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  1. if you grow in scrog then the height of your growroom is no limitation and you do not necessary have to use a mover. The reflector has a wide spread, use reflective walls and keep it at 2,5 ft from your crop. The exit radius of the reflector is 120 degrees so figure it out :D


    Remember you can have about 50-70% more light with the 1000W double ended compared to 2 400W lamps, depending on brand and ballast.


    Cheers Whazzup for your input, appreciated.


    Well the hieght of the Growroom is a limitation to me, but only due to the style I prefer to grow. I also have strains which don't really like a scrog and much prefer a tree like status (all be it with a load of training..very handy with the old string and yoyo's) to reap the benefits.

    Only a few are like this so scrog was always ...and is always on the cards.


    The Light rail was an idea Primarily to lower the light burn risk, as a distance of 2.5 ft away from the light REALLY DOES give me hieght limitations (for me anyway-strain dependant). I thought moving the light would enable me to get the light closer (plants to grow taller) without burn.

    I was hoping to get the light to aleast 12-16" away from the canopy.

    Your thoughts on this would be welcomed Whazzup.


    The choice of the Gavita 1000DE or the Pro 600 was apart from stability, reliability and bulb is down to the Reflector. very impressed with it preformance from other grows I have seen...and low cost for replacement. (£20)


    Whazzup... been reading through a few of the lighting reviews/testings you guys have done here..... great stuff.

  2. Hi All,

    I'm Hillcrest, New to the forum but not new to Growing.

    Just switched to Organic's after 13 yrs of Hydro and the odd soil grow now and then.

    Did the switch due to time restraints ... MOST HAPPY ...LESS FAFFING ABOUT.... HEALTHIER, TASTIER PLANTS :j

    Located this forum via gooogle whilst researching the Gavita 1000DE lighting unit.

    Been on a few forums relating to growing, most swamped with useless info, haters and those that always know best :P

    So far after trawlling through OpenGrow for a few days whilst my registration was validated.......... I'M IMPRESSED :D

  3. Hi sannie,


    Very nice Show :j


    I am about to be loaned a Gavita 1000DE light by an importer, as I wish to upgrade my 2 x 400W Dimmable Lumatek's but am concerned heat maybe an issue (This is due to ventilation noise restrictions).

    Going to give it a trial, run on a Jupiter Light Rail in a purpose built 2M x 1M room (current 0.9M x 1.8M)

    Unfortunately Hieght is only 1.85-1.90M

    I am having engineers come look at the building soon to see if it is structurally possible to make the area 1.5M x 2M.

    If I find I can not control the heat without creating too much noise I am considering the Gavita 600W Dimmable.


    Any thoughts on the upgrade ?


    Have you recorded data using the data logger whilst using the ballast on settings other than 1000W ? If so would it be possible to obtain this data from you ?




    Please could you give more details of the fan below such as Manufacturer and Model etc... or a link ? I would be very grateful.


    The ventilation tube to blow the warm air just under the lamp to the 2 hole's in the top of the tent:




    I shall run a grow journal on here when the building work has finished in 2-3 months :P


    Once again many thanks, seems I have found a Forum AND Breeder who give the information growers and breeders want. :D

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