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  1. Thanks for the informative reply dude Might be a while before I finally get one of these plants growing as I'm still on my first grow, but in a couple of months... I really wanna try this out when I have the time to sort out a small space in my room for a mom + clones. I just found the pdf (I know it's the right one cos they're already saying this mother will keep you happy for 3 - 15 years ) Happy weekend Peace
  2. Wonderful plants man, Jackberry will definitely be in my first order from Sannie I'm just wondering, how do you you keep the mother plant in a bonsai shape? Do you just keep it in a small pot, trim the roots and fan leaves, and top it? Peace
  3. So I transplanted 9 of them yesterday, and just left the 2 weakest looking plants in their pots. They were all seriously rootbound though by the looks of things. I didn't bother with the root pruning after spending over 4 hours of missioning to get the buckets and mix the soil etc. The range of pots over here is very small, so the best deal I managed to get was 9l buckets. When should I switch to flowering? Cos the biggest are about 24cm high now, and I figured since my cab is 140cm tall, the pots are about 25cm, and my light takes up aout 15cm + gap between lights and plants, I should switch to 12/12 when they're about 35cm tall? My seedlings have hardly been growing lately, so I gave them nutes today for the first time. The one has a discloloured patch that is pretty dry on it's biggest set of leaves, anyone know what this is from?
  4. Hehe thanks man It helps that my dad is in the carpenter side of work but the project as a whole has given me a lot better understanding of DIY projects and I gained lotsa experience through it. Anyway, I'm kinda doing it atm but a very good idea to get a definite feeling for how much it weighs both wet and dry. I gave them a good watering/feeding, and will probably be repotting them sometime between now and wednesday as I don't have much free time atm. When I repot them should I prune the root tips that have grown out of the pot? Cos the very ends are looking (understandibly) pretty brown, and I've heard root pruning is quite beneficial and even reduces transplant shock? Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! Peace
  5. Thanks dude! I've been so scared of over watering them since I got that wrong in the beginning, and it's been 2 days since I last watered so I think you're right. Okay cool I was thinking of getting some that size but I wasn't sure whether it was as necessary for a SOG. Definitely a help! Cheers
  6. Thanks guys. I have browsed the forum a couple of times and am always in awe of the plants being grown here Compared to what you see on youtube/the internet in general the friendliness granted here by anonymous people is a relative mircale! Says a lot about the plant You can see my grow here https://www.opengrow.com/index.php?showtopi...mp;#entry499355 Peace
  7. Greetings all, I am currently just over a month into my first indoor grow. I'm growing organically, using a coco coir/perlite/worm castings mix, with other additives. My cab's dimensions are 1.4m height x 1.2m width x 0.8m depth. The nutrients I have for them are Biobizz grow/fish mix/bloom. They were started and continue to grow under an HPS light. I've got 1 g13, 1 cheese, 1 random, 1 super skunk (hasn't grown for a week or 2 so I think the poor fella is out the game) and 11 white widow plants in there atm. I just started with the watering before last to give the white widows the grow and fish mix. I've been learning a lot so far by changing variables in the cab to get the plants to look happiest, but a few of them (and all of them at some point) have been kinda droopy for most of the grow. I recently lifted the light a bit higher and it's done a bit of good, and I think I have watered slightly too much. The roots are also coming outta the bottom and I'm gonna transplant them in the next couple of days to bigger pots. What size pots should I go for if I want to end up with 9 plants in a small SOG? Anyway, here are some pics so you can see the setup: Some weird leaf curling on the last pic, and the second last pic is of a rather sickly looking leaf. Please let me know what you think could be wrong. Peace
  8. Hi there everyone, I'm a student from South Africa and I really love this plant. I've cut down to smoking just 1/2 times a week, but I really love the idea of growing my own bud, and choosing exactly what I can smoke when I want to. I decided to build a grow cab in my room a couple of months ago and am about 1 month into my first indoor grow under a 250W HPS. I'm really keen to learn as much as I can to keep my plants healthy all the time as I love seeing them look strong just as much as I'd like to see their buds looking good. I'm gonna start a grow thread and hopefully some of you can impart some of your wisdom for the better of my babies Peace
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