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  1. Bummer about the thrips, but they're looking happy
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. That really is an easy recipe My starting pH is usually around 7.5-8, and the last time I made a tea I tried pHing before starting. What is obvious is that the microbes buffer the pH to a large extent, which is why I'm concerned about adding a tea with a high pH to my pots. I remember my first tea was at pH of about 8. and I used about 80 drops or something ridiculous of H3PO4 solution to get it down to 7 (vs ~6 drops for the same volume of tapwater). IMO this is the evidence that the right microbes will easily buffer against the relatively low alkalinity of my tapwater. I think the high pH is an indicator that I've got and imbalance in the microbes present. Are you just using a bucket with an airstone in it? And for how long do you let it brew? I think I'll give your recipe a shot. I'm really looking forward to getting this right as I know the NPK are in my pots, but it seems that it's not always accessible. Probably also got to do with me not letting the soil cook, but I figure a tea will speed things up.
  3. Roodni

    in the woods 2015

    Beautiful pictures dude! ...and bumper harvest
  4. Yo Dude, just wanted to say thanks for posting your drying/curing tech. I dried for the first time in my flower tent and the airflow got the outside crispy (with the stems still soft) in 6 days with temps of ~22 C/~50 %RH which got me worried, so I'm glad to have had your method to fall back on. I was wondering whether you always wait until the stems are fully dry and snap with just a little flexing before jarring? I've tried to make an ECT tea a couple of times now, but each time the pH is around 7.2-7.9 after 2 - 3 days. I get worried about giving it to my girls since the tea also ends up a lot better buffered than tap water. I've read that this is due to having too high a bacteria/fungi ratio, so the last tea I made using just humic acids, EWC and some kelp extract. The pH still ended up at ~7.2 though, any suggestions or advice? What recipe do you go by? The hybrid x's sound very interesting and are looking good!
  5. Looking epic dude! The nug looks tasty too
  6. Everything's looking good and healthy! Do you still have an airstone in the bottom of the buckets? Difficult to see from the pictures.
  7. Sounds like what I need, and mine should come down next week Thanks for the report! Any pics per chance?
  8. It'll be interesting to see whether your foliars work. I had very similar looking plants (problems) using Sannie's tabs with a hot soil mix (that hadn't been cooked) this round. I initially thought I should feed them because they looked deficient, but I realised that the soil was too hot already and removed the tabs on the worst affected plants. They're looking good for 23 days though, and I think they will adapt and sort themselves out if what they need is in the soil.
  9. Outdoor is stressful with the weather, but IMO everything is better outdoors. Way rather be working on the girls out in the sun!
  10. I'm not sure if you've had flowered revegged plants before, but if you leave those revegged gals like that you'll likely end up with mostly a stack of popcorn (and possibly a couple of nice buds) that will be too much to process in any way but for hash making. It is quite a mission to prune them properly, but if you want nice buds for the end product, give them a really aggressive pruning. Will be interesting either way!
  11. Congratulations on what looks to be a painfully awesome harvest!
  12. @Provence I can really relate, and I completely agree with Smilestyle too about age. I am in my early twenties still, but I can't smoke anywhere near what I could without losing a bit of the plot. In fact, I've barely smoked for months. I think it has a lot to do with dealing with increasing responsibility with age, but I know my psychedelic experiences play a part too. Responsibility and psychedelic experiences can both invoke fear, and can lead to the development of escape mechanisms if not acknowledged and dealt with enough. I think that dealing is a process that does not really have a definite ending since a stressful period can bring up all sorts of past problems/insecurities. I have never treated weed as something to motivate me to deal with necessities, so when I get stoned, these necessities (responsibilities) are more difficult to deal with, which makes me doubt my ability to deal with them. On the other hand, a small amount of weed here and there in this phase of my life is very beneficial for my creativity and perspective. I envision the 3g/day times returning one day when I have learned to better deal with responsibility, although that is not an essential future for me if it cannot be the case.
  13. Beautiful rainbow-coloured leaves on that Lemon Larry
  14. Beautiful pics everyone! Ya'll set the bar hiiiigh I love your shots in the woods Saxo. Here's some CBH from my first proper indoor grow @ day 60 days: Sativa pheno & a Hammerhead Next time will bring some new (hopefully less abused) specimens
  15. Roodni

    IMG 0301

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

  16. Roodni

    Lemon Larry X's

    Dig that last forest shot Looking good bru!
  17. I've only ever ordered through Sannie. Three times with no problems, and my correspondence with him on the occasion that I was worried about an order coming through proved to me that he is an honorable dude. Ordering seeds an not having them arrive as expected can be stressful; I'd say you need to acknowledge this a bit more and not take your stress out on someone deserving the opposite.
  18. Looking great Eldude, makes me miss my old outdoor plants. Hope the weather holds out for ya,
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