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  1. It's inspiring to hear of your efforts in spite of your condition. They're looking great, thanks for documenting these gals! All the best uncle Rab (PS, you may enjoy this?: http://psy-amb.blogspot.co.za/2009/11/psybient-mix-download-psyamb-episode-18.html)
  2. Thanks for your response dude, seems I'm gonna be getting the same one (under a different brand name of course ). Luckily found someone relatively close by that imports them. Pity about the ozone, but the buds themselves don't seem to have suffered in the least. My girls aren't smelling too much yet, but if I touch a preflower or something crystally it is also a sickly sweet smell. Otherwise a bit of pepper in there too. 35 days in today.
  3. Hahaha, I love the perspective Hempy! Reminds me of thinking about what happens when borax is used to get rid of ants... I'm hoping to install some kind of dehumidifier, and I'll ask at the nursery whether they stock nematodes. I know they've got Bt extract. @DOG, I would like to add some, especially after reading TOO's post about how it acts as a systemic repellant to pests. I'll see if they've got that at the nursery too, but unfortunately customer choice is not quite the same down here
  4. Hey Barney, does you dehumidifier use desiccant to remove moisture from the air? If so, what features does it require power for? The RH in my tent (1 x 1 m) is terrible at around 70 % on average, and I need to get some kind of dehumidifier in there. Thing is, from what I can find online we have quite a limited choice here in SA. I'm also a bit put off from calling a company that does provide dehumidifiers to ask them what they recommend because I can't think of another application that would have similar requirements to keeping my grow tent dry... Girls look great btw, and I'm envious of how thick your HH are. Mine are nearly at 5 weeks 12/12 and are only just starting to develop some frost. KF also looks awesome!
  5. Can't wait to see how you CC x Driz turns out man. Very tempting to pop a few for next round!
  6. 'All I want is everything' They're looking great dude. If those harmonies are branchy compared with HK, then HK must really be all main stalk! Planning to pop two HK in hope of one female for the next round. I suppose if I get lucky and get two I can probably get away with sticking 'em in the same pot. We'll see... Are you keeping the bottom few inches (up until the perlite level) saturated with water?
  7. Hey, please excuse me for replying so late. Your advice is appreciated, and I'm quite interested in your idea DreamOfGreen since I'd like to go on holiday at the end of the year. That being said, I may invest in a dripper system if I can find one locally or have Blumats shipped here without being too expensive. I'm not sure whether I can get predator bugs here in Cape Town, so Bt will probably be my best bet. I've got DE in the soil mix, but as you say I don't think it works well wet. I still see some flying around, but not as many after a removed that moldy plant from the tent. The others are looking fine, but since putting my hygrometer in the tent I've realised it's 70 % RH on average in there. I'm currently looking for a dehumidifier that will do the trick, but that's proving kinda difficult with our selection here too. I do agree that my soil is a bit hot. Hopefully it'll be slightly better next run! Roodni
  8. Just for you Hempyfan; I found this behind the sick plant's pot! Thanks for your advice. I forgot to mention that I had some fungus gnats for a while. I wasn't too concerned, since their populations never really grew too much due to the worm castings I'm using. However, when I had the leaves and stems lying on the top of the soil they did seem to multiply a bit more, which also prompted my decision to remove the leaves/stems. Unfortunately I can't find my sticky traps, so I'll have to keep an eye out for the gnats. I also skipped watering this plant last watering since it didn't seem to need it (pot wasn't as light as the others). Here's two pictures of the stem from different sides I had also been using plastic to cover my soil, which I removed a couple of days ago when I discovered the rot. I've left the plant in the tent, but I'm still uneasy about this. My plants are very compact due to revegging, and this coupled with high humidity at the top of the pots seems to be bound for bud rot later on. I think I need to invest in a dehumidifier, but unfortunately I can only find desiccant dehumidifiers. Will have to do. Here's what the tent looks like now (sick plant is back right) Advice is welcome, I hope to be able to show off some nice buds in a month or two. roodni
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    IMG 4448

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

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    IMG 0166

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

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    IMG 0163

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

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    IMG 0162

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

  13. Hi OG'ers! I set up my first legitimate indoor grow recently. I'm using Sannie's products and I've got 5 big bushy plants (bigger than I would like, and semi-revegged) crammed into my 1 m x 1 m flowering tent with a 600W HPS. Things have been more hectic than I would like lately, and I haven't been as consistent as I should've been this first run. Needless to say, I've learnt some things from this. So the girls are 20 days into flowering today and I found some stem rot on one of them. This plant (Hammerhead) in particular has been markedly less healthy than the others, with leaves yellowing and dying off. I did overwater her at some point, but my biggest cause of this problem was that when I trimmed off lots of branches and leaves (after they revegged) I left it at the base of the pot. I was hoping to simulate a natural environment, but I obviously hadn't been consistent enough to allow for the good microbes to take hold. I cleared this plant residue away a couple of weeks ago due to the girls not doing as well as I thought they should be, but I only noticed the rot a few days ago. The RH is 60% now with the lights off (haven't measured lights on) with the lights off temp being 21 C. I bought some copper-based contact fungicide and sprayed the stem of this plant this morning, but I noticed that some leaves on the nearby CBH have some unusual necrotic patches on the leaves which doesn't look like a deficiency. I don't have a picture of the stem yet, I'll try to take one tomorrow. I do have a picture of a leaf from the affected HH plant (left) and from the nearby CBH plant (right two leaves). Does anyone recognise the CBH leaves on the right as being deficient, or infected? Also, if someone perhaps knows what type of fungus? I'm thinking I probably need to remove the infected HH from the tent, any thoughts? Any help/info would be greatly appreciated, roodni
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    IMG 0160

    From the album: Indoor Grow 2015

  15. Such a beautiful place in which you live! The girls and bud look amazing too
  16. Awesome setup dude, the venturis sound like a great solution to your problem. I'll be watching
  17. I can also only imagine what you're going through. It looks like you are managing alright. Lots of love for this painful time.
  18. Roodni

    in the woods 2015

    Bummer, those snails really decimated the Gambians. That last shot is a beaut!
  19. Looks damn nice man I love your grow boxes - novel, and they work!
  20. Thanks again for the info BB. The pH story is something I've gotta think about and experiment with a bit more. Everything is looking splendid as usual, and that IPA really is a well adjusted gal
  21. Best vibes and love to you and your wife, Robo. Take care, and I hope you will have the capacity this season to pursue growing our favourite plant.
  22. Roodni

    in the woods 2015

    Hahaha! Those beetles Your plants are looking happy though! I love the pics of the scenery, beautiful area you have access to.
  23. Thanks for posting your recipe I'd also like to ask, do you pH your feed/water? And do you pH your compost tea? The reason I ask is that I've had some pH problems even using Sannie's products. This is likely due my tapwater's pH being above 9 though. Looking fantastic as usual, and I'm looking forward to seeing your new seedlings.
  24. I'm sorry to hear about your heart attack, but happy that you're here to tell the tale! (Good looking buds in spite of it all too) Keep well bru
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