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  1. Thx. I'm not holding out much hope for the doll in my climate due to rain but it should in theory finish about the same time as the mikromachines that have done well before. We will just have to wait and see. regards Hillcrest
  2. You should look into canna bio (organics) far less messing around with ec/ph (as in no messing around) just plant the beans and feed. I started my organics this way for cannabis and veg/fruit and now just condition my soil and mix my own feeds and soil. With organics its ALMOST impossible to over feed if using premixed feeds (I used canna products, sime other organic feeds do require adjustments) . Once you master it switching to own soils and feeds is quite simple with alittle research. As far as coco goes ..... Try mixing it with clay pebbles say 50/50 you WILL get better easier results. Cant go wrong with ecothrive.....I know the owner 😉 Stop buying great white its over priced as aimed at cannabis growers. Buy this trust me as I've done 5 yrs testing this stuff and comparing to mainstream cannabis market products. http://www.bioorganicgarden.co.uk/shop/mycorrhizal-fungi-for-shrubs-flowers-vegetables-fruits-trees-grass/mycoforce-mycorrhizal-transplanter/ Or this ...... http://www.bioorganicgarden.co.uk/shop/mycorrhizal-fungi-for-shrubs-flowers-vegetables-fruits-trees-grass/symbio-mycogro-organic-starter-fertiliser-10kg/ I use the starter fert with myco in it as buy in 20kg bags as use on my veg plot and lawn lol. Greetz and happy grow Hillcrest.
  3. Just a heads up ..... The number of seeds listed ..... lets just say "I might have more then listed" hehe ...... so don't be put off choosing a strain just because a few others already have chosen it. Leo.Z ..... You were not the only user to message me..... There were more so don't sweat it. Regards Hillcrest
  4. Hi folks, Well slight delay as it turned out the LED grow light was damaged so I had to rely on good old sunshine to bring on the seedlings which took awhile as there isn't much sun here . Anyway I've just planted the 3 seedlings out and yet another change to what I was going to do...... no Canna bio soil so I've dug the holes, lined the bottoms with good quality farmyard manure, place a layer of vegetable compost over this and filled in round the seedlings with a mix of garden dirt, veg compost and the Symbio organic fertiliser/Myco mix through. As expected the auto's are coming along nicely and the Russian doll (non Auto) a little slower. They all had a good watering in and will get another watering before I go away for 2 weeks (Prays for no extreme sunny days) A friend hopefully should keep an eye on these for me but shouldn't need much of a water till I'm back ...weather permitting. Spaced around 3-4 foot apart. Russian doll in the middle. Auto Mikromachine 1 Russian Doll Auto Mikromachine 2 Next post will be in around 3 week when I get back to see how they are coming along....or pronounce DOR (dead on return ) Will also make an announcement to who gets the seeds in the give away Regards Hillcrest P.S. It's my Birthday so I'm going to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate digging the dirt again.
  5. I'd like to see grow reports....its not a must but i'm sure many ogers would love to see some of these crosses in a report and would be ashame if I give these away and NO ONE posts a growreport. Anyway....... Can forum members pls stop messenging me about their choices or trying to sway me into picking them via messaging. If your interested then post what youd like in this thread. Trying to bribe me or sway me in anyway via the message facility is not playing fair in my mind and youll just get ignored. Everyone gets the same shot and I'll pick those I think deserve them by looking at users previous posts and growreports etc, if youve not done any grow reports it doesnt mean I wont choose you .....but users that actively bring stuff/info to the forum will get a better shot. Peace Hillcrest
  6. Following and watching who asks for what. Thanks for the kind remarks, but I have been on the receiving end of generosity from this community from commercial breeders, home breeders and even forum users that produce/manufacture lighting so it's only fair I give back to the community what I can't use. I'm travelling in 2 weeks to the states ..... for 2 weeks so will make my choices soon as I return. I see currently 3 strains are heavy choices so I'm going to have a hard decision to make and must admit..... given I have known the mods for 4 years + and sannie I've had a number of discussions with (positive and negative) I think I'll make my choices and ask For their input also, considering I've been away from the community for awhile. This may mean I may split a certain seed between 2 opengrowers but to be honest I don't think would be the right move given they are reg seeds..... any way new series of twin peaks starts whilst I'm away so more important things on my mind lol. Anyone intrigued by my lastest outdoor grow report...... seedlings hitting outdoor dirt come Sunday as I'm just Hardening them off just now. https://www.opengrow...__fromsearch__1
  7. Hi Opengrowers, I have a selection of seeds I was sent from a number of growers/breeders for free all be it 4 yrs ago and they have been kept in a seed fridge at 5 Degrees so should still be viable as I've germinated seeds 7+ yrs kepted in this fridge, just dont rely on them if you start them as your only grow . I only wanna offer them for free, not trades. I will ideally only offer to those with grow reports and to those that have grown similar strains. See the list below. I'll look at those members that show interest to specific seeds and choose from there after 4 weeks after looking at members threads . I've been given the ok to do this by Sannie. Each strain will not be split, you'll get all the number of seeds listed for that strain and growers can only select 1 strain. I'd like ALL recipients to do a grow report 😏 Seed list: 8 x Blu chocolate reg : fusion seeds (what happened to them ? ) 12 x Vanilla sky reg :eskobar 10 x Kronocaine reg : Wazzzzzzupppp 10 x Vanilla sky x Neville haze reg : cant tell you. 10 x chocolate rain x Neville haze reg : can't tell you. 10 x Kronocaine x chocolate Rain reg : can't tell you. 10 x Neville haze F2 reg : can't tell you "Can't tell you "as a breeder means I'm not prepared to disclose as they were or are still members on here and dont want them hassled to give up more seeds, but trust me I've grown plenty of these seeds and all work out sweeeeet. Reason for giveaway: Simply in my climate most of these will never finish outside as I don't grow under lighting anymore. Just post which you'd like below and i'll make a decision in 4 weeks or so. Regards Hillcrest. 😊
  8. HillCrest

    Rdwc autos.

