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  1. Only thing your gaining here by juicing fan leaves is chorophyll..... Pointless and bad for human digestion.
  2. Dont panic too much ....I did back in the day when i saw this https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/image/83658-img-4365/ General garden spiders for me lol
  3. Hi ladies and gents. Many of the older crowd will remember me. Many of you helped me out in many ways from advice to free test seeds even ......waves at whazzup....hupla....sannie.....vito......carper......cloneman ....eskobar......etc etc. Sorry if I missed you out 😏 I did say I was starting a grow last year after a few years off due to personal curcumstances which I explained to many but it didnt happen. WELL this year circumstances are much better so I WILL be starting my outside grow for personal use ONLY. The grows nothing massive 2-3 plants but for those in the UK you may find it useful. Im sticking with Auto Mikromachine fem yet again as I've never found any strain grow so well in this climate and give such a great smoke/high and quantity.... Ok rain can be an issue and lost abit due to rot but what was left was AWESOME in quantity and quality. There's just no need to grow bloody midget plants in the UK ....lowryders....fuck that shit. Heres the last grow of Auto Mikromachine fem (includes some shitty lowryders) from almost 4 years ago https://www.opengrow.com/topic/47267-one-auto-mikromachine-plus-lowryder-2-to-follow/page__fromsearch__1 Seeds arrive in next few days and will be started indoors using a prototype LED light donated to me from a friend on here back then. Erm ....think it was silversurfer.... Sorry if thats wrong it WAS 4 years ago. Will be planted out in general garden dirt with a mix in of Canna bio soil and only feed with canna bio bloom every now and then. Regards as ever Hillcrest 😉
  4. Hi folks, Been away from the scene for quite awhile for a number of reasons. Many of you may remember me I'm running outta butter and looking to stock up again...... last batch did last me nearly 2 years or more. I'm looking for a strain that's AUTO/FEM and has no more than 70 days flowering (70 days is pushing it in the UK already) and suitable for the UK shitty weather. I had great success with my last grow outdoors with around only 5 Oz lost to rot (thanks rain) I'll only be growing maybe 2 plants but will start more so i can thin the herd down to keep only the strongest. All recommendations welcome but please god dont recommend any low ryders as they are simply not worth my time and effort given the one Auto Mikromachine i grew produced 242 gram I looking to get the same yeild this year with the right strain....... to be honest im actually considering using the same strain. Still got a nice stock of seeds from kind donations from 2 years back from the guys at Fusion, Whazzup, e$kob@r and a few other but most of the strains are not suitable for the UK outdoors. Greetz Hillcrest
  5. Hi folks been away abit.... Just busy with family and work ....... Summers coming.... I'm back
  6. This is natural for weed.......... And most plants. Plants with waxy or more ridgedl leaves, it's hardly noticeable if at all It's very noticeable with tomatoes. Some stains it's more noticeable than others. Leaves outdoor generally start to droop at sunset, so it can be more noticeable outdoors than in. It's generally attributed to the roots becoming cooler and the plants starting to breath. As this happens there is less water retained in the leaves as they are transpiring water less. If you go to GHS site theres a time lapse film of a whole poly tunnel of weed growing ....day and night. This video quite clearly shows this phenomenon. Grtz HC
  7. HillCrest

    testing pics

    Jail break. Add faker agent. Select any browser other that safari iPad. Safari won't help you try.... Puffin as safari won't let you copy the bb code to paste pics ...... I only use puffin when posting on forums as it lets me do everything required. Grtz HC
  8. There's still 3 lower branches left on the plant waiting till next week to chop up and add fresh to the trim and bud I already have dried and knock up some butter. This time I'll going to add more butter than normal because at my normal ratio's the cookies etc I cook, you end up eating only a third or a quater as there way too strong. Would like to make more tame butter so I can eat a proper potion and not feel like I'm home sick from spending alittle took much time on the moon Think i'll end up with enough butter for my recipes to last me and the mrs almost 2 years. I'll still be starting several outdoor grows next year under LED that's for sure. Watch out for some amusing locations in 2014. Grtz HC
  9. Final weigh in when dry....... Lowryder 2........ 32 gram. Auto Mikromachine ............ 242 gram. Happy days. Plenty of canna butter coming up Grtz HC
  10. I like all the above comments. Main points are....... Street lights etc etc are not the sun or a close proxsimity HPS such as indoor growing so the lights close by are giving the plant such low levels it's irrelevant...... As long as their not direct under a light. Just make sure you remove the cover when the sun is completely down for a period of time and there's no sign of sunset still. A few hours in a bag won't harm if plant is healthy and dry. If wet, as has been said already, you run mold issues. I personally use one of those black conical compost bins over a plant ..... I just have to tie the plant up with string first to bring in the side branching in. Grtz HC
