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  1. thanx maybe ur right they were freakin fine looking 10x better in person before i transplanted and i only have a 400w hps n 150w hps, 3 cfls- 2)42w, 1)68w n im afraid to put this one to flower alongside the other jb f3.. but this plant is definately with no doubt a different pheno, and alot smaller in size compaRed to its sister of the strain i have in the flower tent n im excited to find out if its the purple phenotype.. but patience is thee virtue in this game.. i know yall agree.. thanx S.G..
  2. The pictures look decieving and they were looking sexy and beautiful and then out of nowhere after i super cropped the flimsey branches it started to droop and look sad .. So the pictures look good i agree but they are still sad looking upclose and personal.. the bottom leaves underneath are shrivelled up and drying up.. is a nitrogen def.. it is my first time growing and i am aware there is lots to learn.. and im all ears.. any other suggestions gentlemen?
  3. Hello My OPENGROW Friends it has been awhile since i have been on the site to post my progress and how well YOU all have helped me get this far please feel free to Take a peak at mine and your efforts at this MAGIC FARM.. But my JACKBERRY is really starting to scare me does it look like its healthy please help and gimme feed back.. what am i doing wrong? i would gladly appreciate any feedback good or bad to help me get my baby back on track again thank you my friends..
  4. SBiZZY

    New Blue Diesal x Purple Bud

    very stable Strain.. Will Keep MY Friends here posted on its progress.
  5. Im Not An Expert But It Looks Like The Baby is Doing Alot Better..
  6. Awesome grow I got the JB F3 and out of 4 seeds I planted I think/hope so that 3 of the 4 are females.. It has a purple tint on the leaves. I dont know if thats the way you are able to identify The phenos at an earlier stage but I think that they show signs in veg stage.. Anyway I have a quick question.. It's my first grow.. The plants are doing amazing.. No yellowing leaves. I am doing everything how it's suppose to be done exactly to the most minor detail.. How tall should I veg a plant..? And if I LST a plant when should I start stressing it? and how long Should I wait from seedling to begin the process? Thanx.. I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL MY JBs ARE READY TO ROLL UP..... IM ANXIOUS NOW SEEING THESE BAD GIRLS... I LOVE SANNIE..LOL.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK SANNIE & Co.
  7. SBiZZY

    Da Grown UP FAM.. MATURING>>**

    My 1st GROW EVERRRRR!!!!!!
  8. SBiZZY

    the new family seedlings..

  9. SBiZZY


  10. My friend your best bet is if you have a home depot near you, you can purchase a spray which controls and helps the spread of spider mites and Powdery mildew.. Very effective and it works.. I will guarantee that.. And it only costs 7$.. That's it.. Just go to your local HOME DEPOT. And ask the employees.. You just tell them you have a house plant and you have spider mite problems they will show you which one to purchase.. It will help the powdery mildew. Just don't spray the plant under the light.. Spray it and let it sit for awhile.. Not under direct light.. It will damage you.. Im not by my grow area so I don't know the name of it off the top.. But it comes in a big blue spray bottle.. And it lasts long. Trust me it will work.. PEACE, LOVE & BIG STANKY BUDS.. RESPECT.. I LOVE OPENGROW..
  11. Let me just begin by saying fuck these unconstitutional laws against a plant which has never known to hurt a fly or spider mite or a fellow pothead human as our caliber.. And no recorded written or word of mouth overdoses.. On that note you ain't got shit to worry about.. They sent you that letter because they want to scare you.. Relax keep in contact with SANNIE (honest, understanding, great only 1 of a kind individual.) most of the Dutch is like that.. (I wonder why) DUH BECAUSE they high all day and weed is the mind opener.. Closed minded people live in Washington D.C. lol....any way just have faith and SANNIE will make sure you get it.. And don't mind some of these ppl on OPENGROW.. Some of these people just say stupid shit that comes out disrespectfUl but it's all in good faith.. And some are only joking.. Don't take shit personal.. If I show you the shit some of the members wrote about me when I first joined And didn't know too much your jaw will drop.. Just chill and don'ttake nothing to the heart. PEACE, LOVE AND BIG STANKY BUDS... I love Sannies he's the man of all men.. And possibly the best in the game... Matter of fact he is the best in the game... Lol...
  12. Absolutely.. Im just like robin hood.. What good is it if you dont share the wealth..And knowledge with my fellow OPENGROWERS.. Lol.. And I will try to.. But not just yet.. Im trying to set the grow environment up really really good for these beautiful babies... Ooh wee I can not wait.. Im as excited as you fine potheads are.. But it is my first time growing and I have already started to learn how the basic routine and schedule of this plant is and kind of stick to the same script.. I just do not want to destroy these well awaited babies by hurting them, or over watering or excess nutes.. So im practicing on this mystery grow I have growing already.. Instead of wasting money and having to wait for more of Sannie's Beans.. I will without a doubt keep opengrow posted.. Please if anybody can look at my albums and give me positive or negative feedback about the health of my plant.. I want to learn more.. Help me... Thanks to you all
  14. JWF I was not refering to you buddy.. But Phazed had some unpleasant things to say that was unnecessary.. If you took it towards you my apologies.. I really am not an asshole but theres things you can say and things you shouldnt I was not directing anything to him so for him to come out and say some disrespectful shit like was not cool.. Whats really going on here.. I feel like im the bad guy when everyone is attacking me.. I just want to learn how to grow weed.. And for your information El Tiburon I have placed an order with sannie that JB F3 & amnesia haze x g13 haze.. Please community if u cant help with information on orders recieved in the U.S from SANNIEs dont say nothing.. Im not interested..
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