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  1. Hahaha sell your first-born! Amazingly, Sannie dropped me a free pack of SP for rounding up all the envelopes I sent him to the nearest 5 Euros. Its clear that Sannie's ain't no usual business. Can't wait to experience this one!
  2. Looks reminiscent of pH problems I used to have... Your Chemistry/Jackberry you just finished looks awesome. I hope your plan of action works.
  3. That cross sounds awesome, and your plants look great considering you have been away so much. Nice one!
  4. Glad to see your CBH report. After everyone's raving about Chucky's I have this (stupid, unfounded) fear that I took an out-dated strain. Those look like a good reminder of older reports that made me buy some CBH.
  5. Aweh bru They are looking very healthy I do think that Bt is the right stuff. Last year I probably lost half a kilo to the worms so I would recommend using your Bt. I have since recommended it to a friend after I was advised to use it by a member here and it has killed all the worms/caterpillars on his plants. I would not want neem oil on my buds! I think it is fine to spray until late in flower? Does it not say how late you can use it before harvest? Personally I would sacrifice some pistils to protect the real deal bud. You've got a very nice variety there. I found the LA to have quite a psychedelic effect when I smoked a bong and my tolerance was relatively low. Also has such a nice piney taste that I'm not used to, but beware mold on that one. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.
  6. Sounds like we're in for a treat seeing these new strains show their potential Cheers to 2015!
  7. Thanks for the answers bru. By the sounds of it my work bag should be fine for my relatively measly half pound per strain. Several rubbermaids full is something I doubt I'll ever have to deal with Good idea on the alcohol though, I'll keep some on hand. Bubba BBSD
  8. Yo Dude, I've been enjoying this thread for some time now; inspiring and great to see how you get it done. Not to mention the beautiful buds all your talk and pics of Bubba have gotten me excited for when I finally grow some of these Huck Kush seeds. I'm gonna be making some dry ice hash for the second time and I've got a question for you: I have considerably more trim now than last time, ~250 g each of 2 strains I intend to run separately. What is the maximum amount of trim you will add to a bag in one go? I think my bubble bags are 4 gal... I know the method is extremely simple, but I did encounter some water condensing and freezing to the screen at the bottom of the bag. Any tips to prevent this? Enjoy the tasting trials
  9. Kicking ass in all of your threads bro! Thanks for the grow shows
  10. Wow those Addictive Afghani look amazing! Looking great dude, I'm keen to watch all those seedlings grow up.
  11. Wow! So pretty... How is the yield on them?
  12. Awesome to see another grow hidro. I presume you meant thrips? Goodluck with it and I hope it stays pest free.
  13. Those HLT are beautiful nice fat stems. I've never had the pleasure of smoking Selene or Lemon Thai but between other reports and your descriptions/pics I can say that I would love to! Great grow
  14. What the fuck! My condolences man... Your grow looks awesome though.
  15. Damn what a bummer man was looking forward to seeing your Mad Kush too since I've got some on the way. No need to be embarrassed man; your space and plants look impeccable in your previous pics and I'm grateful to be made aware of this potential fuck up so thank you. I just hope the plants haven't taken up anything toxic from this oil?
  16. Inspirational grow! Such health and variety
  17. Roodni

    Magenta Agenda

    Sounds like a great daytime smoke.
  18. Your plants are beautiful despite what you're going through. I can't wait to grow the Hammerhead! I was wondering why we hadn't seen a post from you in a while. I know what you mean in your second paragraph (from my own relatively minor skateboarding injuries) and I'm still very much a young'un. I wish you all the best with keeping positive my friend.
  19. Hey bigun, Thank you, I made this last year using trim from four (small) outdoor plants run in one session and have been enjoying it since (I don't smoke a lot). I yielded ~50 g from ~160 g of trim or something like that. I am fairly certain that this stuff is fairly concentrated by mass. The second piles I made from each plant were often similar in volume but half the weight, indicating that the leaf matter weighs next to nothing vs the trichs. This also means that by mass 2/3 of what I did yield was of better the quality stuff.
  20. It's a pleasure koosh, especially when I know it's been appreciated I should note that the dry ice starts to condense and eventually freeze moisture from the air onto the screen at the bottom of the bag after a while which makes the process far less efficient. I can't remember how long it takes for that to happen though and it may only be relevant if you plan on doing a few runs (could be a problem if you're experiencing very humid weather too). I saw a post by The_Organic_Obsession about this problem as well as a couple of tips too if I remember correctly. You could pm him and ask where he made that post if you're concerned about trying it out but it really is very simple/easy.
  21. kooshpuff, I have made dry ice hash in the past and will certainly do so again with this year's trim. All you need is a ~200 um bubble bag (I used 220 um) and some dry ice and shake it over a surface. I am not a hash snob and although I don't think the dry ice hash competes with bubble hash in taste and strength it has that hashy effect that is lighter and keeps me feeling functional. It is similar to dry sift but a bit worse quality since everything becomes extremely brittle at the low temperature of the dry ice and turns to powder, so some leaf matter makes it through the bag too. I will use this method again because it yielded a third the weight of the trim (it was decent quality trim). I think that it is far more efficient with respect to recovering trichs from the trim than bubble. In the above picture, the pile on the upper right is from the same trim and was started as soon as I saw some green matter coming out. Even the 'second rate' stuff is tasty though, and if it doesn't work well in the pen you could always make butter with it. I must note than before I added the dry ice I shook the bag just to see and this came out It was a bit better than the better quality pile but I don't think by much.
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