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  1. Thanks silva, I have to confess that I've trimmed 20% veg off to allow light exposure to the lower bud sites. Plus a cheeky bud or two to sample.

    The outdoor lowryder will yeild more Definately, but ths led lowryder looks healthier, trics developed faster and smells nicer.


    The spectrum was a winner. Can't wait for a weigh in to see g/w.


    Grtz HC

  2. Thanks folks ;)

    Yeah the weather is perfect weed weather now to say the spring early summer was wet and windy....especially windy at my location due to being very exposed for miles around, i suffered wind burn..... And a few lost branches due to wind but managed to strap a few up.

    If mr weatherman is to be believed we have upto 2 months of blinding sun..... Hahahahaha

    Actually makes me wish I planted these a little later.


    No mint smell la vie....... Just the generic dirty skunk weed smell.

    The trics developed faster on the led lowryder than on this one outside.


    The Mikromachine is a veryyyyyyyyy fruity smell indeed, everything from berries to pineapple to ..... Apricot. If it smokes as well as it smells..... Damn winner and I'm planting a number of them outdoors next year.

    Be warned though...... This lady with high humidity..... Little to no breeze and you can smell her 40 ft away....not so good unless in a remote location...... Luckily I have a manure pile close by ;)


    Grtz HC



  3. Try one of these internally.




    As air is passing through an air brick the clay parts of the air brick act as an obstruction and will disturb the air flow increasing noise even more.


    Not what you want to hear but the best way to reduce noise is a larger fan running even slower.

    It'll give you less noise with same air flow.


    No fan is silent really I bought a etaline fan (hurricane) built into its own silencer. ...... Still noisy a bit but as very over rated volume wise it was quieter that my others..


    Another way to reduce noise is to remove the filter and use an inline ozone generator to remove odour. This will mean your fan can be turned down even more reducing noise more.


    Variac fan controllers also help reduce some of the noise from fan hum etc.


    Acoustic ducting ?


    There are many options to help you reduce the noise, but in my experience...... At 10" fan...... And air brick isn't large enough to allow the air to pass through freely enough without any noise.


    Make sure your running lights and fans at less social hours like late at night and early morning rather than in day and in evening to help with folks in garden. Eg lights on at 10pm...of at 10am. That way when fan kicks in at full power ever....... There should be no one about.


    Grtz HC

  4. Right here we go.


    48 hrs does nothing.


    Legit WHITE strains such as widow and Russian etc if left in dark for a week or more before chop DO throw out more tric's ...

    FACT.......tried and tested quite a few years back with sensi's Ww and DPs white strains also.

    Be aware though they have to be legit WHITE strains... Crosses don't work......and dodgy breeders so called versions of white strains are hit and miss also.


    It works best with WW.


    As to why it works for white strains and how......No idea ;)


    According to sensi and DP it has nothing to do with chlorophyll flush...... It is purely used as a stress reaction by white strains and only used to increase tric levels.... Inturn this relates to potency levels per gram.


    Grtz HC


    Ps. GHS white strains react the same way.


    Pps lol forgot to say......l

    Make sure your plants healthy and humidity is right especially with WW as you'll increase the risk of rot greatly with this strain using this method.

    Personally for the extra time............ I found it pointless ..... Yes more tric.... So more bag appeal ....... But nothing that amazing that it's worth doing.

  5. Mites for sure.


    Pets are a good way of getting mites too ;) especially cats allowed in your grow.


    Their a bugger to get rid off but it's possible if caught early....but can take time.


    Best sure fire way to get rid is throw the lot if your can bare to do it. Cleans your grow room to a silly degree and start again. Extreme I know but the only 100% method.


    Seen folks have issues with these grow after grow after grow if not done right.


    Good luck


    Grtz HC

  6. Hi folks,


    I notice about a week ago on one of my plants outdoors what appeared to be pest damage on one or two of the lower bud sites and thpought nothing of it. I just been pout for another look and its spreading like wild fire through all bud sites and not just one plant now.

    As i originally said at first I thought this was pest damage but I can find NO pests !!!!

