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  1. chig

    1 lady cane

    my cheeseberry haze came today with a pack of sponge pots and 2 killingfields nr7 x killing feilds nr 7 fem freebees and sannies starter kit, was not expecting the fem freebees so thank u sannie for them, i ordered fem hericules with the starter kit. i dont no what to crack first , have bin given a pack of nl5 x haze feminized aswell from a friend, the cuttings are cheese wreck so am guessing its cheese and something passing as train wreck. just got a new tent then the growing side of things will be starting to go ok i think, will up load some pictures ina bit of the lady cane, she has grown alot. thanks sannie for the fem freebees and the sponge pots, really appriciate it, greetz chig
  2. carper ur buds look mint, looks like its going be a good yeild aswell. bodderas what browser do u use, do u use addons like ad blocker or anything like that.
  3. chig

    1 lady cane

    thanks e$kob@r, it has defintly bin emotional, head in my hands alot of the time wondering where i fucked up, moving on tho slowly, one thing at a time, lost my new tent and new light, got the old tent back out and borrowed a light, back to the begining agen, have bin given some cuttings, will find out tomoz what they are, was in a rush when i picked them up so think i miss heard what he said, put the lady cane in to flower now, thanks for stopping by e$kob@r greetz chig
  4. chig

    1 lady cane

    this has happened to me this year, got busted then my girl left me then lost me flat cuz of growing weed in it and had move back to the parents house, then i had a fall out with the superviser at work and then got the sack grabbing him, couldnt get any worser i dont think, same kinda thing happened to u Indican? the deficiency is potassium, i havent touched any plants for a while and forgot some basic stuff, a llittle bit of reading up last nite and i no what do now, i havent feed her properly for a few weeks, she was lucky get a litre of water once a week, i dunno how she is still alive, she wouldnt get feed for atleast 6/7 days some times, she is a good plant, took some clones off her yesterday, dunno if they will root tho, my last crop ms universe she was neally done aswell, only had 4 in, was looking really nice aswell, i gave it a feed last nite and will check it in a bit see how she looks, thanks for stopping by Indican greetz chig
  5. chig

    Lady Cane

    not was given the cuttings and was told that they were pine
  6. chig

    1 lady cane

    hello og sorry not posted for a while, had a lot go on so far this year, got busted, girl friend left me and had move back home, lost me job, bin a bad year for me so far, wont bore u with the rest of the details, ordered some cheeseberry haze last nite with some sponge pots to start fresh so should be here in a few days. 1 lady cane feminized i think, its what i fount in some of my stuff i got back from the bitch, plantmagic soil plantmagic organic oldtimers grow plant magic root stimulant av got get the bloom and booster when i get some more money. 10 litre to veg 15 litre to flower, i no there isnt much difference in pot size, couldnt use a bigger pot until now, will show pictures as soon as i find them on me computer, she has bin in veg for a few weeks now and ad say is ready for flower, cant remember exact veg time, i think she has a potassium disorder but am not sure, will read up on it later to find out, greetz chig
  7. chig

    My Grow

    thanks dequelo for taking the time to read it, i am glad u liked it, i wasnt able to look after them for the last few week, so they looked a bit dead but have bounced rite back and are ready to be cut today i think. here are the pictures hericules this is the first one here is the second one here is the 3rd one and this one looks the best out the 3 of them, loads of thc on it and really really sticky. this is all of them together. i have pulled alot of leaves of, most were dead and just hanging, the plants i have in veg have grown alot aswell, the 2 mother plants look dead, got try and revive them, will shows pics later. thanks chig
  8. chig

    My Grow

    sorry for the lack of updates, bin busy and a little under the weather, will update later, the buds look amazing on the hericules, smells fruity. thanks chig
  9. chig

    My Grow

    just an update this is a pic of how the hericules look now, this is a pic of the last amnesia haze x g-13 haze plant, i think its female, it showed its sex, those hairs popping out does mean its a female doesnt it, its from a regular pack of seeds. these are a pic of the pine, they are starting to show buds now on all of them, they have a nitrogen def so how would i sort that out in flower, give it a mil of veg feed in with the bloom feed? am gunna try that and see how it goes. these are all the plants i have in veg at the moment, on the floor there is chronic, ms.universe, jackberry x ko kush, free kush, the two big plants are heriucles in the front and amnesia haze x g-13 haze at the back witch am hoping is a female. i took 16 cuttings from the hericules and their whats in the propogator and i took a cutting from the a-g13 haze last week that rooted to make sure its female so that is in the flower tent. here are some more pics. thanks chig
  10. chig


    was given them by a friend
  11. chig


    all plants i have in veg
  12. ur plants look amazing Musicianized, they look frosty as hell and the purple in the bud, ur plants look amazing m8 they really do, those buds, bet their gunna taste good and knock u on ur knees, happy smoking. all the best chig
  13. chig

    I got Busted

    sorry to hear about ur misfortune m8, i hope all goes well for u in court, what do u think they will give u a fine or something, they should'nt give u anything really its just a herb. all the best chig
  14. hello drip-n-wet ur plants look amazing, ur going to have a good yeild off them, what are u expecting by looking at them now, ur going to have some big ass buds. hope every things carrys on good for u m8, best of luck chig
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