    Think you forgot the pics
  9. Subbed. I know "G" who started the company and developed ecothrive. I've used it before but only in my vegetable plot as lay fallow for over a year. Gave good results but to be fair I don't think my soil needed much conditioning. If you mix in the correct balance of myco, bacteria and and other biosimulants into your soil mix there's no need for fork out for ecothrive (sorry G if your here) lol. Assuming your starting with a GOOD source of compost there's far more cost effective products around, but saying this sourcing a good compost can be hard to do. Take a look at this product http://www.bioorgani...ertiliser-10kg/ more info : http://www.symbio.co...gro%205.3.8.pdf granted it has something's ecothrive doesn't have but I'm sure not much and it'll have other things eco doesn't have. If you look at price per kg you soon see why I use this. I know G knows symbio as we've disscussed the company before as they supply MANY Of the companies that sell canna specific products with their myco. Believe me when I say a lot of the claims AND ingredients a lot of the companies claim are out right lies and it's pure marketing to make you think it's been developed purely for cannabis so will work better than say a general myco for say veg growers at 1/5 the price, which simply isnt true .....generic myco for gardenders works just the same. This isn't a go at ecothrive but IS against companies like white widow from i think Humbolt , their claims are BS ..... seen/had analysised their products and compared it to their claims...... Totally false and can show email evidence. Happy growing Hillcrest
  10. Only two auto mikromachine seeds currently between moist cotton wipes PLUS a freebie on Russsian Doll from kannabia also. Shells just cracked after 48 Hrs and will be placed in ROOT IT sponges at 72 hrs. Once rooted fully in the sponges they will be going straight out in the dirt which will be a mix of normally garden topsoil (it ain't normal as I've conditioned it well ) and canna bio soil. Slight change to how I will be feeding these plants ..... I won't be using canna bio nutes but soil will be premixed with organic fert which contains mycorrhizal fungi, other bacteria and bio stimulants and top dressed with same every 5-8 weeks. Bought a 20kg bag of this as I know the company very well and have had excellent results from a number of their products and need this much for my veg/fruit/lawn etc. http://www.bioorganicgarden.co.uk/shop/mycorrhizal-fungi-for-shrubs-flowers-vegetables-fruits-trees-grass/symbio-mycogro-organic-starter-fertiliser-10kg/ more info: http://www.symbio.co.uk/files/2015%20datasheets/horti/Symbio%20Mycogro%205.3.8.pdf Will start posting photos once they hit the dirt outside. Greetz Hillcrest
  11. The article actually recommends 2 LARGE RAW BUDS... not small. As for the cannabinoid acids etc.... Juiced fan leaves wont provide these alone as there is little to no cannabinoids in these.... Dependant of strain.
  12. Class .. Wish my brain had picked that one up before you. Respect.
  13. To be honest naming helps but.... Seems Bs but even pics i didnt name and uploaded here I CAN name the strain and tell you how I grew it...even shit ten yrs ago. Ive nver randomly grown anything and always had a plan and stuck to it ....ISH lol... If you dont you dont learn in my opinion.
  14. Thx all and im very happy to be back. Glad to see members I know and have had chats with before. Seems quiter than I remember and yeah I know there are larger communties around but I like it here. Seems to me also there are a few members with attitudes on here that need reigning in....or is it rainng in lol ? I dont remember users on this forum EVER telling another member to "fuck off" just because they dont agree with them . WTF is going on here ?
  15. Growing This..... https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/62543-tangerine-dream/
  16. Each to their own but if you beleive this is the reason it lowered your blood pressure I think you need to study medicine more as there nothing in large fan leaves that is remotely capablie of doing this. Seems your one one those that believes cannabis is a magic cure douglas. With years of experience and medical knowledge you soon realise the truth. YES cannabis DOES have great medicinal properties.... But fan leaves do not period. Same effect as juicing green cabbage lol ...show me medical proof ill shut up but not random posts from cannabis communities claiming x, y z EDIT: i humbly erased the (asking for more) drama
  17. Not a great deal in the fan leaves. These are basically the solar panels of the plant, now if your talking about the much smaller leaves then yes there is more. Digest too much cholorpyhll you'll find it can trigger IBS in some ppl .
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