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  1. Hi @Shoeless thx for your report. you didn't have problem with your light ? Pics from seeds: Best regards Cristalin
  2. Hi @Giraffe I'm making a new batch of Black Afghani And i'll restock others strains in Sannie's shop too Thx, best regards Cristalin
  3. Hi We wish everyone a happy new year, full of success in your projects and take care of you and yours Best regards
  4. Hi Black Afghani grown and tested by a Friend Other pheno Best regards Cristalin
  5. Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior I let others answer but if nobody do it, i'll Best regards Cristalin
  6. Hi Colombian Gold 72 (not a nice Bud but a nice repro) Best regards Cristalin
  7. Hi @sunstone i'm sorry i don't understand :/ Best regards Cristalin
  8. Hi @sunstone Thx a lot I try to do my best in a bad place ... But we resist ! Best regards Cristalin
  9. Hi Ouzbékistan has a Big stretch, you can have good results with scrog, supercropping ... Best regards Cristalin
  10. Hi @unaor Ok i'll see that, thx Best regards
  11. Hi @unaor I will make sure there are some left Best regards
  12. Hi @Shoeless Yes i have send amnesia with others, i don't know why it's not in the shop Still available in our shop (and og's guys have a promo code) Thx for your message Best regards
  13. high  up  there,     cristalin thank you for getting  .good.  cannabis out to the masses:jump:    will amnesia becomming along  with cg         top   job!          onelove   sunstone !

    1. Cristalin


      Hi @sunstone

      Amnesia is on our website, i think sannie got it since 2 weeks but it's not in the store ...

      Cg will be available next week on the website

      Thx for your support

      Best regards

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