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  1. Halfway through the season here in Michigan. I didn't get my sugarpunch like I wanted. I started a cut of IsLand from DNA. Shes a cross of LA Confidential and Maui Waui. LST'd her even though shes outdoors. Here's a recap up until today. She's stretching now. I hope she goes into flower soon as you can see Im out of room in the cage lol.
  2. Well, I dont think it's quite the same and I've seen it interpreted a fee different ways. Its confusing.
  3. Yay? I havent been on here in a few years. I gave up on the medical caregiving when they started all this stressing about guns n shit. Had high Hopes for this new recreational law in MI but I had envisioned plants mixed in with my tomato garden. I'm trying to figure out what is considered a public place. Would neighbors houses be public? I live on a private road not maintained by county. So if I fence in my garden am I good? Does it have to have a roof? Locked gate? It seems irritating.
  4. 8.75 weeks.. Yellowing up good except for this one... damn think dont want to quit.. Heres the first one down at wk8 Very potent smoke. a good 60% sativa rush with a 40% Indica kick back and relax. I only tried a 3 day dried tester from lower down and it is nice, needs to finish a cure and it will be great. These are starting to look prime. THis is the green one that wont quit. Foxtailing like a mofo.. Pack it on baby! This one is jarred up.
  5. Musicianized

    AK47, OG, PM

    Serious AK47, Riserva Pravada OG Kush, Purple Marty
  6. Well I've been told it's not really the cherry pheno because it isn't pink. With that said, it still smells like a cherry candy so it's cherry to me lol. These are the feminized AK's.
  7. Seems I read that 3 months ago.. so they should be ready soon.
  8. Took the Purple Marty down today. Tried out a tester from a few days ago, just dry enough to burn, 2 good bowl hits and I was fried... This will be 1 week cured Christmas smoke. It should be pretty decent even after 1 week. This is just one bad ass AK47 bud right here, this is the tightest plant of all 6. The end is very near for these girls.. Already at 90%+ cloudy with some scattered amber. Them big thick pistils just keep poppin so I'm letting them get their final push. THe OG is doing well, getting some nice rock hard nugs.
  9. Every sugarpunch I grew has been a keeper...
  10. I just put the MH back on for their final weeks of flowering. Hoping it will increase the trichome production although it will be hard to tell because they are already so frosty. Will it make a difference, I don't know but it's worth a shot. A few notes, The Purple Marty has a pungent Lemon scent and is the stretchiest plant I've grown to date. Each branch on it is over 36 inches long. It's going to be killer smoke though. Not a real big producer as far as bud size but there are lots of them. The OGKush hasn't popped any more balls after treating it with reverse. It's not going to be a big yielder at all, I'm sort of disappointed with it really, it has a weird garlic smell. The AK47 is going to be on my list of favorites I think. I love the smell of each pheno. I've been told the rare cherry pheno of AK47 has pink buds but this one pheno I have smells like cherry candy, Identical to it as a matter of fact. The rest are all a nice fruity smell too. The cherry pheno and one other I have are producing nice monster colas. Another is getting big fat golfball buds on it, and 2 others are nice colas but not as fat as the other.. Definitely 3 different keeper phenos here. I'm trying to figure out a spot where I can reveg these and start cloning. I'm tight on space and I have to have a locked and enclosed room.
  11. Picture time!! If anyone is still watching.. In week 6 now, it wont be long and I'll be chopping. It's getting pretty rank down there now, my filter is barely working, still letting a little smell through but not bad compared to what it's like in the room.
  12. Very Nice.. Iwas surprised at the final result of the claw, turned out dank huh? Some crazy frost going in there!
  13. SugarPunch is the raciest I've ever smoked (green phenos) I couldnt take more than 2 hit of that shit without having a full on panic attack.. Crazy potent..
  14. I think I'm at a tossup between SugarPunch and Serious AK47.. Sugarpunch stunk way earllier though, it was smelling up my house after 2 weeks of veg.\ The AK didn't get bad until about week 4 of flower but it's right up there with the toxicity of the Sugarpunch.. Kind of a similar smell too, a sweet coffee/caramel smell in the room.
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