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  1. Cristalin

    Looking ducksfoot autoflower

    Hi No auto ducksfoot sorry .... And i'll not make that ... Ciao
  2. Cristalin


    Hi Bouba Thx for your report very nice plant, good game ciao
  3. Cristalin

    Restock / upcoming

    Hi Dogtowns, No i'm sorry , the swiss strain will not available for this season :/ ciao
  4. Cristalin

    Restock / upcoming

    Hi Black afghani seeds are on the road, available in the shop next weekend i think. Ciao
  5. Cristalin


    Mr G. Hum you have a great place to grow ... Ouzbek will be nice there i'm sure Thx per avance Ciao
  6. Cristalin


    Ok perfect, if you could make a report it would be awesome Thx bro
  7. Cristalin


    Hi Hé Mr G. Honestly i don't grow outdoor ... Only the ducksfoot are made in greenhouse and the swiss project in/out, cause both are principaly for outdoor ... I don't want to take risk with outdoor plants (only few times in the greenhouse) with all the room in the house it's risky ... I'm not in us or spain lool But yes i know a little my strains and they are resistant to the mold .. flowering time is short, you can easly grow ouzebk outdoor, you will have a giant indica with good veg If you have more questions you know ... Ciao all
  8. Cristalin


    Hi néo Thanks for you report Ciao
  9. Cristalin

    Restock / upcoming

    Hi Dogtowns It's too early to talk about it, i'll give more info soon and pics will be arrive ... I'm sorry i prefer finish my work first Ciao
  10. Cristalin


    Hi Bouba Thx a lot for your report Ciao
  11. Cristalin

    Restock / upcoming

    Hi Sunny Jgl is going well, he is very busy and he doesn't have time for the canna web ... But he is still working on his crazy sativa I'm sure there will have news soon Swiss project i'll tell more soon Hi SMS Blue Hamlet ? Ciao
  12. Hi all I created this tread for you be able to follow the restock in shop, the strains upcoming, dates for the new release ..... I hope that you find it helpy .... All your suggestions are welcome I could speak about my strains, but not for Jgl's strains (i hope he can does it himself soon ) On the road: Sour'kush Ouzbékistan Ducksfoot Turkish landrace Triple Pakistan ⚠️ only 10 packs Release date: Black afghani will be available in 2/3 weeks Triple Pakistan more seeds in 1/2 months Cheestral will be available in 2/3 months Upcoming: Swiss weed Ciao
  13. Cristalin

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    Hi Thx indicalicious, Sannie has 2 pack of sour'kush left, you can send him a pm I'll restock all my strains in the week Ciao
  14. Cristalin

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    hi Old pics from 2012
  15. Cristalin


    Hi Yes Lumatekfan, i try to have some nice buds This one are directly from Ouzbékistan seeds, grow under LEDs cobs, and with unkown nutriments for me yet : metrop All of ours strains are worked on a lot of generation, ouzbek has the most of generations : 12 I think you will not dissapointed by sour'kush and ouzbek, thé first one is fruity/diesel, the second candy/Blueberry Hé Sunny Yes totally her taste is so good ^^ ciao