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  1. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  2. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  3. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  4. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  5. @ wrecks : ghs lemon skunk is a nice one indeed,heppens to be my fav smoke and she is quit easy to grow eswall so winwin. @lexn : yea they streched like crazy i got 30x30x25 cm fake smartpots to transplant them in a few days .
  6. hey , i'm back again to share my grow. the strains are : lemon skunk hawaiian snow berry delight killin fields sannie's jack got Q's ??? shoot! grtz
  7. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  8. growing pains


    From the album: part 2

  9. hey samyboy, tnx for the compliments ! the reason i dont like my tents is cause if height,maximum weight hanging from the 'roof' . also i like building my own stuff that is complete to my needs. (bit stealth) to keep this thread bussy while im remodeling ill do a run with one plant under 600W . when im done it will be a full blue chocolate run. grtz
  10. they burned cause of a hot air heater combined with low rh . pulled them all,wil resume this topic on friday with a restart. just don't know what to pop yet. blue chocolate sannie's jack amnesia x sheeva mad scientist mad shack suggestions?? grtz
  11. inkog's brainforest back in action goodluck m8 !
  12. hey, not like i'm loosing a nut just a small delay. grtz
  13. tnx krasi , they are recovering but i think my yield wil be influenced to much by the burning ( hot air heater) . so i'mreally thinking about restarting. grtz
  14. growing pains


    From the album: gp's grow

  15. growing pains


    From the album: gp's grow

  16. growing pains


    From the album: gp's grow

  17. growing pains


    From the album: gp's grow

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