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  1. Congratulation guys Bet you find some winners Whip
  2. A very kind offer Merry Christmas to you also Whip
  3. Will the Airborne Jack be in the shop for sale ? Would love to give them a run
  4. 1. Blue Hammer F3 2. Airborne Jack x Airborne Jack 3. G39 Pineapple x Airborne Jack Thank you for the chance to win Have a great day and Merry Christmas To all Whip
  5. When things were a bit easier 2 finger bags - $17.50 4 finger bags - $ 35.00
  6. I have to tell you i'm impressed with the looks of this strain. I'm on my second run with her. Clones of the first run females. It got cold here in the Midwest early this year. Due to the colder temps I have one pheno that is almost black in color. I mean black. She gets the chop tomorrow. Fastest of the three phenos I have. The other two are about a week behind I also have a huge female of a cross I made with her. Black Afghani x Azad that looks promising Whip
  7. Got mine ordered. Looking forward to running these Thank you Cristalin Have a great day Whip
  8. I got three female Black Afghani's. One was green, one was very dark purple and the third was mixed. Nice looking plant you have Have a great day Whip :
  9. I'm ready for the Triple Pakistani Good news Whip
  10. You are going to love Mota's Toxic Blue. Real fine plants Have a great day Whip
  11. Hello all, hope everyone is well Chop day on the Black Afghani. I have three girls coming down. All three were 2.5 feet tall when finished. Very uniform. All look just like the pictures advertised. These are some of the fattest heaviest yields I have grown. Made a nice cross with an Azad landrace male so I may ask Sannie if I can get one of you to do a grow and show at this site and if all goes well maybe I can send in some for freebies Have a great day all Whip
  12. I have to tell you that so far i'm very impressed with the three girls I have in flower right now. All three are healthy, strong and packing on the weight. 44 days since 12/12. All three have a blueberry smell to them. I hit one with some Azad pollen so we'll see how these two strains blend. Black Azad Whip
  13. Hello, How did the Lemon Larry F3's turn out ? Thanks and have a great day Whip
  14. Any updates on this strain ? Thanks Whip
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