  11. The Lowryder 2 is now cut down and drying. Guessing 18 gram dry. The Auto Mikromachine is ready for the chop also. I have only removed the main cola for trimming and drying at the moment as I spotted mold in the recent rains..... Luckily it was caught fast and only lost maybe 5g. This plaint smells amazing...as does my home after the trimming. The Mrs is gong mental due to the odour so got pots of liquid Ona everywhere. Very little trimming need with this plant. I will give the total dry weight once all chopped and dried. Guesstimate.... 5oz but we'll see....... I was way off on the LED Lowryder 2 estimate. Grtz HC
  12. That would work yes. Personally and this depends on how long I'd been vegging the originals I'd ...... Take cuttings and flower the originals. Grtz HC
  13. Happy to report the weed is dry and wieghed in. It has dried a bit fluffy and seemed to have to have lost all odour....... that is till i jarred it up to start curing and already there is a much fruitier odour after only a few days. yes folks...... thats 29 gram..... and I've nicked some already. 14W led plus the cooling fan..... so lets call it 16W. 1.8grms per W. Yes I'm amazed also. Grtz HC
  14. Well the 3 x lowryder 2 came down today, maybe could have done another week. I will show the dried weight when dry but I'm going to guess at 18 - 20 grams which is around 1.3g/w. obviously this is only a guess from my experience and they could dry up fluffy and lose way more than I think but either way I know I'm happy with the results lighting wise .........Even if I'm not that happy with the strain. IMO you can't go wrong with IS-LED (Ideal Spectrum) lighting modules and remember this was an old prototype used in developement .....so their lighting is even better now. Big up IS-LED............ And my Skillz of course I will post up pics in 10 to 14 days once most moisture has departed the bud. My grow box makes an excellent dry box too This is the last of my indoor grows for what could be a longgggggg time for a number of reasons which I am not prepared to go into here.. I will however be doing summer outdoor grows......... So anyone with any new autos they want testing............ Grtz HC
  15. i Understand where your coming from but your 'time to catch up' will be not short...it will be decades given the global economic climate.
  16. Mostlyme........ All you need is readily avaliable through eBay ....seaweed also at very competitive prices...... Even with delivery. Locally for me most things I need are easy to find but I order 25kg sacks of bone,blood etc via eBay, also seaweed extract now and then. If your where your profile says you are everything should be more readly avaliable than here in uk. But I know many folks don't say truelÅ· where their location is due to legal issues Grtz HC
  17. Which gse is it ? There are afew. Assuming in and out fans are same size the difference in pressure should be a min of 20% If fans are different then we need to know ...... Which controller ? What are both fans ? Are you using a filter and which ? How much duct are you using and where ? Grtz HC
  18. Don't rely on cloning from flowering plants ...... Make sure you have another route to take in case you strike out. It is by no means as reliable as taking clones from vegging plants. Grtz HC
  19. What helps balance the ph Mostlyme sometimes doesn't last out depending of flowering time for example. To say adjusting the ph in an organic grow isn't necessary is not true at all, it depends n what your using. Ph effects all plants whether mineral or organic. Try planting in a high acidic or high alkaline soil and feeding with organics..... Watch those problems appear.....it wont take long. It's about a combo of a good soil recipe, soil life and quality feeds which help balance Ph. Simply being organic doesn't make it ph immune. Being a grower of many things....... I so wish it was that simple. Grtz HC
  20. Shooting Bear......... If your plants are healthy you can try cloning at any time. In flower they just take longer to switch back from flower cycle to veg and can from 2-4 weeks to root. Some strains simply refuse to root from full flower....... But I haven't found that many that won't. Also be aware that if in full flower if they do root you may get some freaky looking growth to start but it simply grows out I would like to point out that mAny folks are sometimes alittle mislead with aero...... Thinking that it's faster. The speed is in the skill of creating the right enviroment whether it be rock wool .... Sponge....... Aero etc. In aero you simply see the roots faster due to there being no medium around the stem it's abit like folks thinking they root faster in 1/2 inch cubes compared to say 1.5 inch cubes. Don't get me wrong I'm an aero fan, but I can root to the same degree in many mediums in the same time, sort of. The extra air/oxygen in aero does help abit. Grtz HC
  21. La vie recipe works well...... I have some veg doing great at the moment in it. The heirloom toms are looking amazing, Grtz HC
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