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  1. keev


    its the a5/core cut
  2. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    this drop was sticky as hell when i touched it..like some superglue. happens sometimes with this cut. my highest EC was 1.7 on the amnesia. my tap water is 0.7, i add 70% RO Water and have 0.2. then i add 5ml aptus cal mag / 10L and have 0.5, from there i start adding nutrients. (hy-pro terra / hydro a+ i only used hy-pro terra in this run, which is one bottle. i really love this company, great fertilizer and its cheap. i tried others like h&g,canna,an,hesi but no one was as good as hy-pro.
  3. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    Amnesia Resin Drop
  4. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    some random pics, different plants and phenos
  5. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    Mt. Hood Huckleberry #4
  6. if you want to flush try it with 25% nutes. i have good experience with that. they do look a little bit overfed (N) but nothing to worry about, try to feed em like you did after flushing, they will NOW need "so much" nutes to stack buds.
  7. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    Dominator x Biker Kush #1 Dominator x Biker Kush #2 Dominator x Biker Kush #3 Dominator x Biker Kush #4 I dont know the day but i would guess they are in the late 30's. Peace
  8. keev


    it sure is high you dont know which nutes you have in the tapwater and 0.8 is already really high. you cant do math easy like that, depends on which and how many nutrients/minerals the tap has. i have an ec 0.7 with my tapwater and i could never go over ec 1.5-1.7 with any strain unless burning the shit out of them. now with 70:30 ro/tap water ec is @ 0.2, i add some calmag->ec 0.5 and i can go till 2.2 with some strains.
  9. keev


    i would describe the smell more like a citrus,hazey smell which goes darker with curing. parfum and sweet citrus, yes. bubblegum, no. you have her almost perfectly dialed in bro, lil to much nutes in my eyes. dont think the core cut likes more than ec 1.6.
  10. keev

    Bud Lab 1.0

    I can tell you, the Dom. x Biker Kush are some stackers, think they'll yield good. All plants below are at day 46 on the pictures Mt. Hood Huckleberry #4 Ms. Universe #1 Ms. Universe #9
  11. seeddepot,cannazon,seedsman,hemcy
  12. haha! it made me laugh, because its so true :D
  13. you cant compare two different pictures, still i think the edited one does not look "real" in your case santreo. i dont wanted to start a discussion here. ps. santero i agree with you, freedom! everybody should do what they want, and how they like it not others on topic: Casey Jones x Cinderella99 in 3,5l Soil cured peace brothers
  14. thx for so nice words. i just like everything what has to do with graphics,design,photography.. but i would not consider me a good photograph^^ i just love what i do, otherwise i wouldnt do it a thread like this would be great in my opinion. ps. about the editing, we are on different planets i think it depends on the object you are shooting. edit your skin, ok maybe etc.. but i want to show people my plants how they are and how they look to me in person, no edit will do that. it maybe improves the pics quality and smoothness etc.. but yeah..^^ (ofc my last pic does not look like in person^^) stay safe
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