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  1. I just drooled all over the keyboard. Spectacular looking bud!
  2. http://www.alternet.org/marijuana-miracle-5-exciting-new-discoveries-about-pot
  3. I was gifted ten G-13 x Haze fem beans from bcseedking. Nice xmas present from a very good friend. I germed them on Dec26 in paper towel and all ten popped the next day. They look to be very vigorous, as all of them already have a second set of true leaves and are showing the third set. I can't veg them long as the government is taking away our right to grow our own medicine and I expect them ( PoPO) to be at my door on April 1 to make sure I have shut down my grow. If we get an injunction I'll clone them and have a full stable of these girls. Med growers in Canada have banded together and have a great law firm to fight the imposed no grow . Anyway I am looking forward to seeing how they grow . I may have to LST as I have low ceilings and with the Haze I may have some height probs. Anyone else grow these G13 haze crosses?
  4. Happy New Year OGer's, I was gifted some G13-Haze Fems from http://bcseedking.com/feminized/g13-haze-feminized-seeds.html Has anyone grown these out ? Any info on how they grow would be appreciated. I have read about them on the bcseedking site. Someone who has experience growing the G13-haze would be better than a salesman. I received ten beans and all sprouted within 36 hrs. So They are fresh beans Just would like to know other experiences with this strain. Thanks Butch BB
  5. A gift from my son. White Widow fems from Greenhouse seeds . 300$ for ten beans every one of them went hermie. It wasn't environmental as I had some of sannies gear growing at the same time with no issues. Never will buy from GHS because of this. ButchBB
  6. Kf is one of my favorite strains I have it growing in every grow I do. I have never had a problem with it I do keep the nutes down about 1/4 of what is recommended GH micro and flora I don't bother with their grow. I did have some NYCD that I grew outdoors a few years ago and it had so much leaf in the colas I gave up trimming it and turned it all into bubble hash. which was very good hash. I had grown the NYCD indoors and no problem, took clones and went outside with them and it was like they were different plants all leafy throughout the colas. I would think it was environmental or they just didn't like my dirt in the garden which is totally organic, all the other strains I had grew beautifully that year including the KF.ButchBB.
  7. Sorry to hear your misfortune Carper . Hopefully 2014 will be much better. Here in Canada if our PM gets his way if you grow more than six plants after April 1/2014 you get automatic jail time. Right now I'm legal to grow 52 plants and April 1 I'm a fuckin criminal. Lucky you don't live in this fascist country. Best wishes to you. Butch BB
  8. Not only do we have to give up our gardens April 1 2014, which we can grow right up to March 31. On April 1 we are supposed to destroy all of our medicine and buy from a Licensed Producer (LP) who the government has allowed to grow medical mj. Harper is a weed nazi and a profiteer. The long time LP in Canada is PPS government grower since 2001 and they grind up the leaves stalks and seeds with bud and irradiate it before sending it out. nothing stronger than 12% THC . What a shitty thing to do to Canada's sick and disabled. May Karma kick Harper in the head! Forgot to add the new prices This is at a price of $8 to $12 to $15 dollars a gram. WTF
  9. Im suprised no one posted about this yet: http://metronews.ca/...-health-canada/ "Thousands of Canadians across the country are planning a class action lawsuit against Health Canada after they were outed as medical marijuana users in a mass mail out last week. Cannabis in Canada Society Founder and Director Jason Wilcox told Metro that at least one person has lost his job over the gaffe and thousands more fear their gardens may be targeted and their houses robbed. The fear is the result of Health Canada sending out 40,000 documents to patients in a white envelope with the words “Medical Marijuana Access Program” written across the top, followed by the patient’s name and address." if you are affected by this breach of privacy you should check out http://www.branchmac...ical-marihuana/ Butch BB
  10. Hush I use weed medicinally it cures a lot of things but rude and stupid aren't on that list. I think an apology to GA would be in order. This site is informative with lots of advice from very experienced growers. They are not salesman and rudeness isn't tolerated by most of us. ButchBB
  11. I was gifted ten fem white widow seeds from GHS. My son gave them to me for a Xmas present several years ago. They cost him a lot of money 300 bucks and I got ten out of ten hermies. I was so disappointed with GHS seeds. It was nothing environmental or anything I did with my grow as I had Sannies KF and some kolossus growing at the same time . No hermies with Sannies gear. I would caution anyone thinking of buying seeds from GHS. I won't ever use their services. I suggest you buy one of the Kushes from Sannie I can't see you going wrong with his gear. Butch BB
  12. I have used ziz-zag whites and blues for decades I also like smoking black. I recently ordered some Moon papers out of China off of e-bay I don't know if they are good or not but for 13 bucks I thought I'd try them out. Here is the link to Moon papers site on e-bay . ButchBB http://www.ebay.ca/sch/moon16888111/m.html?item=171022452406&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 1box(60 booklets) Moon Red Cigarette Rolling Papers 108*45mm,1920 leaves in all.
  13. I have grown KF several times now and if you think it is a low potency plant think again. It's a very strong high, the green pheno is a little stronger IMO but the pink and purple will knock you on your ass as well. All of sannies gear is top grade and you shouldn't fear low thc in any of his strains. ButchBB
  14. Since I grow organic, I make my own insecticide which kills off a number of pests including, spider mites, aphids and fungus gnats. Here's the recipe: Mix in one litre of water for 24 hours Two cups chopped up tomato leaves ( toms are a nightshade plant and cutting the fresh leaves releases some toxins deadly to the pests) two cloves fresh garlic minced (bugs don't like garlic this way) one teaspoon neem oil ( prevents adult mites, kills off the immature mites - simple explanation) one teaspoon natural dish-soap ( acts as a sticker and it's safe ) After 24 hours strain Mix two tablespoons of strained bug-juice to one litre of water and spray. I have used this with great success, killed off thousands of aphids in my garden outdoors. Killed off fungus gnats and mites indoor no problem with harming plants or effecting the taste. Hope this helps Butch BB
  15. I use the paper towel method as well, and have for many many years. If the beans are viable they'll sprout. I use a solid coloured cup, paper towel inside with seeds inside PT. place in a warm area like cabinet above the stove or on top of the fridge. Seeds are usually popping in 24 to 48 hours never had a problem using this method. ButchBB
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