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  1. ^ Why frighten people with Noddy Holder?
  2. I'm a childless-single-weed growing -hermit from the UK Midlands. F*ck you Christmas ! I'm personally counting down to Easter.
  3. Ginger_Albino


    My experience of the red light 'over there' is waking up with SHITLOADS less money than you had, and having a sore love-stick. But I am a gaelic animal after a smoke and some beer!
  4. I've been trying to get over a 'self-harm' period in my life, so that is why I trim many of my fan leaves as i enter my final 7 days of non-nute.
  5. As an Irishman living in the UK, I most often cringe when I read the word 'medical' before the word 'marijuana.' But if the UK is anything to go by, approx 50% of them don't seem to have an opinion/voice an opinion/dime bar and many of the other 50% are either old and poorly educated about drugs (like for example when my mother sees a large cocaine seizure on the news then asks me 'Do you do that?' then when I ask her to define what 'that is' she just shakes her head and tuts (Irish mothers eh, or is this all mothers?)) I agree with the dudes above that see this as a way forward, to reach where we all (do you?) want to be. But I am of the opinion that the medicinal dudes bang on about it that much that is can sometimes have a negative effect. Drinking budweiser and smoking lemon haze.
  6. When I order stuff from China/Hong Kong via e bay etc the sellers always mark the package as 'Gift' to avoid extra tax, paperwork and probably some other mad oriental shee. Might be worth looking into little loopholes in US customs law. ^ None of the above is written in code, Indican, so I hope it comes across.
  7. So you wanna go abroad to kiss ass on a days named after queens? You can do that in Bradford, lad!
  8. I uploaded 13 pics yesterday of 2.5 to 4.5mb. Took me about 17 mins, in amongst doing other things. I even like stoned wang, forgot to publish the first 8 and started again. I think for the amount of pics any member might want to up, its okay as it is.
  9. I read the title SO wrong ! I've grown 4 of the above, with the very mild herming at the end, I personally found the smoke demolishing and the plant a pure pleasure to grow. I actually can't smoke it as I'm a lightweight. Its shuts me down lol. A friend who smokes about 10x the amount I do describes it: 'Smoke one, and you're nice. Smoked two and you're fu**ed.' Any of you folk that like to get mongoloided, this will do it.
  10. I'm used to it. @ Indican: I help Hillcrest with posting on the internet and general grammar/spelling. As to your question about the air pots, I have seen them work well in other environments, but I can only draw the conclusion that they are not best suited to smaller environments such as mine.
  11. Hello, I been going continuously for two years, but due to contracting spider shites back in early Summer, and only being able to slow down their advance, I've flowered my last plants. They are two Northern Lights mothers I'd been vegging/mothering for 8-9 weeks under a 2ft T5. A fellow grower, fellow OG-member and a fan of the great northern magician Dynamo http://www.dynamoworld.com (note I'm not a fan of Dynamo) gave me some air pots earlier this year, I decided to use a 6L one, alongside a 7.5L standard pot. Use a Sunmaster 250w hps in a 90x60x180 tent with 187cm3/h inline fan and 4"(100mm) rhino filter. Canna Vega Terra for veg. Dutch Pro Original Bloom for flower. Canna Terra Pro Plus as a growing medium. Here goes..... The day I put them into flower: This plant went into the air pot. Day 10. Still had 3 x TD up the back at this time. HPS light is on, which messes with the colours in my camera. The 6L air pot just shy of 3 weeks into flower. The water bottle is 1L tonic/soda bottle for scale (and watering) The 7.5L standard pot NL. 4 weeks in. Then between this time and 9.5 weeks I either didn't take any decent pics or I deleted. Damn you super lemon haze !! Damn you to sweet hell ! I harvested the 3 TD when the 2 NL were about 5.5weeks in. So they have had the space to themselves for 4 weeks so far. This is them right before part-harvest Bit closer. Due to their size, and space considerations when the TD was in there, and due to the sheer amount of bud spots, I decided to harvest about 60% from the top down, and leave the remainder for another week. The 60% pre-shaven. (Scissors are 5.5" long for scale) The top cola bottle from the 7.5L pot NL (50.2g / 1.77oz) The amount I left on for another week. Zoomed in a bit. The 60% harvest given a two-stage trim. (Martini hash for the large outer trim. I mix the closer trim with my herbal baccy, and of course sweet mother Mary.) A closer shot of the bud (would you believe this was the best shot of 9? Photography aint mah thing.) A bit better. There ya go. So that's where I am as of today. I will update with second 40%-harvest in a week and also list final weights. Observations/constructive comments welcome. Thanks for looking !
  12. Ginger_Albino

    Final Harvest

    My last grow (for now anywho) of 2 x NL that were mothers for about 2 months.
  13. Early Winter harvest. Mmmmmmmm.

  14. Remember the film Deliverance? Imagine it went a lil differently. You're John Voight's character, the least likely survivalist in the bunch. So were past the rape part, and when Roddy got shot in the head. Lets imagine the hillbillies have also raped and killed Ned 'Fatboy' Beatty and Burt Reynolds. The real life Ned and Burt lol. You need to escape. Failure will result in multiple bouts of hillbillies doing what they were born to do, and a massive amount of lovebites on the middle and upper back. You are faced with two paths; one route, over soil, or the other, across swampland. That's you now, stood at that fork in the hillbilly backass nightmare you're in. My experience would say that taking the soil root, whilst being a bit more hassle, is more forgiving, giving you something a buffer 'safety net.' Taking the hydro path would give you a more direct path with better results, but if you lose direction along the way, well, its a lot easier to get lost on the hydro path away from redneck rape. Smoking super skunk.
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