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  1. Thanks for the help! I hope I won't overdo it, its a very potent smoke so I guess I should be careful. =)
  2. I've seen the 12 step discussion, but I guess the ratio is different when there's a bigger thc concentration, so can anyone help? Thanks.
  3. Didn't smoke enough times to find "the one", but my favorite so far is Shakshuka with some bread, very easy to make, and tastes great. Generally its my favorite form of dinner. I don't have an available pic of my own.
  4. How generous of you, taking such an ordeal to help a stranger. A true philanthropist! The package is on its way.
  5. It actually fits perfectly, I felt like I had to 'choose' to breath, like it didn't come naturally. And recalling both occasions...I think I had a pretty big meal beforehand. I'll definitely search about Zen Breathing, Thank you.
  6. Wow thank you all, I wish I could answer each of you directly but its too much work! It didn't feel like I was panicking, I never panicked before, I a very laid back dude most of the time so it seems weird. I was in my place when I smoked and there was no reason to fear of being discovered. The breathing problem was not present most of the high, but it did last about 20-30 mins in the peak of the effect, sitting up and walking around for a bit helped, but I still had an uneasy feeling for a while after. Is it a matter of 'getting used' to strong strains? Nice one Cloneman!
  7. I guess I should be more careful with the dosage, and I;ll try to get a proper bong. And I don't really become paranoid(Except the first time I smoked), if it wasn't for the breathing I think I would've had a good time. Thanks!
  8. Tobacco joint, though a very small amount of tobacco. And yeah, I meant Sugar Punch.
  9. It happened to me twice so far, I took some hits from my SP, and after a while when I'm super high, I start getting this unpleasant feeling, like I'm having trouble breathing, Its not exactly like choking, but it made me gasp for air a few times. Has anyone here ever had such an experience before? I'm a pretty new smoker so I'm not really familiar with smoking related 'problems'.
  10. Good luck on you grow! Maybe next time, when circumstances will allow(no paranoid people), I'll try growing with a LED too, could be useful when it gets hot in here.
  11. Opened the jars for a small 'burp' not long ago, and the smell is extremely strong, stronger by some orders of magnitude than the one they had at the end of flowering. At first I was like..oh no ,mold! But it's all good, I realized its the same type of smell from before, just extremely strong, even checked the nugs out to be sure.
  12. I just expected it to be brighter, from what I saw in other pictures, but if you say it look fine...than great. =) I just placed the small buds with a snappy branch in bleach-sterilized(and then soap to thoroughly remove all remaining bleach) jars for curing: Oh and I got a question, do you think the trim I used for the hash is still viable for canna butter?
  13. Didn't try it yet, but it does smell great, very fruity. BTW: I just smoked the green pheno, very different from the purp, it does make me high, but also calm. I'm no expert, but it feels like a 50/50 pheno in effect, balanced.
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