodfellow.


    To me the real prize is......


    Neville haze F2 .... (Again I Have alot) ten to ifish and ten to haze cloud.


    Thats ya lot.


    I may post more beans in the future but only with Sannies go ahead (but with no purchase from sannie .... You get fuck all...only fair to sannie.


    Some of you really did deserve seeds but as you stated you already had seeds of this strain...... Well didnt seem fair.


    Some of you joined AFTER I POSTED THIS GIVEAWAY ......HazE cloud..... Your fucking lucky you got 2 lots. If you dont post a grow report watch out im coming for ya.


    Please.... Everyone that got freebies.....


    1) thank Sannie...... He had nothing to gain from this.....but lose shit like sales.


    2) thank the breeders (not saying who they were as most have left the site for what ever reason)


    3) please post a grow report doesnt have to be indepth... Even just 1 pic at maturity or a smoke report with even just 1 bud pic is nice.


    4) im generous... Many folks here are .... Ive recieved not just canna seeds but veg seeds, lights ......and allsorts. Respect the forum.... Repect other users even if you dont agree with them ....respect the mods...most of all respect the breeders or your fucked.


    Happy growing


    Emails for postal address please






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  16. So as you know Im back, what a fucking amazing holiday (yeah many are wanting to know if they got seeds from the giveaway ..... im busy ..itll happen and the mods know im not a bullshitter and what I say happens)


    here are some photos of the out door grow. Being away we have had here in UK everything from 25C weather to arctic chills over pasts few weeks and plants show it....plus pest shit. Im not worried regarding autos but I will be keeping a close eye on the fem so it doesnt fuck up the autos..... I'll pull it if it looks that way.









    so much wind burn its unreal. Many looking at these who grow indoors may think ....damn they look bad.... yep they do .....but havin grown outdoors before I Know what gets thrown at em ....and what they can take..... their root system far exceeds any indoor plant so has the capability to recover far faster....... ok.... normally but we are in UK so take all I said take with a pinch of salt as we dont get stable or reliable weather lol


    happy growing



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  17. I'm back, please give me a few days to adjust as I'm knackered, I'll speak to a few folks and announce who gets what In say 4-5 days. Thanks


    Happy growing.

    Regards Hillcrest.


    P.S. I found some amazing places to eat. Even my veggie mrs was happy. Can't knock wagu beef even if you do pay through the nose ....... supprisingly it was a Disney place 'tiffins' can't recommend it highly enough. We moved from near Kissimmee to davenport (won't bore you as to why but was far better as away from tourist shite.)


    p.p.s. trumps a dick but I would happily move to davenport/Florida from the UK.

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  18. If you could get downvoted on here im sure i would after that comment lol.


    Im a meat eater (so should win staying here) and my partner is a veggie..... But....Ive craved a NICE fresh salad for last few days..... Not happening. Had salads .... But shit..... I'm just gonna leave it there. Off in morning to find a market..... Not supermarket i mean a MARKET where restaurants would normally buy stuff ...say wholesale. I might be coming across dumb to some americans but its my first time here and I CAN cook...... And just as much skill preparing a good salad or certain raw dishes as one that requires cooking.


    Sorry sooo off tangent. LOL

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  19. What part of the states are you getting to visit? Hope you all have a good time.






    Not my choice id prefer much more northern / north/western . This is for the kids so its orlando/kissimmee ...yes you guessed it damn disney shit and universal. But thanks Mr goodfellow.... Sure if the kids enjoy i will too...so far they are loving it.


    Must point out.... If your american and live near orlando and consider yourselves foodies ....... Come to europe ....ANYWHERE IN EUROPE ....youll think you landed on a new planet called 'quality food' Your food is shit. Massive portions yeah but damn seems everything is processed... Dont know if its just here down south due to heat and preserving etc. Sorry dont wanna sound rude but truely seems that way.


    Hides behind a wall.



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