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  1. Thanks Lurk Daddy. F13 may be gone but not forever, still have 8 seeds left. She was definitely a winner in all departments one of the best strains Ive been lucky to grow and smoke. Ive read some really nice reports on gryphon. She shouldnt disappoint,along with everything else i chose. Hoping for some nice flavors to bring in the summer, should be fun. This run im going to prepare for mites early so if they return I wont lose moral like i did this last time.
  2. Been a while guys. Just started my first stage of cleaning that I will keep working on over the next several days(week). The funnest and hardest part of starting a new grow is deciding on what to run. So after carefully fingering through my seed catalog decided on some fresh new/old gear to start my first new grew of 2013, extra late I know. Thanks to uncle e$kob@r ill be running some of his new mexican crosses. I have the Amnesia haze x Jalisco and Chocolope x Jalisco ill be dipping into along with Big Buddha Cheese x Cocoa Kush. Also I dug out some of more of motas gear Gryphon, and Sannies Freebies from sometime back The Mask F2's. I thought I was only gonna do 4 strains, but some how i left 5 out so 5 strains I will be doing. Ill be running 5 seeds of everything into two different batches to keep it from getting too crowded. See you guys in a few weeks
  3. Late to the party, but congrates. Well deserved
  4. Ill be tearing down cleaning up and starting over fresh.Would love to start fresh with some of your mexican gear.
  5. Jokers the man. Good luck with your future endeavors. Keep in touch with your open grow family
  6. Quite cold turkey almost 4 years ago, one of the best things ive done in my life. I smoke a lot of blunts so i quite those too for a few weeks, but ive been back to rolling up my smoke. Occasionally though i will spend a day or two smoking glass because cigars have nicotine too but its nothing like smoking almost two packs a day of death. Good luck, just put your mind too it and stay strong
  7. Thanks Lavieen. I guess I gotta start fresh with all new shit. 2013 is a new beginning, out with the old. Tho it will be weird with out jack around, ive had her the longest, since 2010. What a specimen, she will be missed by me and others.
  8. Sad drum roll please Spider mites are back. Straight fucking shit up. Just to add bring all into perspective, i only have 1 clone of Chocolate rain left, and I've lost every strain i have. I know a friend still has a back of ChemD and Green Manalishi, and Maybe some N,L.A. Sannies Jack and F-13 are definetly gone. Romulan and the Kali Most seed strains are coming in but are mited up. Bringing in the new years in style late, frustrated, and fucked up.
  9. Yes pheno #1 about 12 grams pheno #2 about 10 grams pheno#3 about 14grams
  10. <---- Is also from the bluegrass Welcome aboard friend
  11. Well in the process of hooking my cool tube back to the fan i broke a godam fin on my Delta fan. So now its crazy loud and extra annoying, I will be ordering one first thing tomorrow. Ill probably just get the same 190 CfM fan like i have instead of the 155 CFM ive been running before.
  12. Fuzz420


  13. Well this xmas morning as im waitng on my old bulb to cool before i swap it out im going through my plants, and looks like one of my Jack x Kali Most turned full blown hermie So that will only leave me one one chick to play with, but that other unknown cross does suspicisously smell like Jack now, so im pretty certain its not a F-13 cross. Also these Romulan Males have gone bonkers!!!
  14. The look bomb, great work and happy holidays
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