    I am now starting to thinmk this is either disease or something brought on by a deficiency and am looking fpr some advice as to what may be. I have never come across this sort of damage before in all my years..... but i must point out im been very lazy and havent even bothered to look it up at all and simply thought I'd take the short cut of asking my fellow growers :)

    The damage is spreading to such a degree it culd be too late to save anything.:(


    heres some pics:






    i know im probably going to kick myself when i know what it is for being lazy lol


    thanks for any advice or leads.


    Grtz HC

  7. The full study states that there is an increase of THC on/within the leaves but not a significant one........ Most of use don't like smoking chlorophyll so cut most off...... If your sensible using for butter etc.


    The defects of cannabis on the body are due to a combination of THC and canabiniods ...not purely THC.

    Depends what your after ... It horses for courses.


    I have seen many tests with UV, all just about leading to the conclusion that if you have the right bulb, supplemental uv is pointless.

    Far cheaper to run the correct bulb than add others.


    I'm with mr D in the fact it isn't that controlled the test in that thread. A true controllled test would be separate tents with highly controlled environments. One of the reasons for this is firstly overspill of UV... Ok this would show to the tester and even less benefit.

    The second reason for a separate tent is that plants have been shown to communicate attack or environmental differences to each other through hormone release, electrical impulses and very recently through their root network. This again woud effect the true nature of the test if they do interact and advise physical or morphological changes to each other.


    Shits been tested for years and I see no major respected grower or breeder using suplimental UV.


    What John Deer states about location is nothing to do with increased UV at a certain location, it could be many reasons...r a combination ...but purely UV.....NO.

    Cannabis may produce more resin in a response to UV..... This is the plant defence kicking in, in an attempt to protect itself from the UV. Increased resin does not mean increased potency.


    There are many strains that look as if the resin production is small... But their potency can far out weigh some strains that are dripping in resin.

    The appearance of profuse tricomes is no indication of potency.


    Grtz HC

  8. Dank city......

    Your trying to over complicate things.

    You it appears, but correctly if I'm wrong, are wanting to use bulbs hung vertically ???

    Yes this is a type of vertical grow, but a true vertical grow ... Has a vertical bulb ........and plants are stacked vertically also around the bulbs in a circle, sort of like multiple circular shelving.

    I have used both versions.


    There is X yield per watt lets say in a normal grow. Over complicated thought processes lead if your lucky to the same X yeild per watt....... But with more work.


    Now bare with here as I've just eaten a cookie as its mŷ day off lol ;)


    IMO and many others on here, after tests ....

    light movers don't increase any yield per watt.

    Rotating plants doesn't increase your yield per watt.

    Both of the above only gives you a more even bud structure so to speak over your whole crop and the plant simply developes in a more uniform way, BUT What you gain in one area you lose in an other.


    The main points/benefits to growing with a vertical bulb is heat rises away from the 'canopy' so to speak and IR Is distributed more evenly and not concentrated in one area more than another, such as in a horizontal grow using a reflector. These are really the only benefits.... So it's environmental and vert may suit you .... It may not. It's a suck it and see.


    Some strains..... YES, the only way to achieve the 'max' yeild per watt is scrogging. Others ...not. This is where Skillz come into it...... Always good to try varying techniques as Skillz picked up in one technique can sometimes be adapted to others.


    In regards to your question about .... 'What about the buds at the back?'.....in a vertical grow

    As your have all ready stated yourself it's like the bottom buds in a horizontal grow.

    The lower branches are younger so no matter what light you give them the will only ever produce less yeild per bud let's say than the upper old branches, but in vert they will produce more than normal, but yes the buds to the walls may seem either slightly smaller or more airy. Again what you gain in one area you lose in another.


    Vertically bulb growing suits sativa's more Than indicas obviously as they are more compact.


    Now the first wave of cookie hit has died down I'll try to summarise my waffling......


    Don't worry about The buds at the back. It's swings and round abouts.

    Growing vert is an environmental thing and only increases your normal yield on X strain if the heat and IR the plants receives is more acceptable than using a horizontal bulb and reflector. Generally speaking from very old experienced growers I know vert scrogging it pointless.


