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  1. Cristalin

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    Hi Thx indicalicious, Sannie has 2 pack of sour'kush left, you can send him a pm I'll restock all my strains in the week Ciao
  2. Cristalin

    Sour Kush in the shop?

    hi Old pics from 2012
  3. Cristalin


    Hi Yes Lumatekfan, i try to have some nice buds This one are directly from Ouzbékistan seeds, grow under LEDs cobs, and with unkown nutriments for me yet : metrop All of ours strains are worked on a lot of generation, ouzbek has the most of generations : 12 I think you will not dissapointed by sour'kush and ouzbek, thé first one is fruity/diesel, the second candy/Blueberry Hé Sunny Yes totally her taste is so good ^^ ciao
  4. Cristalin


    Hi Lumatekfan, not at all loool My nickname comes from the fact of i always used this brand of water bottle to make size scale, that's all Ciao
  5. Cristalin


    hi Hé JC , The smell is awesome, share it would be amazing The last one ... I'll try to do the same thing with others strains, seedling/Veg/bloom pics, i think next will be the Triple Pakistan
  6. Cristalin


    hi THX all for your comments The third plant here, 70 days of 12/12 / COB 450W / 3liters soil/ metrop test I'll post the last one tomorrow, she is a little more leafy than the 3 others, the 3 first are identical This seeds are the same than seeds in the Sannie's shop
  7. Cristalin


    Hi First, Happy new year all , i wish you the best for 2019 Some news of ouzbek after 68 days of flowering under 450W LEDs COBs / 3 liters soil / Metrop test
  8. Cristalin

    Black Afghani Smoke Report

    Hé Whip Thx for your report, happy that you are Ciao
  9. Cristalin


    Hi Thx for report More pics of ouzbek will arrive when the flowering will be more advance Ciao
  10. Cristalin

    Zamal Mystik

    Hi It's strange zamal Mystic is a good strain with good smell and taste and a good high ... I don't no why you got this result ... Ciao
  11. Cristalin

    Colombian Gold 1972 Question

    Hi I don't know if he did it, i have not news since a long time but i know he had work on strains like double jam .... He is officialy yet in USC Colombian gold is not Lost, one day a New stock will be available Ciao
  12. Cristalin


    Hi And i have just send more seeds lol
  13. Cristalin


    Hi Papalag Thx a lot No it's not slow in veg stage Stretch is X 3/4 Ciao
  14. Cristalin


    Hi Mr Good Ok thanks, so i'll send Ouzbékistan to Sannie tomorrow, it should be available on thursday Ciao
  15. Cristalin


    hi I don't share a lot of pics but some guys have asked for them, some ouzbek, 4 weeks under COB, time to switch in 12/12 Ciao