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  1. All the best with these crosses madmaster, I'm especially keen to see how they do cos I just ordered some Huck myself always cool to see how homemade seeds turn out though; seems more exciting somehow. Indican, that's pretty remarkable dude
  2. Think I'm gonna enjoy this demonstration Just to check, is it just pure coco with no worm castings? Gonna be interesting to see how to tabs work with no ammendments.
  3. Looking forward to those updates! Those shots in the budporn thread look pretty amazing. Always nice to see what you have growing on
  4. Looking great dude, she should yield a fair amount for you if the weather continues to hold up. If a random piece of stem rotted, I'd watch them very closely for mold. Maybe you can even get a dehumidifier or a fan for circulation? Looking forward to see how it turns out
  5. Bummer about the dirty buds. I always wished I had staked them up before the storm Sannies Jack looks great though and Anna x Coljam sounds very interesting.
  6. Roodni

    Wrecks's wrecks

    Congrats that bud; looks taaasty
  7. ^Actually the study of the change in the Earth's climate is a massive global collaboration between people who are qualified and knowledgeable on the topic. There are many many models that have been developed to predict the change in temperature of our planet and there is a definite deviation from those cycles previously observed. It is now pretty obvious through all the investigation performed that the influence by anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for this deviation. Read up on the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) working group reports for further info. These reports have been reviewed by tens of thousands of climate amateurs and professionals from around the world. This is actually a huge struggle to convince governments that they need to invest money into 'greener' modern technologies that result in lowered GHG emissions. To get back on topic, some buds from last harvest C4 Killingfields Beautiful buds all, especially amazed at that Kandy Kush Litlesticky
  8. I would wait for more advice from someone who can tell you how much they'll stretch, but your best bet is probably to get fem seeds and just keep bending the plant away from the light. Maybe check out barney's thread in micro-fluo (https://www.opengrow.com/topic/47175-leds-in-a-2-x-3/page__st__100) he should know.
  9. Your pictures put a fat grin on my face. The roots, stems, leaves, buds are all magnificent, and outside in the sun too... Wonderful, and I cannot imagine how much work goes into all this. You work smart and hard that's for sure
  10. Looks pretty dank to me, and could go quite a lot longer (I'd guess maybe 4 weeks from the pictures).
  11. Hey Reallate, Glad to see a grow by you again, the last one I remember the plants looked superb so I'm looking forward to see how you fair with the Boudica and Blue Hammer (been eyeing both). I think the Blue Hammer was bred by Sannie's crew, with Jackhammer, Jackberry and BBI (one of the Sannie meets Motarebel phenotypes) being involved. All the best dude!
  12. Thanks for the info, she sounds tantalizing. Yup, it's a beautiful place. I'm feel privileged to be able to escape to the mountain and instantly be surrounded by nature living here. I am keen to see the Swiss mountains some day. What are you feeding the gals?
  13. I notice that it's very difficult to not manhandle bud when it's wet. Once properly dry everything is a lot more rigid and usually less sticky which makes it easier. Getting the big fans off first is a good idea though. I also don't like to see lots of finger hash after trimming cos it's coming from somewhere... Personally, I would leave most of the sugar leaves on unless they aren't trich-coated or I wanted to make hash. Your buds look delicious!
  14. Hi there, They look great, where's the tasty grapefruit sativa from? Thanks for sharing your grow (btw I like the second attempt at posting the pic ).
  15. Hahaha! Reminds me of some bong experiences. I never smoke bongs, so when I do it often ends up being a 'I can't remember when last I was this high' experience. LA Confidential was like that for me. Very mild in a spliff, but full on CEV, re-learning how to breathe and move limbs in a bong. That's an indica and I've seen it described elsewhere as somewhat psychedelic, so may be a good strain for you. The clone I had was a pretty poor yielder though. Angelica sounds goood
  16. Roodni


    Hehehe yeah I suppose that coulda happened, but I think at the time I was too high to think anyone would be anything but grateful to find the sparkly nug
  17. Did you eat it? I found a few lil sap balls on either my C4 or Killingfields clones grown outdoors, but I can't remember tasting them. A few I forgot about and they were hardening up again when I found them. Weird about that tiny Killingfields, but great grow (I have been lurking ). All the best for next time, I'm sure it's just gonna be better after this experience
  18. Fantastic, I'm glad you can continue to show us how you do it.
  19. Roodni


    Probably the best bet, it will remove any reason for people wanting to go near your spot I suppose? I also stumbled across one of these a year ago or so on a hike; I thought it was pretty cool. Left them with some hog, hog bagseeds and a paper in return for a handy miniature LED flashlight that subsequently helped me roll many a spliff in the dark at festivals Was a bit bummed though to hear it was trashed shortly afterwards, it seems it may have gone to someone undeserving, and the book was full of entries from years back.
  20. Roodni

    in the woods 2014

    Beautiful, so awesome that you do this Do you prepare the soil? Also, do you pre-grow them at all?
  21. Beautiful garden I can only imagine how much time I would spend in there (if I had it to spend). Some day...
  22. I love peppers, told my girlfriend we're going to need >10 plants next year hehe so I appreciate your bunch
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