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    Growing the herb, guitars, sidecar motorcycles. Those are the big 3 but my interests also include alchemy, psychedelics and in particular Stropharia Cubensis mushrooms. I enjoy reading about shamanism and anything by Terence McKenna. <br /><br />I don't care for: News, Politics, Fashion, latest TV shows or anything else that reeks of the mindless popular culture that's sitting blindly by while our leaders destroy the environment and start wars.
  1. Hi Ghostrider, I know how it goes when age and infirmity catch up with you! I just wanted to point out that there's a wide variability in mature seed size from strain to strain so if you go buy some straining screens, you may want an assortment so you can match the screen to the mature seed size for that strain. Dee
  2. Hi Solstick, Some people go 12/12 with seeds fairly early. And while they are stretching during the early part of flower, that's a good time to take cuttings for clones. Up to three weeks and they'll revert back to vegetative growth once back under 18 or 24 hours of light (always depending on strain). That sounds like not enough light for mothers but I don't know what Le lights are. Do you mean LED? I keep my Mothers under my veg lights. They need enough light not only to survive, but to make enough new branching for future cuttings. One other thing to consider is that as a general rule, for treating depression, you want a sativa rather then an Indica. A more up high. I'm not familiar with JackBerry but if it is sativa dominant...it should do the trick. But, be prepared that Sativas take longer to mature. There's very little in growing that can be rushed and if you try, it sometimes backfires. Good luck and welcome, Dee
  3. Hi Joker, OK, now I have a better idea of what you're trying to do. I've read a bit about breeding but am in no way any kind of expert. From what I've read and experienced, the F-1 generation is fairly consistent, then the F-2 and F-3 generations start to vary wildly. So if my understanding is correct, you should have a better chance of finding a blueberry dominant pheno not in the F-1 but in the next couple of generations. Sounds like a fun project though and good luck on it. Cheers, Dee
  4. In order to understand the diagnoses of potential medical users I assume? Personally I don't know how useful this will be. Since for axample CHF congestive heart failure...the meaning of the abbreviations is not any more comprehansible then the abbreviation itself to a lay person. I am a retired medical person and I'd suggest focussing in on the things that would likely be encountered. Dee
  5. Hi Guys, Hey Joker...what you will be doing is creating a new hybrid. A new F-1. And it will be consistent that first generation, but if you then cross again to get an F-2, more variation will occur...and so on. So for you to get a consistent strain, you'll actually have to go through the whole breeding regimen of "cubing" the strain or back-crossing again and again. So there are no easy solutions to what you want to do whether you use a landrace or an IBL. But you're correct, if you use a poly-hybrid, you'll probably never get a true breeding strain. And you asked about Cali Orange Bud. Since it IS a true breeding strain or IBL, you're not seeking F-1 seeds. You're seeking Calif Orange Bud ibl seeds which should be available. It's not a super-powerhouse strain like some of the modern strains. I believe the THC level is around 10-12%. I got mine from Nirvana but Barney's in England carried them too. Hey, I hope my response didn't seem too nit-picky. When talking genetics, using correct terminology is pretty important. Cheers, Dee
  6. Hi Maree, I hope the weather is drying out so you can finish the grow. That's a lovely looking bud. I'm seriously looking forward to growing out my Lady Cane seeds. Can't wait for your smoke report when you finally reach that point. I'm doin' a No Rain dance for ya! Peace, Dee
  7. Hi Guys, Hey Joker, I was in the same situation only with a Buddha's Sister clone I had. I finally got some pollen from a buddy from a different forum...God bud which salvaged half of the BS genetics and made a great indica F-1. Why not go with a landrace sativa like Burmese or Thai? Or one strain which is an older IBL is California Orange bud. The orange and blueberry flavors could produce something quite tasty and the orange bud has wonderful growing characteristics. Dee
  8. Hey Shaman, Here's an online resource of med abbreviations from A to Z http://www.globalrph.com/abbrev.htm Just curious...why are you accumulating a list? Dee
  9. Hi Guys, Homusubi: great shots and I'm glad you posted them. They made my point. HD, a stadium grow is very similar to the shots Homu posted only curved on all four sides. In any case, with cunning and attention, amazing things can be done with minimal watts of light. With a 400 watt and optimal conditions, you'll be surprised what can be done. Peace, Dee
  10. DrDee


    Garru, Fine looking plants you're growing. I'm also especially interested in the C-99 since I just germed some C-99 seeds from reeferman. I got them as a freebie...go figure. Looking forward to future reports... Peace, Dee
  11. HD, Absolutamente my friend. I used to grow an Afghan of unknown origin. AmsterdamMarijuanaseeds. Which was surprisingly good for such a generic seed seller. I wouldn' expect any right away but I'll try and make it happen within a year...perhaps as soon as this winter. Dee
  12. Hola Homusubi, I was gone most of the summer but I'm back and growing again. Your plants look lovely. Even the one that you're worried about doesn't look that bad. You definitely have the green thumb. And what a lovely place you live. I've traveled a bit in Mexico and that fishing village reminds me of places I've been on the west coast baja. Best wishes to you and have a great time in Amsterdam... Dee
  13. Hey HD, Sure thing man. Now that you've got some scrogs under your belt, perhaps in the future you should start experimenting with Stadium grows. Like scrog only more inverted dome shape to really optimize the light you have. People have done some amazing things...great yields with small lights using that technique. Check it out, but then I'm sure you're considering all options. I was cleaning house the other day and found an old envelope in a box of computer junk. (my place is a perpetual shambles). I noticed that it had a Dutch stamp on it. Looked inside and there were 4 seed packs that I was sure I had lost or thrown out by accident. I had ordered some IBLs for breeding purposes when they had a Mr Nice sale one weekend last year. NL, Afghan, Skunk #1, and Master Kush. It was like Christmas since I had forgotten about them. I better get my ass in gear...no more vacations for this dude! Peace, Dee
  14. Mornin' HD, Hope you're doing well buddy. Plants look good so far. I guess the bud formation will be the biggest issue. They should do fine. Remember in the old days before we even had HIDS. I grew some decent crops with flouros only. One thought if it looks like the lower light regimen is going to be semi-permanent. And this is an arguable point. But I believe in light movers. I feel you get more coverage and a more efficient use of existing light. I bought a used Gualala linear for aound $100 and I'll bet it's paid for itself in the several years that it's been in use. Just a thought. You'ld have to set up a long skinny scrog and perhaps that wouldn't suit your grow space. For my flower room it's perfect. Cheers, Dee
  15. Hi Mav, Looking very very nice my man. Your buddy knows his stuff with the camera too. I've heard people talk about harvesting the top half and letting the lower half go a bit longer. It makes perfect sense but I'm usually so happy to have harvest arrive that I chop the whole thing. Going to try and follow your lead and apply some patience. The jbxbc is an exceptional looking plant. Keep it up... Cheers, Dee
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