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  1. So sorry i'll answer if french T'inquiète, je bosse avec des gens très compétent niveau sécurité et optimisation ;-)
  2. EDIT: Look here how to quote If you would hardder I can make suggestion It's easier to browse if url's are shorter. So you can remove "forum/" from the url. It's just suggestion (J'suis un peu un emmerdeur, je sais. En même temps c'est mon job )
  3. Hi DM I'm pleased to see you here too. La francophonie vaincra, quoi je sais pas mais elle vaincra Let us enjoy the Drum Machine Schuss
  4. Hi man, Pleased to see you here ^^ J'espère qu'il y aura une section en français pcq je rame de trop avec mon english mwè Schuss
  5. Hi Sannie, Pleased to meet you, I'm growing your Sannies' Jack for my next flowring session. ^^ For my birthday I think I will buy some other strains from your shop (Herijuana, Jack Hammer and Lady Cane) Schuss.
  6. Thanks guys. Hum, my first posts was not very good, I put them in the wrong forum, i read too quickly. If an admin could correct this.
  7. Hi, If you need button with good color : Schuss Edit: Sorry I read too quickly and I thought it was the forum to report bugs "
  8. Hello, For the homepage, i have a suggestion. Create an automatic redirection. Delete the index.html file : https://www.opengrow.com/index.html Create an index.php file : https://www.opengrow.com/index.php With the following code: ><?php header("Location: http://www.opengrow.com/forum/"); ?> The best way to make a clean redirection is to use htaccess to make a 301 redirection, but it's more difficult Schuss
  9. Hi, Sorry if my english is pretty worst. I don't practice enough. Let me introduce me. I'm 26 years old, i'm living in Belgium. I grow weed since 1 year ago in a wardrobe (80*49*150) with a 400w. I like scrog. I discovered this forum by Phono on Cannaweed. Schuss
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