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  1. Hi @sunstone thx a lot for your message, all is good for the moment .. today we have a suspicion at work ... But we are still there for others .... All will be good ! Forza !
  2. Hi @Dogtowns i think we'll make a limited edition of colowryder, but not now we are thinking about others auto strains too Thx to you Ciao, Cris
  3. Hi Yes @sunstone i'll notified here the limited release strains, cause yes @sannie will be the only one distributor to get them, he is our most older support and i have a lot of respect for him ! Thx again Ciao
  4. Hi there ! We are excited to announce you that our shop is online. Your support during the pasts years was really important to stay focus on our work, so thank you to be part of our community. In agreement with Sannie, we created a discount coupon for OG members. Because good news doesn't come alone, we worked on the restock so you can find again our Ouzbekistan, Black Afghani and Col'Jam. Soon on SanniesShop. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to be aware of our incoming strains like Afghani CBD, Ghana for sativa's lovers and a limited edition of one of our mythic strain. Thanks for your support
  5. Hi guys Sorry we are very busy with the new website to be completed ..... we are finalizing all of this, and i hope the website will be open friday 6 ! I'll restock sannie too But it's a New aventure and a lot of work .... Sorry for the delay ans thanks all for your support ! Ciao
  6. New Black Afghani seeds batches are incoming
  7. Hi @UgotFunk? I'll send col'jam and black afghani to sannie this week ... I was not at home last days ... I don't know if Ouzbékistan and triple Pakistan are out of stock i'll see that and send some too And our website will open soon Ciao
  8. Hi Amnesia would be restocked soon in "limited edition" Ciao
  9. Hi Black Afghani Hash (Ouzbékistan leaves)
  10. Hi @Dogtowns Cg in Regseeds shop have 2/3 years I'll make it before summer 2020 Hum, i don't like to speak about work in progress, but swiss project is about alps Weeds like fraise and others ....... I have really A LOT of work and alone ... here ... it's difficult but i'll do it ! We will open the store in few days, @4lv1nn is in the starting-blocks You will find out strains ans more there, it'll be more easy for me to organised that (limited edition, last édition, freebies, goodies .....) Thx for your support all Ciao
  11. Hi Col'jam ans black afghani are on the road ... This week into the shop .... Double jam, CG72 and others will be made in 2020, i think in "limited edition" .... But BECAREFUL: One guy email me to ask if i want bought a "Double jam" reproduction .... I don't know who is he ... AND i don't work like that ... When i work with someone (like ACBD) i tell it ...... So the guy is telling me that if i don't buy his seeds stock, he will sell them to another "seed bank" . I'll make myself this reproduction, i don't buy "bulk seeds" ... I prefer to have a lot of "out of stock" than doing whatever ..... OFFICIAl Reseller: Sannie (NL) , Alchimia (SP), Regseeds (UK) I'm sorry for that, but i must tell it, thanks for your comprehension Ciao
  12. Hé @saxo yes sorry i know ... So @Vivix said that the acbd stretch is more important under cmh than LEDs but it's normal. (Stretch x4/6) Under my cobs stretch is x3 Acbd likes food , and has a beautifull colors It's smells like Woody fruits, citrus (mine smell like nycd ....) With your reports we can see that the acbd is stable with 2 phenos max ... A last reproduction will be done before putting it in the shop, a chromatographic test will be done too Ciao
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