    I've been lucky enough to have access for 2 years to a system similar to one of these awhile back.....


    ..... Great for small herbs and soe short flowering plants but utter shit for EVery strain of cannabis given the cost.


    Really sorry for waffling but I have a right buzz on from the Kronocaine butter coolies :D


    Grtz HC

  9. Would like to point out that that there has been a number of threads regarding UVB etc on here.

    I have already posted a few research papers in those threads where it has already been shown/proven that increased doses of UVB although may slightly change the plants morphology it does NOT increase the THC or canabiniods within the plant.

    Here is part of the research I have posted already.... But can't find the thread......



    The effects of UV-B radiation on photosynthesis, growth and cannabinoid production of two greenhouse-grown C. sativa chemotypes (drug and fiber) were assessed. Terminal meristems of vegetative and reproductive tissues were irradiated for 40 days at a daily dose of 0, 6.7 or 13.4 kJ m-2 biologically effective UV-B radiation. Infrared gas analysis was used to measure the physiological response of mature leaves, whereas gas-liquid chromatography was used to determine the concentration of cannabinoids in leaf and floral tissue.


    There were no significant physiological or morphological differences among UV-B treatments in either drug- or fiber-type plants. The concentration of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), but not of other cannabinoids, in both leaf and floral tissues increased with UV-B dose in drug-type plants. None of the cannabinoids in fiber-type plants were affected by UV-B radiation.


    The increased levels of Δ9-THC in leaves after irradiation may account for the physiological and morphological tolerance to UV-B radiation in the drug-type plants. However, fiber plants showed no comparable change in the level of cannabidiol (a cannabinoid with UV-B absorptive characteristics similar to Δ9 THC). Thus the contribution of cannabinoids as selective UV-B filters in C. sativa is equivocal.



    So basically I looked at this similar to how plants react under plasma lighting..... Morphology etc changes , possibily altering the plants

    resistance to UVB making for a slightly healthier plant and yes seemingly making the trics ripen/ turn cloudy more evenly and also some say increasing some terpenes.

    But overall the strength of the cannabis produced under such lighting is NOT increased.


    Referenced from ...... http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1751-1097.1987.tb04757.x/abstract




    They are many environmental factors which can increase or decrease THC or canabiniods levels by location........


    Air quality



    Soil quality or composition.....

    Even the species of soil life vary from location to location.

    Etc etc etc


    These are factors that will influence the strength of a cannabis plant far more that the amount of UV it receives.


    @John Deer..

    I'm not saying don't bother with your test at all, but science has already proven that UV doesn't really impact on cannabis strength to any significant degree...so why waste your electric.


    I just remembered where I posted the research before lmao ...it was in MostlyMe's enviroment thread ;)



    Think we've moved on from that little tiff now though :) ..... Or I hope we have.


    Grtz HC

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  10. Sorry.....

    If you have a HPS bulb I see no need for a uv bulb. !!!!


    If you have a good light HPS.... LED ....Plasma ...whatever...... There is no need or benefit IMO.


    Why do you want to install a uv bulb and on what basis have you decided you would like one ?


    You say great minds and growers here........... But I know of no one here using one regularly !


    Grtz HC

  11. You need quite a few of the bulbs to replace the CFL due to the way the bulbs are constructed you lose a lot of use able light. better off buy a low watt REAL led grow light.

    Contact IS-LED (ideal Spectrum) i'm sure theyll be able to make you one at a very good price. Im using a 14W LED light from them now in this thread. (all be it an older proto type model) see the results for yourself.



    Grtz HC

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  12. Here's an update.

    Can't denigh they are really happy with the LED light they are recieving and seem to be doing better than the one I have in the dirt outside.

    Here's a few pics after watering. I have to water outside as getting unsafe with size and electrics around.








    Grtz HC

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  13. Mikro now at 70cm and no way will it finish by the time it has supose to lol....but no suprise for where i live.

    loving the Mikro though.

    Really wont ever both with the lowryders again as simply too small.

    Here's some pics of both :)












    Happy growing folks, i'm off to order more of the Auto Mikromachine for next years outdoor grow as i can see me happily growing a number of these.


    Grtz HC

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