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  1. Hey Indican, good to see you too dude. Yeah riding bike in the bush is great, cannot get enough of it. Yeah those last ladies are outside, but they will probably be the last few ones outside till next year. My place I'm staying now is not that outdoor friendly, so will do a few runs indoors.
  2. C99 #1 (Fast) C99 #2 (slow) Swazi Red, AKA. Rooibaard, AKA. Redbeard (Swaziland Landrace) Strange Swazi Bud...?
  3. hey hey Hupla!! How you doing? Long time no talk. Greets George

  4. Reveging Heri Swazi AK47xDucksfoot
  5. Sry man, that was lots and lots of years ago, cannot remember.
  6. Hey there fellas, still alive, still growing, was just off the net a while...riding motorcycles in the bush. Still growin' after all of these years...
  7. Hello, I'm back..... .....or should I say started again...
  8. This is the discussion topic for the Growguide article: Dutch Version This topic is automatically created when a user clicks "Reply" in the GrowGuide. Due to a bug in the software it might look like the topic is started by an unexpected user. Add your discussion or information below. If you didn't mean to start a discussion topic, just leave this page and the topic will be removed in the nightly clean up.
  9. hihi!!

    i hate smurfsssssssssss

    how are u man??


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