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  1. Yeah please give us some more information I'm dying to try my Silverfields seeds, and got some CBH seedlings here mysef. By the way, have you ever considered using blumats?
  2. Hey Beach, I enjoy your pictures and the accompanying commentary I'm sure i'll make a trip to Oregon someday. Thanks for showing us your calender, I'm just using a diary but one day when I have a dedicated room that looks to be the way to go. I may have missed it but I see that EWC tea is part of your schedule. I've got a nice set of notes on compost teas, and have been meaning to do some reading, but what recipe do you go by for your tea? Those IPA x G13s are some fine specimens!
  3. Nice one dude! your JBs look just like mine did. The purply-hued pheno was my favourite, with a clearer kind of high that sharpened by senses and helped with focusing (sometimes ) The yellowy/fully green one was a bit more goofy and typical easy-going chilled kinda high; made me feel like 'that stoned guy' with red eyes and a big grin. May have something to do with me taking that one a week or so later though. Enjoy them and let use know how they taste, cos mine had very little taste (but were grown outdoors). Your KF look awesome, and looking forward to seeing how your Honey Badger Hazes perform.
  4. Looking great man! I'm even excited for you to smoke your own for the first time Are you growing with Sannie's products?
  5. This is shaping up to be a wonderful show, thanks for showing us!
  6. Beautiful pics and sounds like a great idea for a cross. Looks like your plan for the stronger limbs worked I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of them and the new sprouts! Keep well
  7. Thanks for that man, seems to be paying off for you
  8. They're looking great man, love those sturdy trunks. How do you feed them?
  9. There ya go dude, some plant matter with your THC?
  10. Thanks for answering dude. A bit confusing though, are you saying it gets tricky if you try to run the extract from an air-cooled hood in the veg tent to through to the flowering tent? The configuration I have in mind is a passive intake to the veg tent, with ducting running from the top of this tent (with a 6" inline pushing the air) to the bottom of my flowering tent, which would have a 6" pulling air through a carbon filter at the top. I suppose I'll have to play around with the configurations a bit when I get the equipment. I'd also like to hear more about your no-tills when you've got some time, the idea of closing the nutrient cycle all in your pot sounds like the perfect plan to me. Enjoy those lovely strains!
  11. It all looks awesome man, I'd take that over some commercially grown indoor stuff aaany day! Have fun at the party dude
  12. Nice bit of some more critical thinking there dude if the degradation story is true then I'd agree 100% if maximum potency is what you want. Ultimately, potency is just one aspect of the high that I appreciate, so it comes down to the effect I'd like from the plant. From what little experience I do have, I think I also prefer earlier harvested buds for the most part. Could you link us to some of the papers though please?
  13. Looking forward to the next report It seems like this one is gonna have to feature in my first proper indoor grow I'm planning!
  14. Some happy looking plants there man!
  15. Hey dude, I hope all's well with you. I am in the process of making my first indoor setup with a veg and a flowering tent and I like your idea of pushing the air from the veg tent through the flowering tent. Thing I'd like to know though, are there no problems with light leaking from your veg tent through the ducting to your flowering tent? That SP looks delightful btw!
  16. Thanks for this interesting topic dude! One day when I have a bit more experience and time I suspect that my tents will be filled with this kind. That Double Jam sounds beautiful! Ciao
  17. Crosses look superb man, glad to see you back and posting/contributing! Even though I never said much in your threads, it is clear that you are an asset to this community. I hope you manage to stay clear of assholes now and fully realise your breeding program.
  18. Thanks for the input guys! I suppose I am just eager to try and invest in the perfect equipment, but I really do think it would be nice to have the bigger tent. I have some questions about ventilation and air filtration. Will a 6" fan with the following specifications be enough? Flow(m3/h) RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) Power(W) Noise rating dB Net Weight (kg) Carton Size (cm) 350-120 2500 100 75,2 4 360*360*250 At the lowest rated flow given above, I will have a mean residence time of 2.25 min, which seems acceptable compared with what I've seen online. The hydro shop that sells these products recommends that an air exchange/residence time of 1 min should be maximum, but I do suspect they are trying to sell bigger fans? I know I could just do some research and make sure that 2.25 min is okay, but I would like to hear from someone with experience whether a fan with these ratings will actually be able to service this tent well enough to achieve this rated air-flow range. Also, what size carbon filter will be necessary? I have the option of a carbon filter to fit my fan size in a length of 500 mm or 1000 mm. Does 1000 mm seem overkill? I need to be sure that strains like sugar punch do not give my neighbours any indication of my activities. @phitness, that is some awesome inspiration man
  19. Cool project! Will be good to see how the male works using a variety of females. The only high CBD plant I've heard of from the shop is huckleberry kush, but I think NAW have something in the works (I'm sure you've seen - Canshalishi or summin'). All the best
  20. Hi guys, I am looking to start an indoor setup with a small veg tent and a bigger flowering tent. However, there is not much of a selection in SA and I haven't found a site that ships tents to SA for anything less than a small fortune. I have a 250W light lying around, and was thinking of purchasing an 80 x 80 x 180 cm tent for vegging my girls/keeping a mom or 2. Now I want to get a bigger flowering tent to accomodate a 600W HPS, but the only size tents available locally for this size light are 150 x 150 x 200 cm. This seems to be quite a bit too large for the rule of thumb of 50W/foot2, but I'm not particularly keen on upgrading my plans to a 1000W flowering tent. Can anyone advise whether there will be any major drawback to getting a tent this size for a 600W? Cheers, Roodni
  21. Looking great man! That Cheese still has a couple of weeks to go. Nice LA man I'd advise removing some leaves to allow for airflow if it is as dense as it looks from the top.
  22. Roodni

    Diary dates

    Looks great man, how does that Mad Kush smoke?
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