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  1. Hi it’s been a long time since I shared a grow with you, so: Room: 120 Light: X8 cxb3590 2 x 240w (ArtiLed) Soil/pot: lightmix biobizz / 3.5l Nuts: Metrop Strains: black afghani / Triple Pakistan Germination in a bucket: 7 days Grow 3.5l : 10 days Bloom 3.5l : 3 days / light at 75% Thanks, I'll post later ... When it'll be more interesting If you have any question or suggestion, feel you free Ciao
  2. Hé bro Nice job, thx for sharing it Ciao
  3. Hello I'm coming to announce some good news about the USC team many improvements are coming: - a new logo - a new official packaging - an online sales website (current 2020) - a move to a production site where it will be much easier to work in good conditions and offer you the best of genetics ... I also strengthened the team by integrating: - a communication officer: cara.marketing@underground-seeds.com - a web designer (here 4lv1nn): alvinn.webmaster@underground-seeds.com for any technical questions or on USC thank you to address these people, for the rest nothing changes .... And finally, I think in the future, once the new bases laid give back its meaning to the "Collective" of USC ..... if you have questions or comments do not hesitate Thank you
  4. Hé bro Thx a lot it's nice Have a good grow @baqualin Ciao
  5. Hi Big thx San ... And if i'm a little lucky ... I'll move and start the "Real" work ..... But i'll speak of that at the good moment ..... Ciao
  6. Hi Neo Thx for your report Ciao
  7. Hi all Triple Pakistan seeds are ready and will be send to Sannie this week Ciao
  8. Hi Mr G. Thx nice , if you need more seeds ..... Damn poor plants .. i'm sure all will be ok soon Thx
  9. Hi Thx at all for yours pictures Ciao
  10. Hi Gardener Thx for info, no i don't make feminized seeds Ciao
  11. Hi Sea, damn sorry, ok we will see that Thx baq , it's perfect, have a nice grow Ciao
  12. Hi no prb Thx for info Ciao
  13. Hi Hé nice Mr G , perfect i can't wait to see that .... Or coming see that ..... Ok it's a good thing to hear, i'll see but i think i'll have others seeds to play with Ciao
  14. Hi all All of the letters have been ship end of the last week, in priority mail but not with tracking (most expensive) sorry for the delay Thx Ciao
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