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  1. I wil ask sjoerd from basicseeds to gif a indication of the flour time and what losoto means TnT
  2. Real nice to see this grow !! I am real jealous with the sun that you are having over there,and that you can grow sativa's outsite TnT
  3. tnt


    real nice weetje,a view more days and you have a nice smoke TnT
  4. He bodderas nice to see you here here is a link fore placing pica's https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=11 Ps if you reaply on a post pleace klick the add reaply button. TnT
  5. thanks fore the reply,and i hope you like the lowryders TnT
  6. Hehe i am in it to ,nice I have voted fore blezzz real nice pica TnT
  7. tnt

    High! all

    welcome at opengrow and have fun here TnT
  8. I am stil using it,only this moment i am in the middel of moveing to a other house. In a vieuw weeks it is up and running again Ps i have a 500 kubic softbox and normaly in my betroom where it is standing you cant here it at all. TnT
  9. Nice to see you here !! Have fun TnT
  10. Real nice to see this kind of cabinets,i almost made the same cabinet only with 2 x 250 w hps and a dryroom https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopic=46 realy like the stelt cabinets TnT
  11. here are 2 purple pineberrys that are ready to cut A real nice smoke TnT
  12. He referman nice to see you here. Realy liked your purple pineberry. TnT
  13. tnt


    yes moonpower is taking arount the 45 days TnT
  14. Thanks the joker. This is my best yield fore a autoflour,and hope that my cros whil do the same TnT
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